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Perthshire / Re: 1841,1851 census-Peter & Janet Morison
« on: Wednesday 24 January 07 15:09 GMT (UK)  »
I am not sure

Peter and Anns' children were William c.1828, Duncan c.1831, Peter c. 1832, John c.1835, James c.1839?

Australia / Re: Tassie Birth Lookup Pls 1908
« on: Wednesday 24 January 07 15:02 GMT (UK)  »
Maybe you could try this website to start with


Perthshire / Re: 1841,1851 census-Peter & Janet Morison
« on: Wednesday 17 January 07 10:44 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Joebhoy
Dosn't look like my families.....
Christening dates for the children are: James 19/11/1793, Alexander 02/08/1795, Peter 18/03/1798, Janet 23/03/1800, Cathrine 27/05/1802, John 16/03/1806, Cathrine 20/12/1807, William 24/12/1809

This might help

Perthshire / 1841,1851 census-Peter & Janet MORISON
« on: Tuesday 16 January 07 13:28 GMT (UK)  »
If anyone has access to the 1841 and 1851, I would appreciated info on Peter Morison, wife Janet Drummond, married 18th Dec 1791,Comrie,Perth
Unfortunately, I do not have any birth dates for these two people.
Children:John,William, Peter, James, Cathrine, Janet, Alexander.
Thanking you in advance.

Perthshire / Re: drummonds in comrie perth
« on: Monday 15 January 07 14:24 GMT (UK)  »
Hi There
Can you tell me of dates for William Drummond and Margaret McEwan?
Did they have a daughter Janet Drummond?

Perthshire / Re: Peter Morrison-Completed with Thanks
« on: Friday 12 January 07 11:04 GMT (UK)  »
Peter Morrison and Ann Sinclair.  Would appreciate if someone could look up for me.  Married 22 nov 1827 Comrie? What were their childrens names?

In 1870  Emily Coombs married William louis Hendley at Wimbledon in Surrey.  On the marriage cert. it states that Emily and William were both living at Wimbledon at the time of their marriage.  William Louis's father is shown as William John Hendley, Occupation Bricklayer.  Emily Coombs' father is shown as Robert Coombs, Gentleman.  Any infomation on either of the fathers', William John and Robert would be much appreciated. I have already got info from 1871 census regarding William and Emily, residing at Buncham street, Kingston.

Perthshire / Re: McNab or King????
« on: Thursday 04 January 07 11:11 GMT (UK)  »
Thankyou Gadget for your reply.  It didn't enter my mind that they might not have been married at the time of Peters' birth.  I had a look at the link you mentioned and found it quite interesting.
I will keep plodding along and may hit paydirt in the near future,

Perthshire / McNab or King????-COMPLETED WITH THANKS
« on: Wednesday 03 January 07 14:26 GMT (UK)  »
Help needed with this one. 
Peter Morison Christened: 12 May 1793, Crieff, Perth, Scotland.
Parents: William Morrison and Grissel King.

I cannot find a marriage entry for Peter's Parents.
The only entry I can find is for a William Morison and Grizel MacNab
Marriage: 01 may 1792, Perth, Perth, Scotland

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