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At last,  I called the 0300 number on the Wales NHS site, waited 6 minutes to be connected.
I spoke to very nice lady  who took my NHS number, name, dob and address.  That was it, she told me there's no expiry date on a paper certificate and it can be used as long as they are needed.
So that's one step closer to my next visit overseas 🙂

Denbighshire / Copenhagen Denbigh
« on: Today at 03:46 »
Does anyone know why the area of Copenhagen in Denbigh is named that.

Thanks,  as far as I know she's only used Ancestry,  she's quite a novice really.
What are the Free Sites you mention.

My first cousin, we are both female and
We share Grandparents.  Our Mothers were sisters.
She did a Ancestry DNA test hoping to trace relatives on her father's side , as her Grandfather and his Mother were both illegitimate.
The only matches she had were for her Grandmothers  family, this is the lady who married the illegitimate man. No relation to me. Nothing showed for her Mothers line.
I'm wondering if I have a test would it show any more on my Mothers side, given the fact nothing showed up for my cousin.
Sorry if this is a bit confusing.  ???

The Stay Safe Board / Re: What should be the essential data on a Covid passport?
« on: Thursday 29 July 21 14:30 BST (UK)  »
It is a joke. I tried using my Samsung tablet and uploaded a photo, then was told to video myself saying 4 numbers they sent by mobile text. Bxxxxer, now it tells my my browser isn't supported.
Try again with Google instead of Samsung internet and finally got access.
Each time I logged in I got sent a security code by phone, so ended up with 8 codes for the separate times I tried.
Now I have to wait at least 24 hours for the  log in details to start .
My husband would never have the knowledge and patience to do all that faffing around so it's a good job he won't be with me on my first trip.
Now my relative overseas has offered to pay for my testing, so does a test still have to be done even if I have a covid passport. I'm slowly losing the will.
It's easier trying to find John and Mary Jones in Wales.

Watch this space 😉

The Stay Safe Board / Re: What should be the essential data on a Covid passport?
« on: Thursday 29 July 21 13:45 BST (UK)  »
Looking again at the Wales website it says only apply on laptop, tablet or mobile phone,  but  it should make that clear on the first page.,now I have to go through the whole rigamarole on my tablet.  No laptop.
A pain in the proverbial 😠

The Stay Safe Board / Re: What should be the essential data on a Covid passport?
« on: Thursday 29 July 21 11:31 BST (UK)  »
So... I have just tried to apply for a paper passport.  I spent nearly 60 minutes in front of my desktop with NHS numbers, security codes, uploading drivers licence photo etc, then I get asked to record a video to upload to prove it's me.
For goodness sake,  I am on my desktop wich doesn't do this.
That's a chunk of my life I'll never get back. 🙄

Lancashire / Re: John Ryder born c1877 Liverpool
« on: Wednesday 28 July 21 15:06 BST (UK)  »
What's the name of the Ryder witness.  I can't work it out.

Monmouthshire / Re: 1861 census Garndiffaith and trevethin
« on: Sunday 25 July 21 15:48 BST (UK)  »
I expect you`ve already got this.
1862  June qtr Pontypool James Plumber marries either Rebecca Alcock or Charlotte Leacy
1871 Trevethin . James Plummer b 1814 Glandown ? is with wife Charlotte 52 and step daughters Harriet Lacy 17 and Mary Lacy 14.
1881 shows he s born Clandown Somerset and still with Charlotte in Trevethin .
Is this your Lacey family.

I know you say you can`t find them in 1861 but there is a James Plummer lodger  b 1816 Kitimster Somerset in Trevethin. Parish of Abersychan.

I`ts possible this isn`t the same one that married Charlotte  but it  shows  that the 1861 census is out there.There are 8  districts  to  look at, there`s a chance you might find the Lacey`s hidden in there somewhere . ;)

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