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Wexford / Re: Flahy
« on: Friday 02 October 20 20:00 BST (UK)  »
My take on all this is as follows:
Margaret Kehoe emigrated to Britain at some point before 1851.
Presumably she got married and had children.
Marriage record will give father's name and profession (if 1835 or later, and married England)
Can you confirm that was checked?
Presumably says James Kehoe - is that correct?
What was his profession?

But that leaves the name of the mother unknown.
At some point, someone in your family decided she was Mary Flahy. Why?
As already pointed out, there were multiple Margaret Kehoes born in and around both New and Old Ross at the time in question.

Wexford / Re: Flahy
« on: Friday 02 October 20 18:57 BST (UK)  »
The only info that I have that is correct to my belief is the baptism of their daughter Margaret, the other info I got from ancestors family trees.

You mean a contemporary family tree written by an ancestor?
Or someone else's modern family tree on Ancestry or elsewhere? The latter can be meaningless.

Wexford / Re: Flahy
« on: Friday 02 October 20 18:50 BST (UK)  »
James kehoe died Nov 1868 Ballycullane, Tintern, Wexford, Ireland, Margaret the daughter ended up in Falmouth but I have no more info on James kehoe or Mary flahy.

James Kehoe is a common name. Why do you think the chap who died in Ballycullane in 1868 is the same person as the James Kehoe of Old Ross in 1801? Absent some specific link, the chances that they are the same person are very slim.

Wexford / Re: Flahy
« on: Friday 02 October 20 18:45 BST (UK)  »
Sorry it was the only info I had from another family tree. They had a daughter Margaret kehoe who was born in Wexford and baptised in Old Ross, Carnagh, Ballyanne and Cushinstown, Wexford in 1801

Looks like my guess was a good one!

Well, you are in luck. Old Ross records start earlier than the New Ross ones - makes sense, right? Start 1759.
So, just start looking through the Old Ross parish registers online on on the NLI website. Or use subscription service.

Wexford / Re: Flahy
« on: Friday 02 October 20 18:27 BST (UK)  »
Trying to find info on Mary flahy, married a James kehoe, she was born about 1780. Any help would be much appreciated.

This is a classic example of an enquiry where you make it very difficult to help you - you provide no context, no detail!
- Why do you think she is connected to Wexford?
- Religion?
- Where did she end up
- What was her station in life?
- Why are you only asking about her, but not her husband?

All of these sort of details help to form a picture of where she might be from.

For what is is worth, your best bet is New Ross, but 1780 is before start of Catholic registers.

Wexford / Re: Address for Elizabeth Dooley on Marriage Registration?
« on: Thursday 01 October 20 21:13 BST (UK)  »
Lightwater is at the townland of Rathmacknee.


A bus stop!
How very odd that the name should have survived like that.

Wexford / Address for Elizabeth Dooley on Marriage Registration?
« on: Thursday 01 October 20 19:24 BST (UK)  »
Address on the marriage registration for Elizabeth Dooley is hard to read. Looks like Lightwater to me, but there is no townland of that name in Wexford. Any other ideas? Last marriage on the following page

Ireland / Re: Help with place names
« on: Friday 25 September 20 22:11 BST (UK)  »
Third location looks like Kilmoris to me.

Ireland / Re: How To Order Death Cert for 1864-78 Period?
« on: Saturday 05 September 20 18:17 BST (UK)  »
Ah - I thought there was some change. Why I asked!

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