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Cheshire / Re: Knutsford burials
« on: Friday 27 November 20 19:53 GMT (UK)  »
Peover Superior is also known as Over Peover.

Possible burial sites within a few minutes' walk from residence/place of death:

St. Lawrence Church, Peover Park (next to Peover Hall)
Over Peover Methodist Chapel, Cinder Lane
Snelson Methodist Chapel, Pepper Street

The first graveyard is extensive since the church is very old.
The latter two are tiny in comparison.

(1918: flu pandemic)


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Re: Born in Gibraltar?
« on: Monday 08 June 20 13:27 BST (UK)  »
There is a tick in the final column.

Regardless of the true purpose of that column (whether blind, etc.), if you click forwards and backwards to look at neighbouring pages for Belgrave civil parish, you will soon notice that people who were not born in Leicestershire all have a tick in that column.

Somerset, Bath
Gloucester, Cheltenham
Derbyshire, Shardlow
Lincoln, Grantham

So, at the time of the census, it was not thought that the mystery place was a place within Leicestershire.


Essex / Re: Robert Gann :
« on: Tuesday 08 October 19 23:41 BST (UK)  »
Re. Old Barrack Yard:

A few days ago we were all wondering about this address. Well, funnily enough, an interview published just today on a London blog ( introduces a woman in her nineties who actually lived there for 42 years! She seems to have had quite a life.

Of course she talks about Knightsbridge Barracks and the Grenadier Pub.

Itís a bit off topic, but perhaps itís interesting to read about the locale and get a picture of what was going on there.


Other Countries / Re: Japan research birthplace of Ichitaro Nishizawa
« on: Tuesday 01 October 19 16:55 BST (UK)  »
Moved to Manchester?

Shiro Watabiki
1922, married in Chorlton, Manchester
1939, 4, St Annes Road, Wolverhampton (born 28 Apr 1897), Labourer
1972, died Wolverhampton, Staffordshire (born 1897)


Chokichi Mizuno
1929, Kellyís Directory for Manchester
No. 133, Radnor Street (occupation not listed)


Other Countries / Re: Japan research birthplace of Ichitaro Nishizawa
« on: Tuesday 01 October 19 14:10 BST (UK)  »
1907 Manifest of Passengers.
Name of ship: Monteagle

Another document from the Vermont border crossing showing 3 Japanese boys aged 10, 9 (Ichitaro Nishigawa) & 10, accompanied by a 51-year-old Japanese man. All 4 are listed as Actors.

The man (born in Japan) is "returning home to Fairbury, Nebraska", whereas the 3 boys are "going to" his address. It looks as if he recruited the boys while visiting Japan. The 3 boys are from different prefectures in Japan. The man paid for his own passage, but the boys' passages were paid for by their "Manager". Presumably that accompanying man must have been their Manager.

Chokichi Mizuno, 51
Jukichi Ide, 10, from Shizuoka Prefecture
Ichitaro Nishigawa, 9, from Niigata Prefecture
Shiro Watahiki, 10, from Ebarike (Ibakaki) Prefecture

Those names may help to lead to more information about your man.

Yet another document states that the man Chokichi Mizuno, aged 51, was born in Saitama Prefecture.

Perhaps you can find these names in Census documents?


Other Countries / Re: Japan research birthplace of Ichitaro Nishizawa
« on: Tuesday 01 October 19 12:54 BST (UK)  »

Very short Youtube informative video:

The Campbell Bros. Circus came to an end around 1912.

It was bought and then moved to Enid, Oklahoma.


Other Countries / Re: Japan research birthplace of Ichitaro Nishizawa
« on: Tuesday 01 October 19 02:20 BST (UK)  »
Firstly, Ichitaro is a very common boyís name.

The family name Nishizawa is also a common family name.
It is different from the family name Nishikawa/Nishigawa, which is also common.

On Ancestry:
UK, WWII Alien Internees, 1939-1945

Ichitaro Nishizawa
Birth, 18 May 1898 (1939 Register shows 27 May 1898)
Interned 8.12.41
Monmouthshire Constabulary
Release refused 26.9.44
R.A. 24.8.45 (S.C.)
Subject to 6A & 9A

It is just a brief hand-written card, but there may be further information somewhere.
It also says H.O. No. N 7625 (a Home Office No.?)


Reply #2 mentions a 9-year-old boy at the St. Albans Vermont crossing who arrived in 1907. This is a record of a crossing from Canada into the US.

Family Search (free of charge to view, but must register) has the actual image for this record. Actually, there are 2 images, but they seem to refer to the same boy. Probably there was some confusion about how to write his name, and two cards were completed under different names, presumably by mistake.

1)   Image 8108 of 8204

Manifest. Port of Vancouver B.C.
Nishigawa Ichitaro
Nationality, Japanese
Place of birth, Japan
Age, 9 years
Occupation, Actor
Read or write? No.
Last permanent residence, Niigata Ken (Niigata Prefecture)
Passage paid by Manager
Ever in the US? No
Destination, Fairbury Neb (Nebraska)
Date of Landing, 3/24/07 Monteagle (ship's name)

2)   Image 8106 of 8204

Manifest. Port of Vancouver
3rd class Monteagle (shipís name) (from) Yokohama
Date 3/24/07
Nishegawa Ichetara
Nationality, Japanese
Place of birth, Niigata Ken (Niigata Prefecture), Japan
Age, 9 years
Occupation, Actor
Read or write? No
Last permanent residence, Niigata Ken (Niigata Prefecture) Japan
Ever in the US? No
Destination, Fairbury Neb (Nebraska) c/o Campbell Bro. Circus
Purpose in coming, Perm (permanent?)

