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Hi Comberton,

Thank you so much for that - it's extremely useful to have the abode and the fact that he was a Yeoman. Brilliant!

Thanks again for your kindness,


Please can anyone help?
I know that a Robert Foster was buried in Clapham in 1746, so I'd be very grateful if someone could look this up for me to see if there is any more detail, especially an abode.


Hi emeltom, BumbleB and Comberton,

Thank you very much for your kind replies.

Usually, in the PR there is an abode given, which often is very helpful. I don't understand why there is no Baptism for Agnes Foster in 1711, despite it being on FindMyPast.
I wonder if it's from the BTs, (and it has been omitted from the PR), or possibly, could it even be a burial, not a baptism?



Thanks very much for that Comberton, it was very kind of you, but I was wondering if anyone could please find this in the Parish Register, as I'd really appreciate the full details, eg abode etc., as this would be very useful.

Please can anyone help?
On f*p, there is an Agnes Foster who was baptised in Clapham in 1711.
Please can anyone do a quick look up for me to see what this record says?
I'd be very grateful for any help,

Please can anyone help?
I know that Margaret Titterington died Jan - Mar 1862, Settle Registration District, aged 86.
According to information on Trees, she died on 5/1/1862 at Wenningside, Clapham.
But I have looked at the Parish Register for Clapham, and her burial is not there; there is no evidence of Non Conformity in the family, and all her immediate family are buried in Clapham.
So please, can anyone suggest where she may have been buried?
I'd be grateful for any help,

Many thanks to you both, Arthur and Colin for your kind replies.

Yes, the North Craven Heritage Site contains a vast amount of data; it will take me a while to go through and see if there is anything relating to the surname Hardy.

Yes, my Robert was the one born about 1733. Robert and Agnes had many children, but the first few are named:
John, William, Agnes, Ann, Mary and Christopher.
I can find relatives of Robert's with all these names, with the exception of William, Agnes and Mary (Agnes could well have been named after Agnes herself).
So, my gut reaction, is that Agnes's father might have been William, and her mother might been Mary, but obviously, I have nothing to substantiate that.

So, I'm still looking and hoping that something will come up, as I feel that Agnes was born not too far away from Clapham.

Thank you so much, both of you for your kind help,

Hi Colin,
Thank you very much for your last posts, especially the detail re the Giggleswick Baptisms. That's why I wondered if Agnes was born in Giggleswick.

I absolutely take on board what you are saying about moving about in those days.

Now, I've been researching and pondering the William Hardy + Jane Marshal marriage for a few weeks now - like you I was wondering if he might be Agnes' older brother.
I've seen their MC and their Marriage Bond - the latter states that William Hardy was 26, therefore born about 1718, and Jane Marshal was aged 21 and a Spinster BUT THAT BOTH WERE FROM SUNNY BANK IN THE PARISH OF BENTHAM, NOT CLAPHAM!
Also, is this William:
Ingleton Burials
Isabel d  of William Hardy buried 6/12/1762
William Hardy Housholder buried 7/2/1763
Elizabeth Hardy widow buried 1/2/1768

Also, the William Hardy Housholder buried 7/2/1763 Ingleton left a Will - in it, he mentions wife Elizabeth (Executrix), eldest son Edward, sons Thomas, John, Joseph + William and daughter Elizabeth Cumming

So I'm still pondering about this one!

But thanks very much for your help,

Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / Re: familysearch and pre 1858 Wills
« on: Tuesday 09 March 21 12:41 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks again for that tillypeg.

Yes, like you have found, particularly if the name is a common one in an area, often a Will really does help you to identify exactly family relationships. It's a great idea to have these Wills summarised, to show these relationships, as you know exactly which ones to view/order!

Thanks for your reply,

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