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Hi!  I am hoping to try and narrow down the decade in which these photos were taken.  I always believed it was the 1950s but a family member thinks the men look more 1930s in their attire.  I have looked online at various examples of suits but it hasn't really helped.  Perhaps the slight sepia photo itself might be more indicative of one of the decades?  Annoyingly, as is the way with a box of inherited photos, there is no writing on the back to tell me who the men are, but I have since found the location of the sundial to be in Suffolk.  Many thanks, Nina

London and Middlesex / Acton Residential Club location?
« on: Sunday 07 February 21 22:39 GMT (UK)  »
Hi!  Hoping someone can help as I seem to having no luck at all with my search ...

I am looking for the exact location/street address for a hostel for ex-offenders which was called the ‘Acton Residential Club’.  All I know is that it was on Acton High Street, West London.

One of my relatives (deceased since 1992) lived there after coming out of prison in the 1970s - I guess it was a bit like a halfway house.  I was just interested to locate it as he never spoke much about it.

Many thanks! Nina

London and Middlesex / I have TWO Birth Certificates ...
« on: Monday 18 January 21 14:00 GMT (UK)  »
Hi!  I hope someone can help ... I was born in 1970 in London to unmarried parents.  I have my birth cert for 1970.  My parents got married in 1975 in London and my birth, by law, was re-registered in early 1976 in London.  I have a second birth cert for 1976 (obviously with all the 1970 info on it!).  My query is which of the two certificates should I use when asked to provide my birth certificate for official reasons - or should I provide both?  Many thanks, Nina

London and Middlesex / Jumped from the Savoy steps in 1900 ...
« on: Wednesday 04 November 20 13:21 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Everyone - I'm having a little trouble locating a place mentioned in the 1900 Inquest of the suicide of my Great Great Aunt. 

According to the article, she 'jumped from the Savoy steps of the Thames Embankment into the river.' 

I have looked at several old maps dated around 1900 and there are no steps of this name, but there is an alleyway called Savoy Steps which does not lead to the river and is further back from the Embankment.  The only 'steps' in the area appear to be those at Cleopatra's Needle.  Waterloo Pier is also in this area but I would have thought this Pier would have been mentioned by name if that was the said place. 

Can anyone help me locate where the 'Savoy steps' were/are that she jumped from??? 

Many thanks, Nina

South Africa / Two SMITH men in Durban ...
« on: Thursday 22 October 20 11:32 BST (UK)  »
Hi!  Not sure if anyone can help, but for decades I have been trying to locate 2 family members who moved to Durban, most likely in the early 1970s.  I know one of them will be definitely dead by now and the other would be 99 years of age if still alive - going by the male age of death for the family I expect he would have died some years ago!

If anyone can help me with death records or any death/burial info, then I am looking to find out info re:

John Henry Smith
DOB: 25 October 1896
Date of moving to Durban: Early 1970s?
Last known address in Durban: Kingsleigh Lodge, 224 Manning Road, Glenwood, Durban (he sent us a photo of himself in the garden in 1974 - then we never heard from him again)
Last known UK address before moving to Durban:  66 Barmeston Rd, Catford, London
Deceased wife:  Beatrice Smith nee Perkins DOD 25 April 1969, London

John Arthur Smith (son of John Henry Smith & Beatrice Smith)
DOB:  22 July 1922
Date of moving to Durban: Early 1970s?
Further info unknown.

I have tried all avenues that I can think of to try and locate them over the years but have never had any luck.  Our family always assumed that John Henry Smith died in Durban.  It is possible that his son could have returned to the UK but we have never been able to find any trace of him so felt that he probably remained in Durban.

If anyone can find their deaths, I would be most grateful.


London and Middlesex / James Blake SMITH & Rose Charlotte SMITH of Catford, London
« on: Wednesday 07 October 20 09:33 BST (UK)  »
Hi!  I'm having a couple of problems trying to locate my relatives James Blake Smith (DOB abt 1871, Reigate) who was married (1893, Walworth) to Rose Charlotte Fisher (DOB abt 1871, Southwark).

James and Rose moved to 96 Barmeston Road, Catford, London between the 1901 census and the 1911 census.  James was a bricklayer/builder/labourer.

In the Electoral Registers, Rose is LAST listed at 96 Barmeston Road in 1930. 

In 1931 James is listed at 96 Barmeston Road without Rose but with daughters Rose Maud Smith (DOB 22 Oct 1894, Southwark), Lily Victoria Smith (DOB 12 Dec 1902, Lewisham) and Violet Edwards nee Smith (DOB 08 Dec 1908, Lewisham) and husband William G Edwards. 

In the following years he is listed with just Rose Maud and Lily Victoria until 1937 where they appear to have left 96 Barmeston Road. 

I have found Lily Victoria in the 1939 Register living with sister Violet Edwards nee Smith and husband William at 69 Bradgate Road, Catford.

I cannot find James Blake or Rose Maud anywhere in the 1939 Register.

