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Dumfriesshire / Re: Nicholas / Nicol Mills
« on: Tuesday 18 November 14 13:53 GMT (UK)  »
Found him. A lesson in not listening to family gossip I think, he drowned in 1907 at 17 months old. Heartbreaking. Quite where the 1952 came from is anyones guess.

Thanks anyway.

Dumfriesshire / Re: Nicholas / Nicol Mills
« on: Tuesday 18 November 14 13:45 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Monica, should have said it was 1906 in Noblehill. Birth certificate says Nicol but my mum and aunt/uncle all have called the drownee Nicholas. The 88yr old is Nicols uncle. His death certificate says he died from a cerebral something or other (cant make the second word out but it's not drowning) so I don't think it's the person i'm after.

Dumfriesshire / Nicholas / Nicol Mills
« on: Tuesday 18 November 14 13:19 GMT (UK)  »
Hi folks, I've been told by 2 separate members of my family of a great uncle of mine who drowned in the river Nith around 1952. I've been hammering scotlandspeople all morning and getting nowhere, cant find any names that even come close to his. Is there any newspaper archives available for the Dumfries area available?

Selkirkshire / Re: Tower Street, Selkirk
« on: Wednesday 03 September 14 09:19 BST (UK)  »
Many thanks Emma. Amazing to think I've driven down that hill many times and had no idea I was going right past my ancestors front door step.

Selkirkshire / Tower Street, Selkirk
« on: Tuesday 02 September 14 09:29 BST (UK)  »
Would anybody be able to help me locate any information/pictures of the Tower Hotel, 14 Tower Street Selkirk? My great great grandfather was the innkeeper there according to the 1871 census but Google isnt finding anything for me on this occasion.

Thanks in advance.

Dumfriesshire / Re: Thirlwall House
« on: Monday 04 November 13 14:07 GMT (UK)  »
Many thanks Mo, can't believe I made that rookie mistake. In my defence the death certificate scans I got from scotlandspeople are a bit faint and even a Dumfries local said it looked like thirlwall and the builder with the same name led me down a dead end.

I found another post on here that confirmed it was a childrens home in the past but not why 2 of my relatives died there in old age. May have become a hostel or similar as it seems a bit of a large house to own for my family who didnt have grand jobs.

The search continues.

Dumfriesshire / Thirlwall House
« on: Monday 04 November 13 10:18 GMT (UK)  »
Greetings all, first post so please be gentle.

I have 2 relatives death certificates, one from 1951 and the other from 1948, that show the place of deaths as Thirlwall House, Locherbriggs. I know there is a builder in Dumfries called Reg Thirlwall but what was Thirlwall House and was there a connection (as one of the deceased was a watchman for a builders)? Was it a hospital or similar? Google isn't being helpful to me on this one.

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