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Getting back to John Lennox and his wife Margaret Humphrie. They for sure had a daughter Mary born 1835 who later married Thomas Sproule. Thomas died Apr 16, 1886 in Churchill, Innisfil Township, Simcoe Co., Ontario. If his obit mentioned a brother-in-law James Rogers Booth in Florida, who died July 10, 1886, that would prove that Elizabeth belongs in this family. Mary Sproule nee Lennox died 12 Mar 1887 in Innisfil. Maybe her obit would mention cousins who had moved to Florida. Just thinking.

I phoned Pine Hill Cemetery in Cheboygan. Thomas Johns and his wife Minervia are buried together, and in the same burial box, Parcel 3, is Charles B., who would be Charles Booth, their grandson. No sign of Esther or her other child, Mabel  Craxton who died in 1931 in Manhattan but reportedly taken to Cheboygan for burial.

Every time I re-read the letter from James and Esther's response after his death, I make out more things. After they parted,  Esther lived with her parents both in Canada and in Michigan. So I checked to see if her father Thomas still lived in Canada in 1881 and I found him in Barrie.
Haven't found James and Esther in 1881 though.
The letter from Esther MAY say that she was with baby i.e. pregnant when they parted which would co-relate with the bill from the grandmother starting May 8, 1883.
I think I missed your message, Sandra, about the probate. I am sorry.
This probate file answers many questions. But brings others. Also, there is transcription about Esther's daughter Mabel Craxton's death in 1931, saying Mabel was born 1886. This  would be impossible if her parents separated in 1883 and if the grandmother was caring for 2 children from May 8, 1883.

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I think Isaac.

You are one clever gal, eileenwilson. I just found the file and have been reading it. Verifies the existence of the children and where they were during that time. You are  probably right about Thomas Charles date of birth. Thank you so much for steering me towards this file.

Oh, I didn't see that letter. That's interesting. So there must have been a problem. Thank you eileenwilson. I will try to find the letter.

I just realized that Mabel's grandparents were deceased before 1900 so she couldn't be with them.

Now trying to sort out Thomas Charles Booth and when he was born. We have that he died Dec 31, 1888. We have that he was living in Cheboygan, Michigan in 1886 with his mother Esther Louisa nee Johns when his father James Rogers Booth died. I am thinking James Rogers Booth and his second wife Esther must have been separated. I can't find the birth of Charles or find him on the 1880/1881 census, either in Canada or in the USA. I have learned that Cheboygan was where his grandparents Thomas and Minervia Pickels lived and died.
They are buried in Pine Hill Cemetery there.
I have found Esther on many Jacksonville city directories in 1892, 1893, 1902 and 1906 but she is not on the 1900 census. Why? The next time that I see Esther is on the 1920 Manhattan census with a daughter Mabel married to Frederick Herbert Craxton. What? She is not mentioned as a hier to James Rogers Booth. This 1920 census indicates that Mabel was born in 1891 in Canada. That would mean she could not be daughter to James. However, I find Mabel in 1930 and then her death Apr 9, 1931 in Manhattan with burial in Cheboygan. Says she was born 1886 in Canada to John Booth and Esther Johns.  That is puzzling since Esther was supposed to be in  Cheboygan, Michigan with Charles in July/Aug 1886. So Mabel should be around in 1900, whether born in Canada in 1886 or 1891. Can't find her. I think she should be in Jacksonville unless being raised by grandparents. Mabel herself is on the 1906 Jacksonville city directory, residing with Esther.
Thomas Johns died June 25, 1896 in Cheboygan. If he has an obit, it might say where Esther is or Mabel. Minervia died Dec 24, 1895. Same thing with her obit. Thanks for any help.

Thomas Charles Booth -Death Date   31 December 1888 (31 Dec 1888)
Father    James Rogers Booth
Mother    Esther Louisa Johns

marriage -
James Booth 1837 Ireland  (aged 40 years)
Marriage Date   7 Nov 1877   Simcoe, Ontario, Canada
Father   James Booth Mother   Sarah Booth
Spouse   Esther Louisa Johns

Hi Sandra, can you tell me what was the place of death for Thomas Charles? I can't find his death record anywhere. Thank you.

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