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Cumberland / Isaac Harden married Anne??
« on: Monday 16 December 19 14:25 GMT (UK)  »
Isaac and Anne had a number of children in Cockermouth, beginning with Mary Ann in 1804.

I can't find a marriage online and would be grateful to know if anyone is able to find one.


Cumberland / Harden of Cockermouth and Wigan
« on: Wednesday 07 August 13 10:01 BST (UK)  »
Hi Vinnie,

I seem to be able to attach to a new posting. I forgot to mention that the photograph was taken in Wigan.

Copied from previous reply:
"They are my relatives and I have some family photographs. The one below was given to me some time ago and I forget all of the details without going back through all of the emails etc.

The boy in the middle front row is Richard's brother William. The lady, standing next-but-one to his right, is his mother, Ellen Darbyshire, and I believe Richard is the person looking over her shoulder.
One of William's descendants sent the photographs.

If I remember correctly, John is missing and I seem to remember that this was often the case.

Tracing Hardens can be difficult because they are often recorded as Harding. John's father was Richard Bowe Harden but I have still not been able to find his marriage to Annie, although a birth certificate for one of the children should help.

Richard's father was William but, again, I am not certain of his wife's maiden name. She may have been Mary Bowes - marriage 1810 in Cross Canonby."



Cumberland Lookup Requests / Mary Harden and Isaac Wordsworth
« on: Thursday 16 May 13 09:52 BST (UK)  »
I have seen several trees with a marriage between Mary Harden and Isaac Wordsworth taking place in Cockermouth in 1804. However, no precise date is given and I can't find any record on-line.

The children were baptised in Cockermouth Independent, which is where I would have expected the marriage to have taken place.

Mary's burial record ties in with the age of Mary, daughter of Joseph Harden.

I would be grateful to know if anyone can find the marriage details please.



Lincolnshire / What does this symbol mean?
« on: Wednesday 15 May 13 10:48 BST (UK)  »
I have three documents of c1767 which where signed by John Thorpe, the schoolmaster of Market Deeping. Each has a symbol in exactly the same place and I am wondering what it means.

It could be the ancient sign, misused in the 20th century, which has positive meanings including: good luck, prosperity, fertility, inner strength, the Sun God, peace and love.

I have not seen it used elsewhere and am wondering if it may have a special meaning, the same as, or other than, the above.


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