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Dorset / Baker (family) of Beaminster
« on: Saturday 23 August 14 11:34 BST (UK)  »
I have recently discovered (I think) after 50 years fruitless searching, the marriage of my 3 x GGP at St Mary’s, Beaminster on 5th September 1809:

                          James Clark of Portsmouth (at the time) and Mary Baker.

I believe they were natives of Gloucester (the city and Coleford respectively).

The only relevant Baker (family) I can see at present (not very thorough search) is a William Baker who was a linen draper in Beaminster in 1811.

Their first child was born in Gosport the following year and Mary was 99 when she died (maybe a long living line?) on 7th Jan 1885.

I know a great deal about James but virtually nothing about Mary apart from her name, her age when she died, and her birthplace from 2 census returns.

Does anyone wants to know anything about James? Can anyone tell me anything about Mary or her family (I am assuming she was a resident of Beaminster when they married)?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

PS I've e:mailed OPC

New Zealand Completed Requests / Hill family - New Zealand (again)
« on: Wednesday 25 June 14 14:12 BST (UK)  »
family lore has it that:
George Stewart Hill* and his wife Louisa Caroline nee Richardson*, with their children George Stewart Hill, Lucy Matilda Hill*, Charles Richardson Hill and Isobel Hill sojourned for a while in New Zealand - though George Stewart pere may have died there.

I have at last (after over 50 years) traced the mother and children (I believe), thanks to family search, arriving from Dublin, Ireland at Hawkes Bay on 20th September 1875.

I know something of the 3 starred* folks above, but I really want to know something of the birth of GSH pere, I know his father was a police chief in Ireland and his daughter Lucy was born in Halifax Nova Scotia 17th May 1871.

I have Isobel's will with many bequests to Antipodean folk but I have failed to get any response from them to help me work out why New Zealand was chosen (supposedly for the father's health), again family lore suggested he was a freemason and had a so far untraceable relative in New Zealand: Sir Kenneth Hill.

Any suggestions/offers of help/information gratefully received


The Lighter Side / How do prove you are still married?
« on: Thursday 06 March 14 18:51 GMT (UK)  »
I am a British citizen permanently resident in Bulgaria with my wife (also a British Citizen. I have been assessed as 90% to 220% disabled by Bulgarian doctors.  We have a car which is in my wife's name.  Apparently Bulgarian or EU regulations state that the car is tax free for registered disabled people.

At first they raised an objection that the car was not in the name of the disabled person, but eventually accepted that as iwe were married it would be OK (we had to prove we were married - but have a marriage certificate with an apostile).

I think someone has taken umbrage at being made to look foolish (not the person my wife is dealing with, who agrees with her that the situation is ridiculous) so then raised the objection that the marriage certificate only proves that we were once married, not that we still are.

Joining in his daft game (I assume only a man would be so stupid), my wife swore an affidavit (with legal consequences) that were still married.

We have now heard that this is no good and we must somehow get an official document confirming we are still married!  We have asked how this could be proved (as we could get divorced anywhere on the planet without reporting it) and will we be expected to prove it continuously, to retain the benefit, but to no avail, the jobsworth has instructed his minion to insist on better proof (than the affidavit) that we are still married.

It strikes me as not unlikely that this petty tyrant has been badly affected by the UK/Bulgaria immigration spat, and sees this as a means of revenge.

I wrote to the UK legalization service, but they are unable to help

Has anyone ever come across this situation? and any suggestions about what we can do?

Thank you

Norfolk / Garneys of Kenton Hall, mid 15th century
« on: Tuesday 06 August 13 12:41 BST (UK)  »
Not high priority, but if you happen to be in Kenton church (if it is still there).

There is said to be a brass plate in the vestry commemorating some Garneys who might be distant ancestors of my grandchildren.  If there is and somebody is good enough to find it and let me know what it says it could help.

According to my notes John Garneys was born in 1444 at Kenton Hall and died in 1492 (no suggestion that he was a sailor with columbus!). However he is supposed to have had a son Thomas born 1510 in Spexhall Suffolk.

Any help/suggestions/knowledge appreciated

Reference Library / SIT dropdown list of English Counties
« on: Tuesday 12 March 13 12:13 GMT (UK)  »
Herefordshire is missing its "s".  Does this effect searching?  How will existing SIT records be corrected?

Hertfordshire Lookup Requests / 1604 Hatfield marriage
« on: Wednesday 02 January 13 16:59 GMT (UK)  »
IGI shows a 25-4-1604 marriage of Gershome Banksie and Bennett Stout.

I have an ancestor Mary Baylie baptised 20-10-1616 at All Saints, Lewes, Sussex, the child of Gershom Bailie and Bennett.

Given the oddity of these names, I wonder if there is anyone who can discover for me if Banksie is a misreading of Bailie?

Technical Help / controlling Google
« on: Wednesday 26 December 12 13:35 GMT (UK)  »
(a) I think the new site layout and facilities and colours are a huge improvement - well done and thank you Trystan, do not be depressed by the shallow minded negative comments; you done good!

(b) nothing to do with the changes: Google knows I am in Bulgaria so insists on translating what it can on my search results into Bulgarian (which is largely unintelligble to me as it rarely relates to shopping,alcohol or road directions).  I have tried to change my location but it only offers me the possibility of other Bulgarian locations. Does anyone know how I can make it deliver content in English please?

The Common Room / Here's one for you
« on: Thursday 29 November 12 18:49 GMT (UK)  »
My grandson had an ancestor, one John Patching who on 3rd December 1549 was found guilty of High Treason and sentenced to be executed at Tyburn (hung, drawn and quartered?). I have his IPM [30-3-1550, Chancery 92.96] but apart from his arraignment: "Accused that 6 Aug 1549, at Horsham, in the County of Sussex, with other offenders, compassed and imagined the King's death, and to deprive him of his Crown and Dignity", I have been unable to find any further particulars of this heinous crime, for which the family property does not seem to have been forfeited.

Can anyone else find anything to enliven tales around the fireside this Xmas?

Armed Forces / A soldier in India in 1934
« on: Tuesday 09 October 12 20:54 BST (UK)  »
Going through my dead father's photograph albums I have found several snaps taken in India in 1934.  No-one is left to tell me what they are about but all the rest of his many photographs are personal, either containing him, his mates or places he has been (and talked of).  One of the photos (attached) is of a named person (it is a very common name of no help for identification, but he could possible still be alive so not mentioned here).

Can anyone deduce anything from the (dishevelled) uniform and cap badge which might give me some path to follow, (I am interested to find out if, and why, my father was in India at the age of 20, the year before he joined the RAF).

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