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A line approximately North West from Gloucester:

2-7-1778 marriage at Gloucester St Nicholas (as close as you can get to Norton without leaving Gloucester) by licence of James Clark (aged 32), widower of Parish of St Mary de Grace to Sarah Fowler aged 22 spinster of parish of Holy Trinity.

James Clark son of James and Sarah born 22nd January in Gloucester, christened 25-2-1781 St Michael Gloucester, educated at Blue Coat School of Christ's Hospital, apprenticed in the office of the Gloucester Journal, then went to Portsmouth as sub-editor of Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle. From which I assume he was educated and an accurate recorder (he recorded the times as well as the dates of his children’s births).

In the 1851 census he was living in Chepstow.

I found his commonplace book / diary in a local museum and on page page 80 he writes that in 1850 he re-visited Gotherington “the dwelling of his forefathers”, the farm now tenanted by the grandsons of his uncle, there was only 1 first cousin in the hamlet (an old bachelor).

In the 1851 Census for Gotherington there were 424 people enumerated, it was mainly an agricultural village.

Given that my James Clark was 72 in 1850 the only suitable old bachelors in 1851 are:
   Job Cresswell   Lodger   U   70   Highway Lab   Born Oxenton
   Joseph Hawker   Brother in Law   U   68   Ag Lab   Born Badgeworth
   Robert Williams   Head   U   80   Ag Lab                   Born Gotherington
Baldwin’s Farm   Richard Fowler   Head   U   64   Farmer 54 acres   Born Gotherington

This Richard Fowler’s will says int al
“to my nephew John Fowler of Gotherington his heirs and assigns –
Charged with the sum of £50 which I give to his brother Isaac Fowler of Gotherington,
to my nieces and nephews living at time of my decease:
the said John Fowler Isaac Fowler children of my brother,
Jane New daughter of my sister Mary”

This Jane New in 1862 married William, the son of my James.

The only brothers on a farm are:
Manor farm   
John Fowler, Head,39   Farmer of 287 Acres employing 5 out door Ag Labs   Born Gotherington         
Isaac    do, Brother, Widr, 33                                                                          do

The paternal Grandfather of John and Isaac was Richard Fowler, the numerous Fowler families in the village have prevented me from identifying their maternal grandfather.

If Richard Fowler was the uncle of my James then one of the parents of my James would be the sibling of this Richard, so that would be his mother Sarah Fowler. Richard has 2 siblings that I know of: Sarah baptised 6-9-1741 and Thomas baptized 23-11-1736.

And that is where I am stumped, because my Sarah Fowler was born in 1756 if she was 22 in 1778. I have not found that Sarah baptized 1741 was replaced by Sarah baptised 1756.

It all ties up so well apart from this 15 year gap.

A possibility is that John and Isaac’s maternal grandfather was also a Fowler who might have had a sibling Sarah, but I have not been able to find anything to suggest that.

Over to you

Technical Help / Difficulty with the family search website
« on: Monday 13 May 19 20:32 BST (UK)  »
Is anyone else finding it difficult to activate the family search site. It is letting me put names and birth place and date(s) in, but doesn't give me a search option and won't let me choose marriage of other people. I have tried with Explorer and with Firefox.

Immigrants & Emigrants - General / Grandfather in Canada
« on: Wednesday 10 April 19 13:46 BST (UK)  »
My Grandfather Henry Howell Clark was born 23-2-1880 in Cardiff, South Wales.
Family stories say he went to Canada "to make his fortune" but that while there he was involved in an armed hold-up (as victim or perpetrator not known).
He was unmarried in Cardiff in the 1891, 1901 and 1911 censuses.
Using FindMyPast and Ancestry at my local library I have found a record of him at the Tenby, Wales Lodge of the United Grand Lodge of England with the note 'Raising GL Ontario'.
It seems possible that he may have gone from UK to Canada and back again between April 1911 and March 1912, but I have been unable to track down either voyage or any account (newspaper, court or otherwise) of his time in Canada (this could well be because of my lack of experience with these facilities or the records they contain).
Any clues or suggestions of how I should be proceed would be welcome.
Thanks in anticipation, pejic.

Lanarkshire / Drs/Professors Thomson, 8, Brandon Street, Blythswood, Glasgow
« on: Sunday 25 June 17 05:59 BST (UK)  »
I have strong circumstantial evidence that my ancestor was employed by Dr Thomson as a wetnurse in 8, Brandon St in 1853, but the only likely child I have located is Margaret Ewan Thomson born to Robert Dundas Thomson and his wife and cousin Margaret Agnes Thomson in the summer of 1849 (their childbearing history would suggest births in 1851 and 1853 as well, but I have not found them.
I have been unable to trace what happened to Margaret Ewan - the family was in London without her for the 1861 census.
I am hoping that someone researching the Thomson family might be able to help me out with some personal details - I have become quite familiar with their professional publications, renown, voyages and adventures, but family details seem nowhere to be found.

Gloucestershire / Problem with Forest of Dean Website (SOLVED)
« on: Saturday 03 June 17 08:52 BST (UK)  »
Sorry if this should be in resources, but:
Yesterday and today I have been unable to log in (I am registered and do not normally have a problem.  I get the following


You don't have permission to access /index.php on this server.


Apache Server at Port 80"

Is anyone else having the same?

The Common Room / UK GRO Certificates by post COMPLETED
« on: Wednesday 24 May 17 13:02 BST (UK)  »
I seem to be having trouble with WorldPay using the GRO on-line ordering service - 4 cards on 4 different banks all declined without explanation by banks.

I've sent GRO a message, but while waiting for a resolution I thought I would go back to the old way and order by post with a cheque.

However, there doesn't seem to be anywhere I can find offering me application forms (or address or payment instructions).

Any hep/guidance much appreciated.

Reference Library / Sequences on search returns
« on: Monday 21 March 16 12:58 GMT (UK)  »
Is there a way to get the returned lists from e.g. SIG or Anniversaries query sequenced? (like by clicking the column heading?)

In particular, SIG sequenced by address would be handy and Anniversaries by date (these are what I've noticed today) but if a generalised facility was available on every column heading it would probably be helpful for research purposes.

Thanks for anything you can do,

Technical Help / 2015 response times
« on: Saturday 03 January 15 16:00 GMT (UK)  »
I get very slow / no response this year before 1500 (UK time)
anyone else? any explanation? - only RootsChat
Sorry for telegraphese, but this is my 6th posting attempt today (all others have timed out)

Berkshire / Berks look-up request, Hampstead Norris
« on: Thursday 11 September 14 10:14 BST (UK)  »
Many years ago I collected my 2 x GGF from the Hampstead Norris register on microfilm at berks record office as: George Smith base born 31-12-1813 of Mari(squiggle) and William Brooks.

Revisiting his record (for the umpteenth time) I see that IGI shows a very similar looking birth and baptism (George Brooks born 31-12-1812 of William and Mary), but no mention of "my" George Smith.  IGI also show a reasonable set of children of William and Mary where my 1813 birth fits better.

I have checked the film indexes as well as the search results and they are all self-consistent.

I have tried (without success) to find a previous RootsChat post I may have made on this birth  *

Would it be possible for someone to spare a few minutes next time they are in BRO to check the register entries relating to 31 dec 1812 and 31-dec-1813 and let me know what they have to say about George Brooks or George Smith?



* Moderator comment: previous thread here:

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