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Derbyshire / william haslam
« on: Sunday 02 September 12 12:39 BST (UK)  »
i am looking for any information on the birth / baptism of william haslam born William Haslam / Hazlam

Born: - 1722   Alfreton, Derbyshire ??????? (Cannot find any proof that this is the correct date of birth. This is what someone else has posted but they cannot prove this either.
Baptised: - .???????
Married: - Mary Baker: - she was born 1718 in Cubley and baptised 19 Sept 1718    in Cubley. They married on 22 June 1743 in Crich, Derbyshire.
Died: - ?????

Fatherís alleged name: - Benjamin Haslom (born 1700 in Alfreton Pentrich) I have found Benjaminís baptism 1 March 1700 in Pentrich. Benjaminís parents are Thomas Haslem and Mary Thompson. Mothers alleged name Grace Brown (born 1704 in Duffield) she did marry Benjamin Haslam on 7 April 1727 at St Werburghs Derby.

I cannot find any proof of birth for William with his parents being Benjamin and Grace. This is what other people have posted but they cannot prove this either. Has anyone have any information that may help?

My train of thought as it stands on the information that someone has come up with:-

When Benjamin was born in 1700 this would mean his son William was born when Benjamin was 22 years old and his wife Grace was 18 years old which seems ok. The thing that seems a bit strange or wrong is they got married in 1727 which makes William 5 years old when they got married. Also I cannot find any evidence of the relationship between Benjamin, Grace and William. I cannot find anything to support William being born in 1722 in the area of Alfreton. I do have 3 children of Benjamin they are as follows:- Elizabeth Baptised 9 June 1728 in Alfreton
   ,Mary Baptised 25 Oct 1729 in Alfreton,Thomas Baptised 7 Oct 1732 in Alfreton

Derbyshire / Re: Young family Shirland
« on: Friday 31 August 12 11:47 BST (UK)  »
Hello Bill

James Haslam (MP) family tree
Father- Thomas Haslam bapt 10 Jan 1796- died 21 Oct 1867  marreid Mary Wholey (1802-1870)on19 April 1823
Thomas Haslam Bapt 14 Oct 1770 Mackworth - married Anne Tomlinson (1771)on15 Oct 1792 St. Werburugh derby.
Thomas Haslam Bapt 5 July 1747 Alfreton - Married Abigail Cubley (1746) on 26 July 1763 Mackworth
William Haslam / Hazlam born 1722 Alfreton - married Mary Baker (1718 - 1781) on 22 June 1743 in Crich.
People claim that William's father is Benjamin Haslam born 1700 in Pentrich. Benjamin married Grace Brown (1704). I am looking for proof that William is the son of Benjamin and Grace. Do you know anything about this? or does anyone out there have any proof? What i know is that William would be 5 years old when Benjamin and Grace got married.

Hope this helps.

Derbyshire / Re: Young family Shirland
« on: Friday 31 August 12 11:26 BST (UK)  »
Hello Bill

i am related to James Haslam (MP) in this way

James Haslam (MP)  :- one of his son's George 1873 to 1935 he had a son named Edward 1906 to 1957 (he is my grandad) Edward Haslam married Dorris Haslam ( Haslam was her maiden name when she married).  James Haslam (MP) is my great,great grandad.

As for Jess Haslam - i known of 2 Jessie's
Jess No.1 - Jess Meakins she married Charlie Haslam (Charlie 1905-1943) (Charlie is the brother of Edward 1906-1957).
Jess No.2- Jessie Haslam married Frank Turner (not researched this for dates but is in the 1900- 1950,s)

i have now traced this side of my family back further as follows:-

James Haslam (MP)
His parents are:- Thomas Haslam (Baptised 10 Jan 1796) married Mary Wholey 19 April 1823   

Derbyshire / Re: Young family Shirland
« on: Friday 31 August 12 10:46 BST (UK)  »
Hi Steve
Sorry for delay in replying, all due to holiday and computer problems, thanks for the reply and information.
Which one of the Haslam family members are you connected to?
I live here in Doncaster and I remember a lady called Jess Haslam living near to us. She had a daughter whose name I have just† forgotten. I remember my Grandad saying she was related to us somewhere along the line.
I recently visited Saltergate, with a cousin of mine from California, because he was very interested in and wanted to see the statue of James Haslam.

Regards, Bill

Derbyshire / Re: Young family Shirland
« on: Thursday 16 August 12 13:51 BST (UK)  »
On my family tree i have Martha Haslam married to Joseph Young. Martha is the sister of James Haslam the MP for chesterfield in the early 1900's. Martha is one of ten brothers and sisters. Martha's parents are Thomas Haslam born between Nov 1795 to Jan 1796 Higham. Died 21 Oct 1867. he married Mary Wholey (1802 to 1870). they where married on 19 April 1823 at St Mary and all Saints Chesterfield. The famous spire church in chesterfield. :D

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