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US Lookup Requests / 1920 Census Kern County California
« on: Saturday 27 June 15 00:12 BST (UK)  »
Hi I can't find Thomas William Grisedale and his wife Agnes in the 1920 Census for Kern County California, they are in the 1910 and 1930 censuses and elsewhere, can anybody find them? I'd really appreciate it. Stephen

US Lookup Requests / Deaths in Sioux City Iowa
« on: Monday 14 April 14 11:55 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for the deaths of John Hugh (Callf) Campbell and Robert Campbell possibly in Sioux City. Born in Yarmouth England in 1844 and 1851 respectively. John was last seen in Sioux City in 1910 but after that? Robert was there still in 1928 but then disappears.

See here for family story:

Any help much appreciated


United States of America / Joseph Hugh E(astoe) Campbell born 1868
« on: Monday 14 April 14 11:47 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to find the death in the US of Joseph Hugh E Campbell born in 1868 in Norwich England. He married Carrie L Warner. He came to the US in 1872 and lived in Yankton SD then Chicago but I can't find him after 1910 in Chicago (or in 1900), can any one help re his death? Thanks.


PS see this re his family:

US Lookup Requests / Help with reading
« on: Friday 20 September 13 14:15 BST (UK)  »
Robert Grisdale appears in the 1920 census in Detroit born 1867. Can you read his occupation and industry and does EM mean employer?

Also US to Canada Border Crossings on ( April 1910 Robert Grisdale born 1868, can you read the destination?


US Lookup Requests / A Seattle Mystery
« on: Friday 20 September 13 11:17 BST (UK)  »
Iím trying to find more references to Dolores Grace Grisdale (often called Grace) who was born in 1895 in Bay City Michigan but after the divorce of her parents no doubt went to live with relatives (as did her siblings). However, I canít find her in either in the 1900 or the 1910 census. In 1911 she was living with her grand uncle James in Kitsap/Seattle as you will see from this story:

Next Iím trying to find her after about 1920. On 7th Sept 1920 she married Richard Edward Cantwell in Tacoma, Washington. I believe he was an epileptic from Charleston S. C., where he died in hospital in 1941. The problems start because in the 1920 census we find a married Grace Cantwell in Tacoma of about the right age, a hotel servant. Unlike the others on the census all that is given is that she and her parents were born in the United States!? But I believe that the census was taken before her marriage in September 1920, so is it her?

Then we find in city directories for Tacoma in 1920 a Mrs Grace Cantwell (a nurse) living in the same house as Jos(eph) R Cantwell (Grace) (US Army). In the 1921 Tacoma directory we find Jos R Cantwell a cook with a wife Dolores G! Is this all a coincidence? The only Joseph R Cantwell I could find who matches at all in one born in Illinois in 1895 (Joseph Raymond Cantwell) who joined the army in 1917 and supposedly died in France in 1918? I canít figure it out.

Then there is a directory entry for a Dolores G Cantwell in San Diego in 1928, but that might not be her although she was a Ďwaiterí which might fit with Ďservant in a hotelí.

What became of Grace and where was she in 1900 and 1910? Can anybody help?


US Lookup Requests / John Grisdale in Pennsylvania/North Carolina
« on: Monday 16 September 13 15:09 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find any mention of John Grisdale in Pennsylvania/ North Carolina or elsewhere between 1880 and 1920. He was born in Pennsylvania in 1869 to English-born weaver James Grisdale and his wife Annie Cannon. He is found with them in Philadelphia Ward 26 District 86 in 1870 and then with them in 1880 in Gaston N. C. Then I can't find him until 1920 in Norristown PENN, where he is with his wife Annie (nee Taylor) and his mother in law Catherine Taylor. By this time he was a Farmer.

Can anyone find him/them in the censuses of 1900 and 1910? Or a marriage/death?

If you're interested this is the story of the family:

Grateful for any help

Stephen Lewis

US Lookup Requests / Alfred G Grisdale Michigan Purple Heart
« on: Wednesday 04 September 13 22:41 BST (UK)  »
Alfred G Grisdale died in Normandy in July 1944, shortly after D Day. He was a Corporal with the 32 Reg of the 3rd Armored Division. He joined the army in 1941 in Detroit and was supposedly born in 1916 and a (later) resident of Macomb County. Even though I am the 'family historian' of the Grisdale family I can't find any mention of his birth or any other reference to him. Can anyone help?

Stephen Lewis

United States of America / 1862 IRS ILLINOIS
« on: Friday 16 August 13 00:44 BST (UK)  »

There is an IRS entry for 1862 in Illinois under the name 'Grisdale' (Grisdale and Evans - Cattle Broker), can anyone read the name of the town?

Stephen Lewis

US Lookup Requests / William Grisdale Illinois Civil War Soldier
« on: Wednesday 14 August 13 16:37 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find more information about the parents of William (R) Grisdale born c. 1838 in New York but having moved to Illinois. He was a soldier in various Illinois regiments and married Anna Lee in  St Clair Co. Illinois on 20 Nov 1865 (This record can be found at the County Court Records located at Belleville, IL, Film # 1689026.) Does his marriage record name his parents or anything else.

Later Anna was to claim a pension in Indiana and Illinois in the 1880s and 1890s. Did William die in the Civil war or was he just injured?

Is there any record of his birth in New York?

I'm wondering if his father might have been the G Grisdale living in Illinois in 1855 with a wife and 9 children?? If so this might be the Gideon Grisdale mentioned here:

Any help greatly appreciated.

Stephen Lewis

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