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The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary summary week ending 14th April 2024
« on: Monday 08 April 24 14:53 BST (UK)  »
RTL, it sounds as though they got their sales training from the Post Office -"We've not had any other complaints!"

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary summary week ending 31st March 2024
« on: Friday 29 March 24 15:46 GMT (UK)  »
Good Friday service at the local Methodist Church . They have a decent sized car park adjacent and so the service was outdoors- a bit windy but the rain held off. Probably 70 folks turned up. Local brass band provided the music.  All followed by soup and hot cross buns in the church hall.

Last evening I went to another local Methodist Church in the next village for a Maundy Thursday reflection. Only about 20 turned up but very informal sat around a table in the centre of the church. This was the first service I have been to (except the Christmas Carol) since Jane died.  Very poignant as we took communion, as the last occasion was when we had a Home Communion service together just a few days before she died.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary summary week ending 17th March 2024
« on: Tuesday 19 March 24 09:57 GMT (UK)  »
Bletchley Park. We visited about ten years ago. I can't remember why, because it is a fair old distance from Radstock just for a day out.- it must have been based on a recommendation.
We thoroughly enjoyed the visit, there was so much to see and get our minds around the utter secrecy about the place during the War and for many years after.
Well worth a visit.  You may want to get a copy of the Shire Library booklet  "Bletchley Park The Code Breakers of Staion X." (Michael Smith), before you go and get a bit of the historical background to the place and its activities.

Durham / Re: William Smith marriage
« on: Monday 18 March 24 13:31 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you both for your comments

Durham / William Smith marriage
« on: Monday 18 March 24 12:28 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to establish the marriage details of William Smith. Born Hull c1790. I have a potential marriage with Margaret Davi(e)s in 1812 at Stockton-on-Tess  24th February, but the record on FindMyPast has no spouse's birthplace.(William)
The 1851 Census shows them living in Gateshead with Margaret's birthplace as Stockton on Tees. Is there any other link I can use to establish if these are the people I am researching? This also shows William's birthplace as Hull.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary summary week ending 17th March 2024
« on: Monday 18 March 24 09:12 GMT (UK)  »
Secret Life, a fascinating insight to those dark days and utter secrecy of the operation. Bought it as a follow up to a visit a few years back.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary summary week ending 10 March 2024
« on: Monday 11 March 24 08:59 GMT (UK)  »
Lovely surprise yesterday. A friend from the local Methodist Church,where Jane and I had begun to attend on a regular basis and intended to move our membership there from our current church ten miles away, brought a posy of daffodils from their service. Very thoughtful gesture on the first Mothering Sunday without her. 
Also messages from the boys, one in London and one in Australia-but the Australia Mothers day is on a different date so there will another message later on.
Not yet sure about when to return to a Sunday morning service. I go along to their Saturday coffee morning, which is nice and relaxed and they are all very friendly.
The temporary (I hope) loss of my driving licence, following my Christmas fall, is limiting my activities, but I have support in that direction from friends and neighbours so I can manage with the necessary trips to hospital and shopping and so on.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary week ending 25th February
« on: Monday 19 February 24 14:36 GMT (UK)  »
Because of my fall before Christmas when I spent a couple of days in hospital I have to go for an echo thingy. This is booked for Wednesday morning at the crack of sparrow. Not only have I had the original booking confirmed by text, I have had two sets of paper work through the Post and another text to remind me.

I had an unexpected letter from the London hospital on Saturday telling me that someone who was in that hospital at the same time has since been diagnosed with TB and the hospital has very kindly booked me an appointment for 12th March at around mid-day to see the specialist TB Nurse. All very efficient but no way am I going all the way iup there for a 10 minute session. And so I rang them just now to see if it could be transferred to our locality. They will ring back later.

Meanwhile I rang our surgery to see about getting this TB matter dealt with and would they facilitate it. I waited for over 35 minutes (we are dealing with a very high load this morning) and when I got through eventually I hardly had time to explain why I was ringing- "....we have changed our procedures you will have to log in to our website and send an e-mail and the doctor will then get back to you"   "But this is an ongoing matter"   "No matter, those are the new procedures" and she hung up.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.........

I had been plodding along with some LPAs ( encouraged by number 1 son). Unfortunately one of them had not been correctly filled in and I was given a time limit to resubmit on a reduced fee. Sadly because of Jane's death other things took priority and I have almost miseed the deadlie , but , following a couple of emails, a very nice gentleman rang just now and said "Yes, your deadline can be extended, just as soon as you can manage. I understand your circumstances"  Well done that man.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary weekend ending 11th February
« on: Sunday 11 February 24 10:26 GMT (UK)  »
Here is the reciipe which I used. I think I made it just a tad too runny so be careful with the added water.

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