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thanks but photos in email didn't open :'(, have sent you a reply

Thank you Luzzu and thank you Ken (MancsMan) I have sent you a pm

Wightlady :D ;D :D

Willie Bat - I know she was buried because mum remembers there was a lot of bad feeling between her grandfather (Grace's Father) and her dad (Frederick Tudor), mum said there was a big argument at the grave side, I guess even though mum was only 5 at the time its the sort of thing that would stick in your mind. Yes I know the cause of death as I have the death certificate, but there was no inquest, her being buried in Manchester area was part of the cause of the argument as her family all orginate from London and Kent area, as I said when Frederick died in London some years later he was cremated from his death certificate I get the impression that he was living on his own and died a lonely old man!


Thanks Luzzu, any suggestions are gratefully received I will give the cemsearch site a look.

Hi Luzzu

No she wasn't Roman Catholic.
Yes I have heard that Salford charge a lot, bit mean really for those of us just researching family trees :( :(



Can any one help please, I am trying to find the last resting place for Grace Winnifred Robinson nee Allwork, her death certificate gives the following information date of death 10 Sept 1945, place of death Lower Broughton Road, Broughton, The death was registered at Salford North, Salford I know for certain that she was buried just not where. Her DOB is Jun 1907, her husband, Frederick Tudor Robinson didn't die until 1970 in Westminster London and he was cremated.


Family History Beginners Board / Re: Finding missing children
« on: Saturday 04 June 11 20:42 BST (UK)  »
 :) ;) ;D 8) :-X

All I can say is thank you mystery solved, I think!

Carol - I think like you said the return was incorrectly filled in hence it appears there were 7 live births, lets face it we all know how confusing census forms can be to fill in as we have recently (in the uk) had to fill one in ourselves.

I think thats why I enjoy family research cos there is always they odd redherring or seemingly dead end!!!

I hope one day I can repay the kindness shown to me by being able to help others on this site. ;)


Family History Beginners Board / Re: Finding missing children
« on: Saturday 04 June 11 15:57 BST (UK)  »
I am at present trying to grow several twigs of the Robinson/Allison tree, twiglets as we all know take time to nuture and grow, I'm sure all my lovely helpful friends on here will understand that it can take many hours of tlc to come up with a thriving family tree :) :)
Carol, yes I have the record for my great grandfather's war death and also the baptism records you mentioned, along with bmd certificates. I will try over the next few weeks (back to the day job on Monday ::))to search for aunts/uncles/grandparents census returns etc.

thank you Wightlady

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Finding missing children
« on: Saturday 04 June 11 15:22 BST (UK)  »
The part that is really puzzling is why Margaret Louisa's name was scribbled out, I know she existed as my mother remembers her aunty Margaret, her dad's sister, as to whether there was another 3 children whose names were not on the census the only clue is the total children born alive number ???


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