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Cumberland / Moor Row and Bigrigg WW1 Memorials
« on: Wednesday 05 March 14 21:52 GMT (UK)  »
The pupils at Moor Row Primary School are researching the names on the War Memorials in Moor Row and Bigrigg (including the  memorial to railway workers located in Moor Row Working Men's Club).

If anyone has family connections with these we would welcome your input.  Photographs would be great!

There is a Dr J James listed.  At present we can find no record of him in the 1911 census or on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site.

All help appreciated!

Cumberland / Grange House Alston
« on: Thursday 20 February 14 19:35 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find out who lived in Grange House, Alston around 1928. 
A relative married in West Cumbria at this time.   Her spouse, born in Lochrutton near Dumfries gave Grange House as his place of residence. I understand Grange House is the Quaker Meeting House but was not used for this purpose at this time. 
Can anyone tell me if a family called Beck lived there? Mr Beck was a policeman but his ancestors in Scotland were waterworks overseers.
Many thanks

Cumberland / Old photos of Frizington
« on: Thursday 16 May 13 09:31 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone know where I can find old photos of Frizington.

My family (Cook's)had connections with many of the pubs in the area!! I have two of the Griffin - one around 1890 and the other 1905 but would like to see old ones of the Parkside and White Bull. 

My maternal grandparents ( Crosthwaite's)had a butcher's shop and abattoir on Main Street. Originally they farmed at Birks and Winder. 

Both families lived at the Griffin and Steele Bank and various times.
Many thanks

Cumberland / Gosforth area families
« on: Friday 26 April 13 15:49 BST (UK)  »
I am stuck trying to find information about McKey's (or McKie's) of Gosforth and Cook's of the same area.
In the parish records are two births relating to my direct ancestors.
20/10/1813 Thomas Cook , illegitimate son of Henry Cook, hatter and Mary McKey of Browfoot, Gosforth
30/10/1813 John Cook..... as above but address Hallsteads.
I found the will of David McKie, Mary's father dying in1809 at Hallsteads.
In 1839  John Cook returned with his wife Jane Forrester (married Torpenhow) and their address on daughter Mary's is again Hallsteads.
I can easily trace John and Jane after this time in Seaton and Frizington but have had no luck with his brother Thomas or the McKeys.
The 1841 Gosforth census film in Whitehaven record office is damaged and Hallsteads seems to be missing on the microfiche. Can't find anything on ancestry.
Can anyone suggest a way forward?
Anyone know where Browfoot and Hallsteads are?

Northamptonshire / Lost Crosthwaites in Irthlingboro'
« on: Tuesday 19 June 12 22:30 BST (UK)  »
My great grandparents farmed at Harrington and Faxton but in 1920 they retired to Irthlingboro'.  They moved again to Holly Lodge in Finedon.  Rebecca Crosthwaite died there in November 1938 and her husband Joseph Coulthard Crosthwaite in 1942. Neither are buried in Finedon. I wonder if anyone could find their burials in Irthlingboro?

Sutherland / Gunn family
« on: Saturday 21 April 12 18:29 BST (UK)  »
Trying to find information about the parents of William and Christina Gunn. 
William was born 1822 in Clyne, parents were John Gunn and Christian Sutherland.
His sister Christina shows up in the census data as born Kildonan around 1817.
I have been unable to trace record of her birth or any details of John Gunn and Christian Sutherland.   

Any help would be appreciated.

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Cook's shoe shop
« on: Tuesday 10 April 12 10:07 BST (UK)  »
Could anyone please improve the clarity of this photo. Would love to see the faces more clearly.

Ross & Cromarty / Gunn family living in Achnalt 1901
« on: Monday 09 April 12 20:28 BST (UK)  »
Trying to find out about the family of Angus and Ann Gunn.
Angus was born Clyne 1861 and Anne (Campbell I believe) born Petty1855.
On the 1901 census their children were;-
Jane b1884 Petty
Elizabeth b 1885 Roskeen
Christina b188 Petty
Annie b 1891 Petty
Isabella Fraser b 1891 Petty
Angus was listed as Station master and postmaster Achanalt.
i do not know if the family remained in the area or if any of the girls married there.  Any help would be appreciated.

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Frizington Cumberland photo
« on: Monday 09 April 12 11:40 BST (UK)  »
Could anyone please repair/improve the photo?  Thanks

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