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Essex / Re: Braintree , possibly Coggeshall Road Old Pubs?
« on: Thursday 03 February 22 11:22 GMT (UK)  »

Thank you very much Lady Di   :D   and a bonus picture ! 
I tried looking for old pubs but missed this somehow  ???

Essex / Braintree , possibly Coggeshall Road Old Pubs?
« on: Thursday 03 February 22 10:45 GMT (UK)  »
Help needed with pub name please.

1911 Census - Octavious Green , snip attached, can anyone read the name of the Inn.  It looks to be more of a boarding house with many lodgers.  Previous image is No.6 New Street.  No following image.

1921 - same man, unhelpfully no-one has put the address on the form  ???.  I'm sure it's the same dwelling, a boarding house.

1939 - Wife Ada is at 386 Coggeshall Road, this may not help as there are only seven people in the household, and she may have moved as she is widowed.

I'm not looking for info on the Green family, it's one of their lodgers I'm interested in

The Common Room / Re: Old woman in "I have family" shocker!
« on: Saturday 29 January 22 22:35 GMT (UK)  »

Newspapers can be a really valuable resource.  I didnít know until I found an obituary that a great uncle served in WW1. The local British Legion arranged his funeral as the family were penniless.  It also explained why uncle Joe was the way he was, I believe that he was one of those men for whom life was never the same after the war. Sadly his service record hasnít survived

The Common Room / Re: Old woman in "I have family" shocker!
« on: Saturday 29 January 22 22:03 GMT (UK)  »

Itís not irrelevant at all, it was local news, the kind of story villagers would have been interested to see.  We still get odd items like this on our local news. Four generations in one photo must still be quite unusual.  Iíd be jumping for joy if I found something like this, lucky you  : ;D ;D

The Common Room / Re: Filling in 2021 Census
« on: Saturday 29 January 22 12:24 GMT (UK)  »
Almost certainly it would be the person that signed it

Not soÖI have 3 images for one person who appears to be living in a lodging house. The first page looks to have been completed and signed by the householder, and is his own family, wife and children. The second is completely blank, the third is a list of the lodgers, all written very neatly and in a different hand to the householder.  It is however the householder who has signed this page as the two signatures are the comparable.

The Common Room / Re: 1921 census
« on: Friday 21 January 22 21:47 GMT (UK)  »

Found my grandmother, she has her youngest child with her.  We thought that this babe was taken into care and adopted or farmed out. Really surprised to find her with her mother.  I have looked at all available images, odd, no head of household or address has been filled in on the front page.  Granny and her daughter are the only two females on the page, the rest are all men, mostly factory workers, labourers or farm workers, all are described as lodgers. 
The page has been filled in by the same hand, most likely the enumerator.
I have access to five images.
The previous image is a blank schedule and the one before that is a family with six children and two lodgers, although they both appear to be working for the family.

Looks likely that Granny is still transient, job to job, place to place, at least she was partly honest with her answers although she seems to have forgotten that she had three children and not two as stated ::)

The Common Room / Re: The 1921 Census - WHAT A RIP-OFF
« on: Wednesday 19 January 22 18:34 GMT (UK)  »

I have been looking at the FindMyPast fb page,  plenty of moaners on there also 🙄

Iím wondering if the majority are relatively new researchers,  those of us who did the hard yards in records offices, sent our eyesight screwy on microfiche, ran out of search time with no results are more tenacious, have more search skills and patience.  I really donít think a certain website has helped with their advertising Ďjust put in a nameí etc etc.

It is so much easier today, feet up, pooter on, cup of tea, and away you goÖand, they donít think to join a dedicated family history site such as Rootschat  ;D

Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Petworth/Wisborough Green baptism record 1773
« on: Wednesday 05 January 22 18:25 GMT (UK)  »

West Dean is closest, Buxted is further away towards Haywardís Heath but worth exploring all records  :)

The Lighter Side / Re: Odd comment on a census
« on: Friday 31 December 21 15:48 GMT (UK)  »

Born England, parish unknown . Surely you would  know where you were from if you were an aristocrat  ;D maybe thatís what prompted the ĎOh dearí  ;D ;D

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