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Australia / STEIN FAMILY - Erbach, Germany to Sydney ---then to Wellington NSW
« on: Monday 03 March 14 10:36 GMT (UK)  »
My original ancestor into Australia was Henrich Joseph STEIN arriving into Sydney from Erbach in Germany in 1849 to work for the MCARTHUR family as vinedresser.  Heinrich died in 1854, but their son John STEIN was born only months after his parents landed in Sydney, married three times.  His first wife Nancy ADAMS has a son named Samuel Charles.  Samuel and his wife Myria Louise/a CARR had a son Albert George, who is my grandfather.

From the birth certificates of John's other children, Samuel's brothers and sisters, some of them were born in Orange NSW around the region of March during the period of 1873 to 1881.  John and Nancy returned back to the Camden/Fairfield/Smiithfield area where the last child was born and his wife Nancy died in 1884.   John died 7 February 1939.

My greatgrandfather Samuel Charles STEIN was born in March, outside of Orange NSW and then married in Wellington NSW, where he died in 15 April 1934.  The STEIN family from their Obits are recorded as being strong Salvationist (Salvation Army), which did not continue past Samuel Charles generation in Wellington from where I was born and raised.

I would love to know how to track the Stein movements from 1873 through to about 1910 especially.  I would love to make contact with others who have been tracing this family.

Australia / Gray Family - Obley NSW
« on: Monday 03 March 14 10:15 GMT (UK)  »
My great great grandfather was Robert GRAY, born in Hackney London England, christened 22 Sept 1839.  His father was Daniel Charles Malcolm GRAY, born Hackney London 1 July 1810, christened 8th August 1810..  Daniel CM Gray's father was Malcolm GRAY.  Daniel CM Gray and his father Malcolm both were listed as Mariners.  What would Mariners do in Hackney?

Robert GRAY left for Australia sometime between the 1850 and 1860 census.  When he travelled to Australia is unknown.  There was a Robert GRAY listed as crew on the Lansdowne arriving in Sydney 6th February 1859 and also a Robert GRAY  listed as crewman on the Primula 1856, who then is listed in the NSW Police Gazette as deserting.

The first we see of Robert GRAY in my district of Molong/Yeoval is in 1861 with the birth of a "male" child to Jane Graham SINFIELD when Jane is 16 years old (from birth Certificate).  In 1867 Robert and Jane marry.  Robert made contact with his brother Daniel Malcolm in the 1890s from a letter placed by his brother Daniel.  Robert died in 1903 in Peak Hill.  Robert's extended family lived in the area extending from Wellington, Yeoval, Baldry, Obley and Peak Hill.

I would love to hear from anyone out there who are related to Robert GRAY.  I have not been able to trace Jane Graham SINFIELD family line.  A photograph of Bob Gray and family at the time of his son Robert GRAY's wedding shows that the extended family were of Aboriginal descent, whom my grandmother's line experienced the negativity from society at the time. 

Australia / Re: HELP REQUIRED....Slavin Family in Australia and a Broad
« on: Sunday 02 March 14 05:28 GMT (UK)  »
You can't compile an accurate family history from transcribed indexes.  You need certificates to validate your research.


I have purchased certificates for majority of my families but I have not always purchased certificates just to have a look at it unless I have exhausted all other avenues or unless there to no other avenues for me to pursue.  I do have due limited funds like everyone else .  Funds may be extremely sparse but energy and imagination with determination, I have plenty of LOL

Australia / Re: HELP REQUIRED....Slavin Family in Australia and a Broad
« on: Saturday 01 March 14 22:29 GMT (UK)  »
Have you purchased any certificates for this family?


No I have not purchased any as yet of the Gullen Slavin family line, but I may need to once other options run out..

Australia / Re: HELP REQUIRED....Slavin Family in Australia and a Broad
« on: Saturday 01 March 14 09:45 GMT (UK)  »
  Just a thought:

Recorded on TROVE is an article dated 20 September 1876 in which Mrs Slaven of Gullen has taken in some neglected children.

I wonder if Frank was  a foster child such as these children?


It is a possibility... especially if the acquired Francis took the Slavin/slaven name and created his own personal history... anything possible.   My Francis would have had to been a very early  for this family to pick up and look after because he was married 1875 at about 28 years old... but it is possible scenario...

Australia / Re: HELP REQUIRED....Slavin Family in Australia and a Broad
« on: Saturday 01 March 14 09:41 GMT (UK)  »
There is an Edward SL*V*N b1809 convict arrived on the MANGLES 1828 and Bridget SL*V*N born c1819 Ireland.  Bridg*t mentioned in the Gaol Description and Entrance Books for Goulburn Gaol and NSW Police Gazette 1869 for theft.

So many variations on the surname, SLEVIN, SLIVEN, SLAVEN etc.


FRom what I can determine ... this Edward Slaven...convict is the same Slaven from Gullen.... I think

Australia / Re: HELP REQUIRED....Slavin Family in Australia and a Broad
« on: Saturday 01 March 14 09:39 GMT (UK)  »
Goulburn Evening Penny Post 18 Mar 1886....."Bridget Slaven"...

Long story...account of John COVES accused of arson...... described as son-in-law of Bridget, his wife dead for some years........he is in court for damage to property of Edward SLAVEN......

NSW  Deceased Estate
SLAVEN Bridget              Gullen   20 / 3/ 1891         5 / 5 /1891
(19 / 10187) (20 / 27A) 3025

This looking interesting, if nothing else for an interesting story.... the thread of Gullen is reocurring theme in the paperwork but no proof yet of my family connection.... but there is hope... I am still breathing ... LOL
SLAVEN Edward        Bannisters Creek       1886  Z08790 (20 / 7010)

SLAVEN Edward        Fish River  10 / 10 / 1894     15 / 11 / 1894
(19 / 10191) ( 20 / 70A)  3025

Goulburn Herald 26 Jun 1886
On the 18th Bannisters Creek, near Grabben Gullen......Edward SLADEN  age 86....native of

10264 / 1886  SLAVEN Edward father John  86yrs       Hartley    District Lithgow

Australia / Re: HELP REQUIRED....Slavin Family in Australia and a Broad
« on: Saturday 01 March 14 09:36 GMT (UK)  »

In the Victorian Government Gazette, 24th February 1888, an Insolvency Notice for Edward Slavin, grazier of Fairbanks near Woodside in Victoria.  A meeting was set down at the Insolvency Court Office in Sale for 7th March 1888.


I had seen this before but had not had the resources or time to follow up.  If it was the correct family, I would imagine this Edward would /Could ? be a brother of my Francis due to the timeline.

Australia / Re: HELP REQUIRED....Slavin Family in Australia and a Broad
« on: Saturday 01 March 14 09:33 GMT (UK)  »
"and I assume that their parents had hushed it up due to him being in an Asylum."

Not a lot to hush up by the way, An ASYLUM is an old word use for HOSPITAL. Or NURSING HOME as opposed to "Insane ASYLUM"

Rookwood Asylum became Lidcombe Hospital.


The hushing up is my guess as I cant find proof in the local newspaper regarding death in 1906 and the fact that the recently deceased local identities knew of Francis existence but nothing about him.  For these people to not have known something was very unusual for this small community as they knew "everything" LOL

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