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Glamorganshire Completed Lookups / Re: The children of William Henry Evans
« on: Monday 25 June 12 14:39 BST (UK)  »
I forgot to mention I have in my possession a medal awarded to William Henry. It is gold and has the coat of arms of Cardiff as a city on it. It says it was awarded to W H Evans in 1916 but doesn't say why on the inscription so if anybody knows anything about it and could tell me that would be great.

Glamorganshire Completed Lookups / Re: The children of William Henry Evans
« on: Monday 25 June 12 14:35 BST (UK)  »
Hi I am also a great grandson of William Henry Evans and trying to locate my own family roots etc. I am the grandson of William Thomas Evans.

I can tell you that Eliza did emigrate to Canada before the first world war and re-married bigamously as far as I understand. That was why she never re-entered the UK. On my family tree I posted a picture of Eliza in her 80s in America. She lived to a lively old age and was an active citizen over there. If you require more information I can ask within the family.

James Evans married and moved to Teignmouth and my father was evacuated to live with him there during the Second World War, during the first war he worked on the development of the first tanks I am led to believe.

As for Albert Evans I believe he has still has living relatives and I can ask my uncle who is one of William Thomas's sons.

If you send me a private message on here I can send you my address for you to contact me and perhaps we can share research information.


Glamorganshire / Re: Evans Family Grangetown, Cardiff
« on: Sunday 24 June 12 22:37 BST (UK)  »
That last link is fantastic - thank you very much I have found numerous references to my family on there as a result. Many, many thanks.

Glamorganshire / Re: Pembery/Pembrey Family Cardiff
« on: Tuesday 05 June 12 22:41 BST (UK)  »
Thank you for your help. Its much appreciated. I will seek to follow this up. I had an idea that the family came from London but no concrete evidence.

Glamorganshire / Pembery/Pembrey Family Cardiff
« on: Tuesday 05 June 12 22:00 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to trace the family tree on my maternal grandmother's side. their surname was Pembery but there is some controversy over the spelling. M grandmother was Grace Veronica and became a Gray by marriage. Her father was Robert Pembery and her mother was Harriet Maud Williams. I am trying to trace what happened to my grandmother's siblings and where the family name can be traced back to.

Glamorganshire / Gray Family Cardiff
« on: Tuesday 05 June 12 21:56 BST (UK)  »
I am researching my family tree as the grandson of Edwin Elsmore Gray of Cardiff. He was known as Ted to everyone and moved to Ely Cardiff where he lived with Grace my grandmother until his death in the 1990s. I want to trace back to my great grandfather who was also an Edwin I believe. I tried searching teh census and found that the family can be traced back to Birmingham but I am not sure why or how. Anyone who can help shed light please help!

Glamorganshire / Evans Family Grangetown, Cardiff
« on: Tuesday 05 June 12 21:52 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to research my father's family tree. I am looking for any details of the Evans family who lived in Grangetown during the first part of the 20th century. My great grandfather William Henry Evans and his wife Eva (nee Domican) lived at Paget Street Grangetown and Eva ran a newsagents' shop. Anyone who may have any information or links, it would be greatly appreciated if you could let me know..

Somerset / Re: DOMICAN Family Bedminster early 1800's
« on: Tuesday 05 June 12 21:30 BST (UK)  »
I am another great great grandson of James Domican and am quite new to this genealogy lark but I have found a few good links on and a relative from another tree (that I don't actually know) has added a photo of James for me to see if you haven't seen it previously. I found your post on here by searching James' name on Google and I am fascinated to have come across someone else tracing him.

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