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The Lighter Side / Re: Be kind to your neighbour she could be your cousin !
« on: Friday 24 February 06 20:25 GMT (UK)  »
Well done.

Just going over last 7 years worth of stuff and it is amazing what you find you have missed or forgetten to research.  Found relations living a mile away in next village!  Sometimes cannot see the wood for the trees.  :o

John Rowley

The Lighter Side / Re: Frustration in the library
« on: Friday 24 February 06 20:22 GMT (UK)  »
Tis a shame you cannot use the cd index or even a paper one.  There are indexes in the archives on CD and paper which are accessed "one at a time" ie personal use.  Why not so in the local Library.  I know the Local studies one in Loughborough has the 1881 cd set and it is well well used!

John Rowley

The Lighter Side / Re: Places & things named for ancestors
« on: Friday 24 February 06 20:19 GMT (UK)  »
On my partners side have found Walmsley Street or Road in Leeds (2 brothers were builders who came from Hull and Beverley area in East Yorkshire).   The brothers also built a church or chapel in Hull area and there is a photo on the web somewhere.  These are not direct line but relations, so are interesting.  On my side found a direct ancestor who built a Baptist church in Hamsterley, Co Durham and sent out missionarys to USA!  He and some other local yeoman farmers (married into) bought the land.


John Rowley

The Common Room / Re: Where now?
« on: Friday 24 February 06 20:16 GMT (UK)  »
Try searching the access to archives at as it shows all the record offices and you can search on a keyword.  I found a few ancestors that way.

John Rowley

The Common Room / Re: Will it be 500 rootschatters online tonight?
« on: Friday 24 February 06 20:13 GMT (UK)  »
I should have been online but was chasing ancestors as had hot leads.  Then it would have been infinity + 1 as they say   ???

John Rowley

The Lighter Side / Re: Future Genealogist's
« on: Friday 24 February 06 19:49 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all

Just reading Gracelands post in this forum re being your own grandfather.  Hilarious reading!  Certainly as we go back in time there are less people to go around and there cousin germain marriages were common in the villages, lack of transport etc.  We are all related somewhere.  The ancient DNA project with National Geographic is a good start.  Sending mine off shortly to see where I came from out of Africa.

John Rowley

The Lighter Side / Re: Family Problems !
« on: Friday 24 February 06 19:45 GMT (UK)  »
Working out family problems is bad enough without midnbending lyrics and puzzles. ::)  My head hurts  :'( AM I related to my self by 15th cousin due to mutations in my DNA?  ???  :o  I could meet myself coming back one day if they clone me.  Or the infamous song "Only the lonely ..."  :P

John Rowley

The Common Room / Re: RootsChat Cousins
« on: Friday 24 February 06 19:37 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All

First of all I must repeat many times until I am GOOGLE EYED  :o  Finding connections on rootschat and GR quite a lot.  Not made it to the front cover of music yet but working on it!

John Rowley

Surrey Completed Look up Requests / 1891 HUNT in Frimley/Yorktown
« on: Friday 24 February 06 19:28 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all

Trying to solve a conundrum with 2 brothers:-

Edward HUNT marries Ann STROUD (born Burghfield, Berkshire) abt 1891 to 1893 as first child is 1893.  Trying to find if he has married.  If not then he may be with his father and mother Geroge HUNT and Mary.

Edward HUNT has a brother called Charles Arthur HUNT (b1862 in York Town, Frimley) who marries Ann (possibly Ford) bef 1889 as first child Evelin Mary A Hunt born 1889 and second child Charles E Hunt born Jan 1891.  Charles died dec qtr 1891.  Both Anns come from Berkshire and there is some confusion that Ann Ford remarried to Edward the brother of Charles!  Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.

John Rowley

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