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Wicklow / The Doyle's of Kilmantin Hill
« on: Sunday 26 July 15 13:06 BST (UK)  »
My Grandmother Sarah Jane Doyle had a sister who became a nun and I am struggling to find her death details.  Sarah's sister, my Great Aunt Josie, told a tale of having a sister who became a nun and was involved in a bomb incident in Dublin.  I do not know if she died in this 'incident' or not.  Her name was Margaret Doyle.  She is in the 1901 census at home with her family on Kilmantin Hill but not there is the 1911 census.  I found her in a Dublin convent in 1911 age 19 which fits her birth details.  However, that's where the trail goes cold as the order Nursing Sister's of the Poor changed their name and address.  Finding a Margaret Doyle death in the BDM's without a date of death is too difficult with such a common name.  I am still on the trail of the nuns with the help of an archivist but I wondered if anyone out there could shed some light. ???

Dublin / Margaret Doyle as a Nun
« on: Sunday 05 July 15 14:48 BST (UK)  »
I've lost a nun!
My Grandmother Sarah Doyle had a sister who became a nun and I am trying to find details of her time at the convent which I hope will lead me to her date of death.
Her name was Margaret Doyle and at the time of the 1901 Irish census she was at home with her family in Wicklow aged 8.  She was not at home at the time of the 1911 census.  I found her in a convent (I assume) aged 19 with a number of others as a Nursing Sister of the Poor, address 1 Camden Street, Dublin. This particular order does not seem to exist anymore.  I have made contact with two other orders and so far had no luck as they all seem to store their archives in the 'Mother House' which seems, strangely for both, to be in France and that is where I am stuck at the moment.
Any suggestions as to how I could find out when 1 Camden Street ceased to be a convent?

Wexford / Turners of Wexford
« on: Friday 07 December 12 13:49 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Wexford!  Can anyone help me find details of one James Joseph Turner (Jim)? He married one of my cousins Rose Marlow in 1935 and during 1927 to 1960 he was a serving Policeman (sergeant from 1951).  He appears as a 5 year old (the youngest at the time) in the 1911 census as living in 7 Grange, Big, Rosslare.  His brothers were John and Joseph and his sisters Anna, Agnes and Bridie.

Merry Christmas to all  :)

Wicklow / James Sillery
« on: Friday 21 September 12 16:18 BST (UK)  »
My paternal grandparents were James Sillery and Catherine Davis of Wicklow Town.  I am trying to trace back on James's family.  In the 1901 Census he states that he was born in Co Louth and he worked as a tailor.  On James and Catherine's marriage certificate (1898) his father is stated as John Sillery, deceased, occupation gardener.  I know that there was a large number of Sillery's in the Co Louth, Co Meath area and that Drogheda was a stronghold in the late 1800's.  The names John and James are repeated a lot unfortunately and I am having difficulty identifying my James's family.  It would help if I knew John's wife's name but I don't. From the census information, James was born around 1870 and I suppose I could guess that his father John might have been in his 20's or 30's at that time and perhaps married in the 1840/50's. But it is a guess.
Anybody got any ideas?

Wicklow / James and Thomas Murray
« on: Friday 13 July 12 14:43 BST (UK)  »
Hi!  I'm new but here goes!
My great uncles James and Thomas Murray sailed to America in 1910.  How do I find them?
I located them on the passenger lists through Ancestry and so I know they both sailed to Boston from Cork.  They arrived in Boston on 3 April 1910. Thomas aged 22 and James aged 30. They stated that they were labourers. My Great Grandmother Margaret Murray of Main St, Wicklow was named as their contact at home.
Thomas I think returned to Wicklow town on a visit because I found his return trip to Boston in Sept 1924 and then he stated he was a 'cook' but this seemed to have been crossed out and 'clerk' written by hand on the manifest. Again my GGM Margaret was named as his contact at home but under 'Last Residence' it just stated USA.  So did he or they remain in Boston? How do you find a 'Murray' in Boston in that era?  American census records do not have enough detail of place of origin.
Any ideas out there?

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