The cards give the name of the prefecture, but they do not specify the name of the city. There is a city named Niigata, in Niigata Prefecture. 

Reply #2 also mentions some other names of people who accompanied him. If they are connected, you should be able to find their cards too. That may offer the name of the Manager, or some info on the other names, or the name of a city.

In Japan, there is no register of individual births, marriages & deaths. There is nothing like free BMD or the General Register Office. There is no hobby of genealogy. There is a Family Register (Koseki) for each family which is kept in the local Ward Office of a city (something like the local council offices) where a family lives. Whereas each child in the UK has their own birth certificate, with no reference to their siblings, the Family Register will list all the siblings. Every family/person must be registered in their local Ward Office. However, it is illegal for anyone to see another personís Family Register. Only a family member can have access to it, or a lawyer. It is considered private. So even if you had an address in Japan, it would not be possible to check on this boyís parents, without a lawyer's help. The only hope really would be if the boy/man had provided further information about his parents to the authorities in the UK or US, for some reason or another, or if a parent had accompanied him on the ship.

You can google the circus, it seems to be famous.

Anyway, I hope that this provides some answers to your mystery.
Family Search also has free access to the US census images (e.g. 1910 & 1920). Perhaps you may find him there.

Canada also provides free access to their census images online.


Essex / Re: Robert Gann :
« on: Sunday 29 September 19 20:36 BST (UK)  »
Hello again,

The side-by-side photos are indeed remarkable!

And yes, the 1828 advert "no Irish need apply" seems all the more ludicrous when you consider that their hero Wellington was actually born in Ireland, to a family that had lived there for centuries.

As for his troops, I read that they comprised 40% Irish during the Peninsula Wars and 30% Irish at Waterloo. In 1828, he actually stated in the House of Lords that it was to Irish Catholic soldiers that "we all owe our proud pre-eminence in our military careers".

So it would seem that the Irish were considered trustworthy enough to fight for King and Country, but not trustworthy enough to measure a pint correctly!!!!

Anyway, may I draw your attention to Reply16?

Jonw65 kindly gave you a baptism date of 28 Apr 1776 and gave you a link to the actual baptism image (free of charge at Family Search).

You then replied (Reply23) that Robert was baptised 2 years after he was born. However, if you look at the baptism dates of his siblings, that scenario does not add up.

John Gann & Ann Brown
Marriage Banns 14 & 21 & 28 Jan 1770 in Bobbbingworth (St. Germain)
stating: John Gann of this parish & Ann Brown of the parish of Stonedon.

see Banns image:

Followed by actual Marriage 11 Feb 1770 in Stondon Massey (St. Peter & St. Paul) (5 miles from Bobbingworth) (Ancestry transcription).

So, the couple got married in the Bride's parish, but then made their home in Bobbingworth.

Baptisms (Bobbingworth):

Luckily, this image page found by Jonw65 covers several years, so it conveniently shows 3 of the baptisms (1772, 1774, 1776).

For 3 other baptisms, click backwards for 1770, & forwards for 1778 & 1780.

1770 Jul 22 Sarah > died 1777 Jan 7
1772 Apr 5 John
1774 Jun 26 William
1776 Apr 28 Robert
1778 Oct 4 James
1780 Aug 20 Daniel
1785 May 1 John (Jno.) (presumably the first John had died?)

Conclusion: it would seem that Robert was not baptised 2 years after he was born.


Essex / Re: Robert Gann :
« on: Saturday 28 September 19 18:19 BST (UK)  »
Note of clarification for this thread:

Civil Parish: St. George Hanover Square
Sub-registration District: Belgrave
Enumeration District: 01a

Robert Gann (73) is actually a Chelsea "Out" Pensioner, and his address has no connection with Chelsea, Chelsea Barracks or Chelsea Hospital.

Ancestry page numbers:
Page 17, Robert is listed simply as "Chelsea Pensioner", but, same location:
Page 20, Thos. Mahon/Maton aged 67, is accurately listed as "Chelsea Out Pensioner".
Page 1, Description of Enumeration District: the address is clearly written as Old Barrack Yard (not Old Barracks Garden as Lily kindly suggested: Yd/Gd). Helpfully (and surprisingly!), the Enumerator has sketched a little map of the neighbourhood.

The location is Knightsbridge and Old Barrack Yard still exists. Here is an interesting write-up with old photos, new photos, old map details and historical info, including discussion about the Grenadier Pub.

Other Googling suggests that Wellington used to keep his horses there (?).

I wonder if you have the details for Robert in 1841?

If not, then you may be surprised to learn that he is actually living with His Grace the Duke of Wellington (aged 72) and the Dukeís nephew Gerald Wellesley (aged 30, Clergyman).

The Civil Parish is the same as in 1851.

Civil Parish: St. George Hanover Square
Sub-registration District: Mayfair
Enumeration District: 9

Ancestry page number:
Page 7, Robert Gann, aged 64, M.S. (Male Servant).
There are many Female Servants and about 14 Male Servants, but Robert is the oldest (most senior?), being only 8 years younger than the Duke himself!

The address is just listed as Piccadilly, but it is in fact this impressive building:

Robertís wife, Sarah, is not with him.

You may enjoy correcting the garbled mistranscription for this household on Ancestry? - starting with the Duke, and including Robert.


P.S. I notice that Rosie previously found this 1841 entry, but perhaps didn't realise who the Head of the Household was!

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