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New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Nails that protected us.
« on: Thursday 07 April 11 01:27 BST (UK)  »
Hello again Althea.

Yes all local authorities should have them, but some present day ownerís may not be too keen to point out what evidence they have to a villaís age, especially because of the 1905 heritage ramifications. Therefore the registered lists, are dependant upon the diligence, of the person tasked with compiling the heritage status list reviews.

Re aerial photos. There are more out there, than most people realize, itís just a case of knowing where to look. Numerous contracts were let by the Crown, and I have good 6 chain, to the photo inch, photos of land of interest, taken by NZ Aerial Mapping of Hastings, in 1974. I also have another, but no details to hand, from a later aerial survey of the lower Waikato, in conjunction with petroleum research.

- Alan.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Nails that protected us.
« on: Wednesday 06 April 11 22:27 BST (UK)  »
Hello again Lu

Yes interesting, but also VERY frustrating. You drive along country roads always, fascinated by old heritage homes, representing our pioneers and their family dreams for the future. You promise yourself that one day you will stop, with your camera, and enquire about their heritage, and record a little of it. Like the villa on a rise just north of Te Kuiti. Itís always been there, and not going any where, so you will have plenty of opportunity, then one day itís gone. Even more so when itís a building you knew very well as a kid, but now only have memories of, not factual data that can be supported with all the info now being made readily available, by the likes of Papers Past, Archway, and soon to go public NZSG early land title info service.

- Alan.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Nails that protected us.
« on: Wednesday 06 April 11 11:40 BST (UK)  »
Hello Lu.

Nigel ISAACS, Nails in NZ 1770 to 1910, is exactly the sort of info Iím after. My previous Google search for Ďhistory of the nailí did not bring that one to my attention. When I Goggled your suggestion this evening, reference to this RootsChat post was immediately under it. The wonders and speed of the Goggle search engine.

 I have had for quite a period Jeremy SALMONDís ďOld New Zealand Houses 1800 1940Ē which is very informative but only has brief comment and no comparative illustrations of a selection of nails. According to Jeremy the mortised plate went out of fashion c1890, but I presume ďOld SchoolĒ builders would have kept the tradition going for quite a period, doing what they were familiar with. Such a pity we donít now have a whole building to work/research with.


- Alan.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Nails that protected us.
« on: Tuesday 05 April 11 23:35 BST (UK)  »
Hello Althea.

The promptness of your reply affirms my thoughts that a Genealogy site/forum may get a quicker response, than from the hard working volunteers, at local museums, re tapping into our heritage. So thank you for the catalogue suggestion.

Iím sure I have seen a display of nails and also wire, in my travels, but thought it might have been at the disbanded WAGNER one. Iíve searched Papers Past looking for advertised tenders or builders/labour required, with out luck. There is a chance E. B. COX had a hand in having the building, in question, erected, but unfortunately, before the owners of the building could commission a heritage review, other parties saw fit to destroy it. Now we are working on what limited info is available to us, to piece together the pieces.

My interests are mainly South Auckland / Waikato heritage and founding settlers. My family rock walls are 200 years ago in the UK.

- Alan.

PS thanks Lu. So far not come across PP illustrations of nail selections available.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Nails that protected us.
« on: Tuesday 05 April 11 21:20 BST (UK)  »

Iím interested in making contact with anyone who can provide information about nails used in New Zealand construction c1890ís. I have been involved with Estate buildings c1880ís where horseshoe like nails were heavily used. Now interested in a slightly younger building, where crowned wire nails were used in a construction still built with mortised bottom plate and studs. Unfortunately the chimney bricks carry no imprint. Any thing to help with dating, like sales catalogues with illustrations of nails, or publication titles of books about construction of that period. It was the first building on the title, and prior to family ownership.

- Alan.

Renfrewshire / Re: Renfrewshire photographs
« on: Saturday 02 April 11 10:29 BST (UK)  »

As I have seen "honestman" photos of the Clyde and Renfrewshire on various postings, I went looking for alternative means for contacting him. If you are a "Blogger" you may try through that site.

However it is possible that he is currently not monitoring his various postings, and not activated email notifications of forum activity.

- Alan.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Died at Sea in NZ?
« on: Tuesday 29 March 11 23:14 BST (UK)  »
Hello again.

If that was the case, there should have been a Coroner's Court hearing reported (?).

Papers Past I would have expected would pick it up.

Just thoughts.

- Alan.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Died at Sea in NZ?
« on: Monday 28 March 11 20:52 BST (UK)  »
Hello there.

Because you have had a good look at the NZ records on offer, what thought/searching have you done for overseas, like Australia ?
Foot loose and fancy free, Australia could have called, as it did for so many.

- Alan

Renfrewshire / Renfrew Family History Society - Contact - COMPLETED
« on: Friday 25 March 11 20:51 GMT (UK)  »

Is any one else having similar problems ?

The Renfrew Family History Society site is one I keep an eye on, but to date have had no luck making e-contact, through their web service, the only e-contact I can find on the site. Previously my emails bounced straight back. Now they have possibly fixed the link, but a recent email enquiring about the content, of the address below, has gone unanswered.

It could well have been and address, I would have liked to obtain a copy of. Iíve had more success with other Glasgow Societies. Even a pro-forma acknowledgment would be appreciated. Then you would know the volunteers, had your request for info, and a reply would be coming in due course.

QUOTE: --------------------------------
Robert Campbell† † † †"Paisley to Pipiriki, N.Z / The Hattrick Empire"
If you have any questions or require further information, please e-mail us at
rfhswebmaster {--at--}

- Alan.

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