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Laois (Queens) / Dempsey Rosenallis Graveyard
« on: Tuesday 09 April 13 13:48 BST (UK)  »
Its a long shot but here goes.
Looking for anyone who may have some headstone details etc. from Rosenallis graveyard.

Person (persons) I am interested in is Mary Dempsey and her husband Edward.
As much as I know ;
Their daughter Maria Dempsey(later Cronley) was born August 1854 in Drummond Rosenallis and parents names given were Edward Dempsey and Mary Doogan.Only possible marriage that I can find that is even close is that of Murt Dempsey to a Mary Dune on Feb. 1 1853 in Mountmellick Civil District.
Their daughter married M. Cronley in Capard in July 1878 and her address was given as Drummond and fathers name as Edward Dempsey.Her husband is also from Drummond Rosenallis.

Looking for headstone details etc. as searching for Edward or Mary Dempsey in that general area and time frame for deaths gives too many possible results.

Going by marriage and birth details Mary Dempsey would have to have been born between about 1815 at the earliest and 1835 or so at the latest.
Neither Mary or Edward appear on the 1901 census as far as I can see so presume they died before that.Only remote possibility for Edward is

Know its a bit confusing.Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks.(esp. to Seanmac. who gave me a good few headstone details from Rosenallis before)

Ireland / Ellen Mullen/Mullins
« on: Monday 25 March 13 19:05 GMT (UK)  »
After getting so much help here anytime I have posted (esp. Shanew147) decided to chance my arm one last time!
Having tried this on Ancestry,RootsIreland,Familysearch and a few more places decided to let the real experts have a go!

The person I am looking for help on is Ellen Mullen/Mullins.
The facts(well as much as I know)

Ellen Mullen/Mullins was married to Timothy Byrne (abt.1849- 26th Oct. 1909) on 16th April 1872 in Leighlinbridge Carlow.
They had 8 children that I know of; John(1873-1905) Patrick(1875-1951) James(1878-1949) Michael(1880-?) Mary(1882-1951) Anne(1885-1972) Maggie(1887-1939) Ellen(1889-1968).
She lived all her married life in Seskin Carlow and died there Feb. 1920.

Her birthday was 29th December(according to an entry in her daughters diary "had a mass said on mothers birthday ")
Born about 1852 (using census)

On the Parish register her address on marriage is given as Mensal Lodge ,Old Leighlin, Carlow.
I assume that she was working there as the family that owned it then are still there and definitley no relation.Was wondering if she was from Carlow would she not have given her home address on marriage or even home parish?

Marriage witnesses and baptismal sponsors give no real clues.
Any and all searches that I have tried have came up with no stand out matches.Know that she used both Mullen and Mullins as maiden name.

Now the long shot!
Her son Patrick(O)Byrne died in Waterford in 1951 and the mourners included a Mr and Mrs Ml Dower Clonmel as cousins of the deceased.From the paper;

"The remains were received at the Cathedral by Rev. W. Hallinan, Rev. P. Power officiating at the graveside.
The chief mourners included Mrs Margt. O'Byrne (widow), Mr Timothy O'Byrne (son), Mr Denis Nolan (nephew), Mr & Mrs ML Dower and Mr David O'Rourke Clonmel (cousins). "

Know that Dowers were related (long story ) to Patrick Byrne but nobody knows exactly how .The above mentioned Michael Dower and David O Rourke are cousins of one another .This is the same family in 1911.

I assume it was through Patrick Byrnes mother ie Ellen Mullins  and not his father that the relationship existed but maybe wildly off the mark.Dower being such an unusual name said this might be worth a try.

Looking for fresh angle etc to try .Any questions please ask.

Thanks for reading.


Unsure if this should be in a specific county forum or not.

Ireland / R C priests
« on: Saturday 23 March 13 10:49 GMT (UK)  »
Was just wondering is there any way of finding out in which parishes a particular priest served during the 19th century?
Person I am interested in was Fr. Patrick Mcdonald/Mcdonnell.
He was born about 1831 in Derrylamogue Rosenallis Queens County son of Daniel Mcdonald and Mary Griffin.Had at least 2 sisters;Mary Maher Carlow and Ann Kehoe/Keogh Wicklow and 2 brothers James and Daniel.
I do know that he served for a time in Graiguenamanagh Kilkenny (think there is either a plaque or headstone to him in Duiske Abbey.
The reason I am looking for where he was based is that I believe both his sisters married and lived a long way from their home which strikes me as unusual for the time.
Thanks for reading.If anyone wants any more info. or can help then please reply.

Dublin / Catherine(Kathleen) Burbridge
« on: Sunday 15 May 11 23:14 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to trace some people on my wife's fathers side of the family.
Firstly the little bit we know and maybe it rings a bell with someone or matches up with some information someone has uncovered.

Catherine (Kathleen) O’Connor (nee Burbridge)  died in early 1970s. She married Edward O Connor and they are both buried in Deansgrange along with a son Edward. There is a vague family memory of another son (possibly Willie) married and living in Dublin.

Catherine(Kathleen)  had one sister I know of – Lil Casey  (may not have been her actual given name) who lived in Boyne Street, Dublin 2  Lil had a daughter called Lily also.

Kathleen had a daughter Mary (May) O Connor (born 1917 and died 30th March 1974 aged 57).

May married James (Jim) O’Neill  (born 1911 and died 2nd March 1961 aged 50 years).  He worked for Carton Brothers and moved to Sandwith Street from Boyne Street after getting married.

They had 5 children.  Two died early in childhood and are buried in the Angels Plot in Glasnevin (as far as we know).  Three lived until adulthood – William (Liam) O’Neill (born 1938 and died 1979)  Angela O’Neill (Johnston) (born 1942 and died 1991) and Eamon O’Neill (born 1946 and died 2010) all now deceased. The boys went to school in Westland Row and Angela went to school in Loretto on Stephen’s Green

May worked in Johnny’s shop next door to the house on Sandwith Street.

