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Thanks all for the info on the forum, I have just received data from the daughter of James that confirms the 1925 boat Persic and the penciled in James Forsyth! Basically he left home on 24th Sept in Scotland signed up for the boat and left Liverpool Docks 26 Sept 1925 arr Adelaide 9th nov 1925 discharge paper off boat 10th nov 1925, then he delivers Clydesdales to Mr J D Dawkins at Newbold Gawler River, then starts work at James Maitland Clydesdale Stud, Anama Station 24th nov 1925, He marries in Nov 1931 at Ironmine Methodist Church then moves to Spalding in Feb 1942, and in July 1942 moves to Laura. He died at Adelaide in Oct 1967. Finally another piece in the jigsaw puzzle. Would not have been possible without the forum help. Much appreciated!

Further reseach does indeed indicate he was a private in the Scots Guards 1914 demobbed 1919, occupation was ploughman, so it must be him on the Port Lincoln boat to Adelaide 1919 but military personnel were not officially listed! Have seen the passenger for that boat and he not on there. There is a Mrs M Forsyth and a daughter though. Also suspect the 1925 article of Persic boat is also him with the Clydesdales.

Thanks Neale 1961 it sort of looks that way that may be overland from another Australian state. Weird I found 1919 a Private J M Forsyth on Port Lincoln boat for Adelaide on Genes Reunited thanks to another poster tipping me off. Cannot see the record though and is the outgoing list from the UK! Just checked the South Australian gov website of 1909-1924 offical pasenger lists into the country and he is not on at all. The Port Lincoln boat from Australian archives 1919 does not show a J M Forsyth only a married female and her daughter. So outgoing lists him but the incoming one does not!

Thanks all for the information will try and follow up all links. The reason I know so much is my auntie from Scotland stayed with James on the farm at Laura for 6 months and had a job. He had 4 children who I know about and my auntie is in contact with one of them. So looks like either across land etc in Australia or boat with horses, but as people have said the quarantine rules etc. Will report back when I find some more information.
John Rowley

Trying to find the ship he sailed on from UK. Apparently a man from Adelaide bought Clydesdale horses for breeding in South Australia and James was charged with looking after them on the boat. Jame then bought a farm in Laura and kept dairy cows. He married in 1931 to Francis Edith Longbottom in Burra District. He died 1967 buried in Port Adelaide, she died 1988, buried in Laura. Cannot find any details of the farm in Laura. Suspect he sailed between 1915 to 1920? Any help appreciated.

Thanks John Rowley

Lanarkshire / Re: Brow Farm, Newmains, Cambusnethan
« on: Tuesday 11 January 22 21:53 GMT (UK)  »
Jiesy and Audra. Not been checking posts for ages and family history. Restarted recently and have just see great photos of the farm! I found my grandmother Margaret Frame riding a horse outside the front door and her wedding to John Frame (my grandfather) was at the farm in 1928 so can post them if you like.
Don not sure which Alexander and James Frame re renting the farm as John Frame my great grandfather had 2 wives and both had children named Alexander. Cannot find any James Frame.

Staffordshire Lookup Requests / Re: 1861 for John Pain POWELL
« on: Friday 05 August 11 22:29 BST (UK)  »
Hi Jan

My relation to John Pain Powell is 2x great grandfather on my dads side (my dads fathers mothers father).  Not found much else yet as been difficult enough with Kingswinford and Pensnett as it was Worcestershire surrounded by Staffordshire but again changed over the years!

Got your email.


John Rowley

Staffordshire Lookup Requests / Re: 1861 for John Pain POWELL
« on: Friday 05 August 11 11:08 BST (UK)  »
Hi Jansher

Great to see a connection as have waited a long time and not been getting very far back.  I have no further info as to ancestors of John Pain Powell or even where he was born.  I only have 3 children of his listed.  I have a gedcom and word doc.  I will PM you re the info.


John Rowley

Durham / Re: Winterton House, Sedgefield
« on: Sunday 31 January 10 19:10 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Androlina and Colin Cruddace

I can confirm that the next of kin burial arrangements etc usually at where they lived as I had a relative that was there and I asked the archivist to see if buried there but she was not buried there.  I found her in her home parish.  The records office at Durham are very good.  Being from Ferryhill and living elsewhere in the country I have travelled a lot and most record offices are good, but I really like this one!


John Rowley

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