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Armed Forces / Fred Haslam REME
« on: Sunday 11 November 12 22:38 GMT (UK)  »
Hi to all

I am doing my family tree and im trying to trace Fred Haslam Born 1909 in Codnor. he is know to have joined the army REME. it is thought that he served in Kenya between 1952 - 1960 in the Maumau uprising.

I know alot of my family come from the Codnor area. I have found on this site a reference to Kate Buntin who had a fish and chip shop. In my family I have a Joseph Haslam (born 1887) who married an Elizabeth Mabel Ratcliffe in 1908. Elizabeth Mabel Ratcliffle (born 1891) she had a brother  Ernest William Ratcliffe who was killed at sea on HMS Lovain in 1918. Elizabeth Mabel Ratcliffes mother was Hannah Ratcliffe. Hannah I believe was married to someone called Ratcliffle (I dont know his first name or when they where married). Hannah then married a Thomas Palryeman and lived in Codnor gate in 1901.

I have been talking with my Aunt and she can remember that her Uncle ( Fred Haslam born 1909) use to peel chips and pull a cart with a steel drum full of oil  into the market place every Saturday. She can also remember them helping out the miners during the 1926 strike feeding them in the market. She believes that Elizabeth Mabel Ratcliffe may have lived, worked or was adopted by someone called Buntin who had something to do with chips. I know Elizabeth Mabel Haslam was living in Parkins Yard in 1918. All my family know hers as Mabel and she did not use her first name. Has anyone got any info that may help me fill in any parts.

Many thanks for reading this


Derbyshire / Re: william haslam
« on: Wednesday 26 September 12 14:26 BST (UK)  »
Hi Rosie
just recieved a letter with details about Benjamin Haslam and Grace. the date of their marraige is correct. Grace died 10 may 1753 in Alferton. Benjamin was buried 11 April 1756. Benjamin's will is available from Lichfield record office, Lichfield library. Will was made 31 Dec 1753. and proved 28 Oct 1756. Executors of the will were Thomas Haslam and Rodger Walters.Beneficiaries of will Thomas Haslam eldest son. Benjamin Haslam youngest son (he was under 21) means he was born after 1735. Others on the will. MaryHaslam youngest daughter. Grace Haslam (under 21) and Roger Walters of Pentrich (Brother in law). Rodger Walters married Mary Haslone both of Pentrich at Saint Alkmund Derby on 18 Aug 1723. But on the list you see Thomas is described as the eldest son but William was older.


Derbyshire / Re: william haslam
« on: Wednesday 26 September 12 09:47 BST (UK)  »
Hi Rosie

i now know that William Haslam Born 1822 is not the William i am looking for as he was baptised 23 Oct 1822 mother Catherina (spinster) abode Wissington. This William Haslam died 24 Dec 1824 aged 2.

i am also looking into Guliemus (william junior) Haslam Baptised 11 Nov 1716 in the parish of Chestefield. His Father is Guliemi. (william senior).
index C03586-3
source film 422195 and 422196.

i dont have the date of his death yet i will be looking into that as well as your hint for william.

many thanks

Derbyshire / Re: Young family Shirland
« on: Friday 21 September 12 06:27 BST (UK)  »
Hi Billy please forward ono your cousin - gravestone of george and grace haslam housley

Derbyshire / Re: Young family Shirland
« on: Thursday 20 September 12 14:04 BST (UK)  »
children of George B.145 and Anne B.1845
Walter Fredrick Howsley B.1875 in Long Eaton, Derbyshire
Herbet Charles Howsley B. 1874 in Long....
Arthur Haslam Howsley B. 1872 in Long.....
George Albert Haslam Howsley B. 1869 in Nottinghamshire
Alice Haslam Howsley B. June 1868 in Notttinghamshire
and Ernest Haslam Howsley B. 30 jan 1878 in Long Eaton, Derbyshire. D. 10 Aug 1964 at 14 Eden Court, Mason Avenue, Leamington, Warkwickshire. He married on the 10 Oct 1931 to Maude Sussannah Eden or Maud Sussannah Erswell - 6 Clapham Street.  all this info i have found on someone elses tree on there is alot more names and info that will help your cousin. i may have also missed some more brothers and sister out. he is best checking. hope this helps him.

all the best Steve

Derbyshire / Re: Young family Shirland
« on: Thursday 20 September 12 13:41 BST (UK)  »
Hi Bill
this will help your cousin in california.
George Howsley B. 1818 in Stanton, Derbyshire D. 11 Dec 1893 Derbyshire his wife Grace Haslam B. 1822 in Ashover D. 4 Dec 1889. They had the following children.
John Henry B.1849 in Ashover his wife was Rose Rosendale
Daniel (Edwin) Housley B. 1851 in Ashover
Frank B. 1858
Sarah Jane B.1860
Mary B. 1853
Herbert B.1856
George Haslam Housley B.22 Aug 1845 in Milltown, Ashover D. 8 Dec 1919 in 126 Smithdown Road, Toxteth Park, Liverpool. his wife was Ann Slater B. 1845 in Nottinghamshire D. March 1938 Bakewell Derbyshire. they had the following children (see next post)

Derbyshire / Re: Young family Shirland
« on: Tuesday 18 September 12 14:31 BST (UK)  »
Hi Bill

For some reason this part did not get posted. Ernest Haslam Housley. i have the following on my Grandmothers side. George Haslam Howsley (a little different spelling in the same name). George b. 2 Aug 1845 d. 8 Dec 1919 in Liverpool. His wife was Grace Haslam B.1822 d. 1889. they where married 6 May 1844 in Ashover. i think they are related due to the double barrel surname. if you have any more info i can see if they are related.

hope this is of some use

kind regards


Derbyshire / Re: Young family Shirland
« on: Tuesday 18 September 12 14:22 BST (UK)  »
Hi Bill
Thanks for the info. was of use. Williams grave is not related to my tree. as for the rest of the info i have the following:-

James b. 26/6/1871 yes he was baptised 19 July 1871.
Harriet b. 1871 dont have her on my tree. do you have any mor info?
George,Thomas,Henry,Joseph,Mary,Emily all the same as what i have.
Fredk Wm. b.19/3/1885 d. 1890s. I dont have him on my tree. do you have any more info?
Frank, Herbert. ok
Alfred Wholey b. 1/6/1891 of died April-June 1910 Chesterfield.
Jessie I dont have on my tree. do you have any more info?
Fred Rowland Haslam i have him born March 1896 you have him as 1885. he died 1 July 1916 in Flanders france. if you look at this web site www.carlscam/com/marple/martin.htm you will find photos and info of a war memorial posted by some nice person (many thanks to that person). its at St Martins Church, Low Marlpe.

Derbyshire / samuel haslam
« on: Sunday 02 September 12 13:37 BST (UK)  »

I donít know if you can help me on this one

Trying to find the baptism and the parents of

Samuel / Samuell / Samuelis  Haslam:- born 1660 to 1675 maybe in the area of Ashover /                                    Wingerworth,

He married Elizabeth Gelthorpe on 18 Aug 1678 in Ashover

Elizabeth was born 1669 in Wingerworth

Samuels Death 15 Sept 1731 in Ashover

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