Looking at the 1901 Census there seems to be only two families of Burbridges in Dublin. One lived at Warrenmount Place, Merchants Quay, Dublin 2 (Richard and Mary Ann with their 4 sons and 2 daughters)  and the other family lived at Daniel Street, Wood Quay, Dublin 2 (George and Catherine and their 3 daughters).

In the 1911 Census Richard and Mary Ann Burbridge are living at Malpas Terrace, Merchants Quay with their youngest daughter Kathleen Joseph Burbridge.  The son Martin J Burrbridge is living at William Street South with his wife. The other four are not on the Census.

The other family (George and Catherine) are now living in Lennox Street and their daughters are moved out and don’t appear under the Burbridge name on the Census.

Seeing as this is such an unusual name (2 families in Dublin, 2 in Leitrim and 1 in Cork) I was hoping someone may have some information. Apologies for the long post.  All information or suggestions appreciated. Thanks for reading.   Denis.

Wicklow / Mary Anne Healy
« on: Friday 13 May 11 01:12 BST (UK)  »
A long shot but here goes.
Tracing back my mothers side of the family and am stuck on my g g grandmother
All i know is that she was born Mary Anne Healy in Wicklow in 1854( that's based on the 1901 census).
According to family stories she was from Tinahely I am almost certain  (or Baltinglass?) as my mother vaguely recalls driving around Wicklow many years ago and being told that where her great gran was from(she thinks they might have called into the house but is not sure.
Anyways she married a James McDonnell of Drummond Rosenallis Co Laois about
1875 and lived there until her death on 20 10 1915.
All very vague and short on detail I know but its all I got for the moment.
All help or suggestions gratefully received .Thanks for looking.

London and Middlesex / Philip Brennan London
« on: Saturday 07 May 11 02:32 BST (UK)  »
I am new to this family tree business  so am looking for a few guidelines
Looking to trace and or find out about the above named Philip Brennan and his descendants
The sum of my knowledge is as follows;
Philip Anthony Brennan was born about 1895 to Philip Brennan of Ratheadon Bagenalstown Co Carlow
Had brother Joe who died in Ratheadon Carlow in 1968
Two sisters i think Brigid and  Kathleen (Cahill)
He appears on the 1911 census living in Ballymacasy Lislaughtin Co Kerry with his father and stepmother
What i do know is that he lived and worked in the UK for most of his life (as far as i know it was in the civil service)
He was married and had at least one son (possibly Joe or Joseph)
He died on 2ND of December 1963 and is buried at Hither Green cemetery private grave  Z Z 118
His last address was 128  Woolstone Road Forest Hill London S E 23
One last thing; I remember seeing a photo of him taken outside Buckingham Palace dressed in top hat and tails after receiving some award or other (he appeared to be 60 plus in the photo)
That's about all i know so i would appreciate any help and maybe the mods would decide if this or another forum would be best (just to say that the Carlow forum would be of no use as i live there and there are none of those Brennans left there and all the local knowledge is contained above
Thanking you in anticipation
Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or make suggestions as my info is very limited and all help is appreciated

United States of America / Matthew Mcdonald New York
« on: Friday 06 May 11 23:40 BST (UK)  »
Looking for some help to trace descendants of Matthew McDonald born  about 1908 in Annamoe Portarlington Co Offaly (Kings County)son of Patrick McDonald(McDonnell) and Mary Jane Cronley  both from near Rosenallis co Laois
He emigrated to America as a young man and died in new york on January 26 1965
He married an Anne McGovern (from Cavan i think) and had sons called (*) and (*).
A granddaughter visited us in Carlow in the late eighties/early nineties and i think she had a brother in the air force stationed in Europe or Turkey
If any of the above makes sense or rings a bell then please reply
thank you


(*) Moderator Comment:
Edited in accordance with RootsChat policy of not publishing details of living people here, or details of people who may still be living. This is to protect all concerned from spam, identity abuse, internet abuse, etc, etc.
Please use the Personal Message (PM) system for exchanging personal data.

Laois (Queens) / surname help
« on: Friday 06 May 11 15:03 BST (UK)  »
just looking for some info on the surname Cronley as it seems to be unusual
In the 1901 census there appears to be less than forty in ireland
The family i am interested in lived in drummond rosenallis at this time
As far as i know the male line died out and the daughters married a feeney and McDonnell
thanking you in anticipation

Waterford / patrick byrne ex ric sergeant
« on: Friday 06 May 11 14:32 BST (UK)  »
looking for any help tracing descendant of patrick Byrne (sometimes o Byrne)
he was born march 1875 in Seskin co carlow to timothy and Ellen (nee mullins)  Byrne
In the 1901 census he is stationed in ferns co Wexford
doesn't seem to appear in the 1911 version (at least not as an Ric man)
he died early November 1951 at summerhill terrace waterford funeral mass in the cathedral  and was buried in ballygunner cemetery
according to the obit. in the evening news of November 8 he reached the rank of sergeant in the Ric
he was survived by his widow Margaret and son timothy o Byrne cousins Mr and Mrs Michael dower and David o Rourke Clonmel and nephew Denis Nolan Augha carlow (son of his sister Ellen Nolan nee Byrne)
looking for any help or anyone in the waterford area who knew or knows the son timothy(if alive i believe he would be in his late eighties)
i am doing a family tree and he would be the only surviving male link to the Byrne side of the family
A little further information on this subject i was told recently is that his son Timothy worked for a newspaper in  Waterford possibly the evening news
thanking you in anticipation
D Nolan

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