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Westmeath / Battersby m. Clonmellon Parish 1835
« on: Friday 11 July 14 07:24 BST (UK)  »
Looking for information on my Battersby / Batterby.  My 3x-great-grandmother Catharine Batterby aka Catherine Battersby b.c.1800 Ireland.  m. 1835 John Hassett listed in Clonmellon Parish marriage records as John Hassen (also Hassan in kids' baptismal records). 

In Genesee Co, NY, USA was a William Battersby & family that lived near my Catherine Battersby Hassett and family.  William was b.1798 County Westmeath according to his obituary.  I'm wondering if they are related and could lead to further information. 

John & Catherine Hassett had 4 children- Eleanor / Ellen b.1836, Mary b.c.1839/1841, John Jr. b.1843, and Catherine b.1847.  The family emigrated to the US February of 1849 (ship Huma, landed Castle Garden, NY, USA 26March1849).  There was also a Carty family on their ship, unknown if it was a Westmeath Carty family. 

Ireland / Re: HASSETT - Ireland to USA 1849
« on: Friday 11 July 14 07:03 BST (UK)  »
John- A huge thanks for that information.  We are further researching to see if it's our family.  A woman in Clonmellon saw a post by me on Facebook and is waiting for an appointment at the parish after they get back from vacation.   I am of the belief they lived in County Westmeath (there was a Batterby gentleman in their county in NY, USA whose obituary stated that he was born in County Westmeath).  Is there any chance you could tell me where the information came from?  Kind Regards.

Westmeath / Re: Cartys, Berry, and Conlons from Westmeath
« on: Friday 11 July 14 06:34 BST (UK)  »
Researching my immigrant ancestors, I found they arrived at Castle Garden, NY, USA on 26March1849 on the barque/ship Huma.  As part of the information I was given about passage, it was related that " Passage was not uneventful. Ship's records state passenger 'Patrick Carty died 8th March 1849 in consequence of an injury received in a gale of wind.' "

I obviously don't know that this was your Patrick Carty, but interestingly, I recently was given information that my Irish immigrant ancestors, the Hassetts, may have been from County Westmeath (Clonmellon Parish).   

Ireland / HASSETT - Ireland to USA 1849
« on: Sunday 22 January 12 04:16 GMT (UK)  »
I'm new and love your boards, but am having trouble figuring out where to post for Ireland when I don't know the county.  The link says unknown county but takes you to a board where county name must be know.  ANYWHOO -

John Hassett b. 1806 m. Catharine Battersby (or Batterby) b. 1800
Children: Ellen Hassett b. 1840 Ireland
Mary b. 1841 Ireland
John Jr. b. 1843 Ireland
Catherine b. 1847 Ireland

Emigrated from Dublin, Ireland to the USA on barque HUMA, arriving in the US March 26, 1849.
Catherine died 3 days prior to arrival.  Emigration records spell name Hasset.

I'm looking for information on the family.  I'd like to know what county they were from, proof mother Catharine Battersby/Batterby was Irish not English, her parents names, etc.  Wonder whether they had been in work houses.

Also wondering whether Catharine Batterby was children's mother - her age was 40-47 when the children were born.  I'm wondering whether their mother died or otherwise and Catharine Batterby was a second wife.  Catharine is 6 years older than John Hassett. 

At I find a baptism in 1804 of "Catha[rine] Battersby" at St Andrew's Church, Dublin (RC) Father: Guli[llimus] (i.e. William) Battersby Mother: Catha[rine] .  Unknown whether this is the correct family.

Family was Roman-Catholic - buried in Roman-Catholic Cemetery in New York State, USA.

Mary Hassett Moore is my 2nd great-grandmother.  I do have a picture of her in later life.  She is the only one of the 4 children to marry and have children, hence the Hassett name does not carry on via this branch of the family.  I do not find evidence that John Jr., a Civil War veteran, married or had children.

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Norfolk Lookup Requests / Re: Charles Bell 1861
« on: Sunday 22 January 12 03:28 GMT (UK)  »
I somewhere found a Charles Bell b. 1790 m. Alice Halls, with sons William (b. 1831) and John (b. 6/20/1820 Cambridgeshire) Bell.  John Bell, a farmer, is my 3rd great-grandfather and emigrated to the United States c. 1853.  I have his obituary.  John Bell m. Emma Pammenter b. 1828 Cambridgeshire. 

Anyone have Alice Halls in their rolls?

It might sound frivolous but is this Bell family at all related to the Bell/Nicolson family of Virginia Woolf?  LOL, she has my nose, poor dear.   ;)  I'm rather fascinated with Virginia and Vita. 

Johnson, Halls, Casburn, Pammenter, Bell, Pettit, Battley - Sussex and Cambridgeshire

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