I have found a possible death for a Rose C Smith Q3, 1937, 1d, 787 in the Borough of Lewisham, and a burial on Deceased Online for a Rose Charlotte Smith on 13 August 1937 in the Borough of Lewisham.

So where was Rose between 1931-1937?  Where was James in the 1939 Register?  Can anyone help?  We know James was alive in 1939 as he was visited by family members in the mid 1950s down in Croydon where he was living with his brother.

Many thanks, Nina

London and Middlesex / A bit of a PERKINS muddle with WOOD or is it WHALEY???
« on: Wednesday 09 September 20 14:36 BST (UK)  »
Hello everyone - I'm getting into a bit of a muddle and cannot seem to iron out what is going on! 

My Great Grandfather was Walter Perkins, born 2 March 1859 in Bermondsey to John Perkins and Ann Perkins nee Wood.  I have his birth certificate which shows this - home address was 10 Mill St, Dockhead, Bermondsey.  John Perkins appears to have died in 1869, Bermondsey, and Ann died at her daughter's house (Louisa) at 10 Linsey St, Bermondsey on 10 April 1892 from 'old age'.

Walter's older sister was Louisa, born 1841 in Bermondsey, went on to marry into the Richards family (I have traced along the lines of the Richards family). 

Walter also had an older brother William who was born in 1856 and died in 1891 (unmarried) and gave his home address as Walter's address at 60 Leo St, off the Old Kent Road - I have the certificates for all of these events.

On the relevant Census returns for John & Ann Perkins are 2 other boys - John, born in 1842 in Spitalfields (1851 Census - 4 Mill St, Dockhead, Bermondsey) and Henry, born 1854 in Bermondsey (1861 Census - 10 Mill St, Dockhead, Bermondsey).  By the 1861 Census John is listed as being born in Bermondsey rather than Spitalfields.  Louisa shows up on both of these Census returns, and William and Walter also show up on the 1861 Census.

Searching the GRO Births, I have confirmed Louisa, William and Walter's births to MMN Wood.  (I have also found 3 other births - William Wood Perkins in 1844 in St Saviours Union, Mary Emma Perkins in 1846 in St Saviours Union, and Amelia Ann Perkins in 1847 in Bermondsey.) 

However, there is no sign of the births of John or Henry to MMN Wood.  But there are listings for both to MMN Whaley in the correct years and places.

I have never been able to find a marriage for John Perkins to an Ann Wood, but there is one to an Ann Whaley on 19 July 1841 at St George The Martyr, Southwark.  This lists John's profession as a Police Officer.  My John was always a wharf labourer or leather dyer (as far as I have discovered).  His sons also worked in these professions. 

In the 1841 Census I cannot find John Perkins but I have found Ann Wood living in the same household as his parents.  There appears to be a 9 month old child Louisa living there too, but she is listed in such a way that she looks like she is a child of John and Martha, not of Ann who appears to be unmarried.

So, what is going on here?  Is Ann Wood also Ann Whaley?  Who are the sons John and Henry who show up in the same household as the confirmed children of MMN Wood?

Can anyone help me work this out?  To me, it should appear to be 2 different families but appears not to be???  The births of John and Henry seem to throw a spanner in the works for me, and the lack of an obvious marriage between Perkins and Wood is baffling me too.  The differing professions of John Perkins also cause a hiccup (but I know he could have lied on the marriage cert as my father certainly told a whopper on his 2nd marriage cert!).

Perhaps I have been hammering away at this for so long that I am now blind to what is obvious, so if anyone can help me that would be great!!!  I'm feeling mentally baffled by it all now - if you know what I mean!

United States of America / Obituary for Roy BOOND 1974
« on: Saturday 25 July 20 09:23 BST (UK)  »
Hi!  I am looking for an obituary for Roy BOOND who died in January 1974 in Seattle I think.  Nothing coming up on Ancestry or FindMyPast.  If anyone can help it would be much appreciated!  Many thanks, Nina

London and Middlesex / Constance Adelaide Victoria Augusta Somerset AMHERST
« on: Sunday 21 June 20 16:37 BST (UK)  »
Hello Everyone!  Trying to find out any info re the Amherst family, especially Constance Adelaide Victoria Augusta Somerset Amherst and her parents. 

I know she married Kime Hunter in 1857 in St Bartholomew The Great, City of London, and her father is listed as Frederick Amherst (poss middle name Charles but a bit illegible on the marriage cert).  She had 2 sons with that marriage - Kime Hunter William Hunter and Joe (confirmed on GRO website) - both born in Portsea, Hampshire.  Her Husband Kime Hunter died 1865 Hendon and is buried in St Mary's Willesden.  He appears in the London Gazette a few times as a debtor.  I know their son Kime married twice. 

I just cannot find out anything about Constance (if that was the name she used) and her father (or mother etc).  I thought maybe they changed their surname or it was misspelt, but not finding anything on Ancestry or FindMyPast.  Can anyone help? 

Many thanks, Nina

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