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Cumberland / Re: Preston Quarter Cemetery Whitehaven
« on: Friday 08 July 22 10:45 BST (UK)  »
Whitehaven (Preston Quarter) Cemetery

"Some gravestone inscriptions from Whitehaven Cemetery. These are transcribed from photos, so
not guaranteed accurate!:"

Includes 341 dense pages of gravestone inscriptions and more ..

Northumberland / Re: New Northumberland place name resource
« on: Saturday 25 September 21 17:31 BST (UK)  »
What an amazing resource! What a wealth of potentially little known information! Thank you JenB. I've just got lost in the website this afternoon!

One example:

I looked up what I knew as "Golden's Hole" aka Gowlden Hole aka Golden Hole in the parish of Earsdon. The "authority" listed for the spelling of the name could possibly be my great x 5 grandfather, Robert Taylor 1750-1808, or one of his many descendants. Golden's Hole was his place of abode at time of death as well as the birthplace of some of his children. There is very little information available online about this place.

I now know Golden's Hole was just "A few very old Cottages now in Ruins the property of Lord Hastings the name applies also to that part of the ravine on which the ruins are situated: a tradition is in Connection with the origin of the name that a toad with a head of Golden hue was found here".

Tyrone / Re: Baptism John Dobbins Born c 1760 or 1764 in Moy, County Tyrone
« on: Friday 14 August 20 17:11 BST (UK)  »
Thank you for your message Jon! Yes, I would love any information you have about this family. I've actually made a speculative tree about a James Dobbins born in Whitehaven c 1784 in Whitehaven who is the possible son of a James and Sarah Dobbins. I suspected these people were potentially related to my Dobbins in some way.

Can you send me a PM? Looking forward to hearing form you!

Cumberland / Re: Wills for Whitehaven Folk available in Lancashire Archives
« on: Sunday 09 August 20 10:34 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Clearly.  Also good to know Whitehaven Archives will be re-opening. Would love to visit one day!

Cumberland / Wills for Whitehaven Folk available in Lancashire Archives
« on: Monday 03 August 20 13:58 BST (UK)  »
In the past I have paid Lancashire Archives to send me a copy of early wills for my Whitehaven ancestors but I'm pretty sure that I ended up finding them for free in the end - but I can't remember where! Does anyone have an idea?

Whitehaven is in the Deanery of Copeland.

As an example, I am looking for the will of Kitty Pinder, who died on 6 Dec 1842 and whose will appears to have been proved on 22 Feb 1843.

Thanks for any tips.

Also no access to gedmatch on my side.. first time I've tried since they had issues..

Don't give up Romilly, just take a break, you never know what might turn up.

I don't doubt Blaine Bettinger's credentials and would like to read his book but a lot of the research he references also relates to matches of 5cM, even 2cM, not to the 6cM and 7cM matches that will be deleted at ancestry.

I accept many of these 6-7cM matches are "noise" but from what he says, perhaps as much as 50% of them are genuine matches, that's many tens of thousands of my matches that will be deleted, to my detriment. At the moment, I can choose to ignore the many irrelevant matches and cherry pick the interesting ones. Soon the interesting ones will not be accessible.

I also don't accept that matches of 6-7cM are extremely distant matches. I have 9 known matches of 6-7cM and my mother has 14, that I can attribute to precise ancestors - mostly my 3 x or 4 x grandparents. Many of these small matches had family trees that overlapped with mine in a clear way. No ambiguity.

Northumberland / Re: Hartley Widow
« on: Saturday 01 August 20 11:12 BST (UK)  »
Hi Radcliff,
I spent a lovely day years ago going through as many of the Hartley documents as I could, they really are a treasure trove of information but they ended up raising far more questions than they answered! I dream of going back there to go through some more of the documents. It felt like such a privilege to be given access.

I think ancestry could have made this change more intelligently. Clearly people who have already attributed many tiny matches are using them. Brand new customers with tiny trees clearly don't need to have all those mini matches constantly searched through. I feel robbed.

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