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Hi Bunnygirl and Trish

Thanks very much for your last messages. I tried searching for Alice on the IGI, but she and her family are not there. So, if anyone knows anything about John Raven and Mary Clarke from Whitwick, please get in touch!

Thanks again


Hi Shane, again!

I do not know their religion. In Liverpool, Ellis and Mary's sons married C of E brides and their children were brought up protestant. But one daughter (and probably another too) married an RC husband and their children were baptised catholic!

Do you think that Ellis and Mary's baptisms will turn up when the Cork Ancestral Project has been finished? Do you know when that is likely to be?

I would dearly love to know who  Ellis and Mary's parents were. Have you any suggestions at all?

Thanks again


Hi Shane

First of all many thanks you for your reply.

I know Ellis and Mary were born in Skibbereen abt 1783 and 1786 (from Census records). Are you saying that:

1. They would have been baptised elsewhere (I know the church in Skibbereen was only built in the
    1820s) and if so, can you guess where?

2. They were probably not baptised at all


3. They were baptised, somewhere, but no written document was kept?

Going back to the 1780s to 1837, how/where did people from Skibbereen get married and have their children baptised? I got their 1809 marriage from Ancestry's Irish Extraction Records - where did these come from?

I'd be very grateful if you would get in touch again, 'cos I'm really stuck!

Many thanks


Cork / Ellis Dudley born abt 1783 and Mary Blakeney born abt 1786, Skibbereen
« on: Thursday 26 May 11 22:25 BST (UK)  »
Please, please could anyone help me to locate the baptisms of Ellis Dudley born abt 1783 to 1784 and Mary Blakeney born abt 1786 to 1791, both in Skibbereen?  I know that they were married in 1809 in the Diocese of Cork and Ross and that they emigrated to Liverpool between abt 1832 and 1841.

I know that they had:
Annis born abt 1820
William born abt 1823
Mary born abt 1827(Timoleague)
George born abt 1830
Walter born abt 1832 (Timoleague)

I do not know where Annis, William and George were baptised, and surely they must have had other children born between 1809 and 1820 too?  I do not know if they were RC or CofI.
I've tried to find them on the site, but without success.

I would be extremely grateful for any help or advice,

Many thanks,


Hi Mike,
Thank you very much for the information, I'm extremely happy to know I was on the right track and extremely grateful to you for your tremendous kindness.
Please would you do another favour for me?
If you would, please could you try to find William's and Mary's baptisms for me? I do not know if they were born in Leicester or Leistershire.

Another complication is that I know that there is another William Langham (and Ann) having children about the same time as my William and Mary, but they are in St Margaret's.

Also, (even worse)!, in All Saints I have found:
1. William Langham and Sarah Rothiom married 15/1/1785
2. There are children baptised abt 1808-1813 to William and Margaret Langham

So, are there 3 William Langhams in All Saints about the same time, or has he been married 3 times?

I'd love to have your thoughts,

Many thanks again,


I thought that I'd found Catherine's baptism in 1795, in All Saints, Leicester as:

Baptised 12th April    Kitty    Wm and Mary Langham   born April 10th

(She married Joseph Raven in St Margaret's on 9/3/1818)
However, I have also come across another souce of information which states that she was born in 1797!
(I know from census info that she was born in Leicester, about 1795)
So, please , would anyone  be so kind as check this out for me, by looking up the baptisms of all Catherine/Kitty/Kate Langham in Leicester from about 1793-1800, to see if there is more than one?
I'd be very, very grateful.


I'm looking for the baptism of Ann Moorley about 1760, Emley. I know she married James Dyson in Emley in July 1780. I have searched the extracted parish registers and cannot find it, so would be very grateful for any help.

Hi, Bunnygirl and Trish,
First of all I'd like to say a huge thank you to both of you for the info that you have so kindly provided; I could not be more pleased and thrilled!
Bunnygirl, please have you any idea, what percentage of the parishes of Leicester/Leicestershire are covered by the CD that you used? It would be nice to know,'cos it would give me some idea as to if it is the right marriage.
Trish, please, is there any way you could put me into contact with the person who has submitted children to John/Mary Raven born Whitwick, 'cos (hopefully) they may be able to provide me with further info on John and Mary. I don't know if this is allowed.
Finally, (I assume that both John and Mary were FWKers), has anyone any info as to why they probably moved from Whitwick to Leicester? I'd be very grateful for any help/comments.

Thanking you again for your all your help,


Please could any anyone help me to locate the marriage of John Raven and his wife Mary?
I know that they had at least 4 children (Joseph born 29/12/1801 and baptised at St Margaret's, Leicester on 10/1/1802, and Eleanor b 22/5/1799, Thomas b 1804 and Kitty b 17/4/1807.
I know that John died 7/10/1838 (abode Rusell St) and was buried in St Margaret's (age 74) and that his wife Mary was still living in Rusell Street in the 1841 Census (age 75). I think it said on the census return that she was born in the same county, but it was very faint. I do not know anything more about them, (I assume that they were married in Leicestershire, but am not sure) and would be delighted to have more info.
Many thanks

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