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Devon / James Albert Cranfield 1831 in Chard
« on: Saturday 08 December 12 20:56 GMT (UK)  »

i'm trying to find out who James Albert Cranfield born 1831 in Chard .He married in Oct - Dec 1853 in Chard. Vol 5C Page 919.

It is one of the 2 Sarah's listed on the page. Sarah Warman or Sarah Wootton. On all the cenus it gives only Sarah born in 1830's in Ilminster,

they had 4 children, Ellen, Charles James, Thomas and Emma.

Any info will help



Somerset / Re: Walter Thomas Cranfield - Ilminster
« on: Saturday 08 December 12 19:18 GMT (UK)  »

Walter was married to Harriet Haywood in Q3 1847 in Chard. ( Harriet was born about 1828 in Ilminster )

 He died Q2 1884 in Chard,  and had 5 Daughters

Ellen born 1850
Eliza born 1855 - Eliza married Joseph Adams (he was born 1852)
Charlotte born 1858
Emma born 1860
Annie born 1866

I believe his father was Thomas Cranfield born 1800 in Bristol and he married Elizabeth Hendy
I also believe that Walter also had 2 brothers James Albert Cranfield born 1831, Alfred William Cranfield born 1827. I am looking into this so if anyone Else has any info would be appreciated.

Hope this helps


Derbyshire Lookup Requests / Re: 1841 census george haslam born 1775 & 1814
« on: Sunday 02 December 12 22:34 GMT (UK)  »
i have his date of death i have as 5 Dec 1877.

 His will was a double probate passed on 23 may and 8th Aug 1878 with an estate of under 100. He was a framework knitter.

Executors of the will where Robert Dawes (Framework knitter) Of Leas Mills Holloway near Cromford and Philip Kneebone (framework knitter) of Crich.

on 1871 Census his job was some sort of knitter.

i have also had problems with that site.


Derbyshire Lookup Requests / Re: 1841 census george haslam born 1775 & 1814
« on: Thursday 29 November 12 09:39 GMT (UK)  »

yes i think that Harroit born 1.3.1817 is the daughter of George Haslam and Mary Barnes as the census record do tie in.

I have also found what maybe other an brother and 2 sisters of Hannah born 1817and George born 1814.

Eliza born 1821 Crich died 12 May 1850 (unmarried)
Ferdinand 1823 Crich Bapt 5 Jan 1823  - Married Hannah Wilson Born 1827. married 22 Oct 1845
Jane 1826 Crich.

Have some LDS microfilm numbers to go with these people that needs investigating.

KInd regards

Steve  :)

Derbyshire Lookup Requests / Re: 1841 census george haslam born 1775 & 1814
« on: Monday 26 November 12 09:24 GMT (UK)  »

many thanks  :)


Derbyshire Lookup Requests / 1841 census george haslam born 1775 & 1814
« on: Sunday 25 November 12 11:09 GMT (UK)  »

I am looking for the census record for 1841 for George Haslam born about 1775 in Crich. I have found out so far that its as follows
PRO H0107  civil parish Crich, Sub district Ripley, Reg District Belper.
I am also trying to find what maybe his son George Haslam born 1814 and baptised 1st Jan 1815 in Crich. on the 1841 census. I suspect they are both on the same census.
I cannot find it on Ancestry.

Also has anyone got a copy of George Haslam born 1815 wedding cert. to Ann Maycock born 1827 on 22 Oct 1848 in Duffield/ Belper.


Family History Beginners Board / Haslam in Spondon
« on: Monday 19 November 12 22:14 GMT (UK)  »
Hi to everybody.
Doing my family tree and im trying to trace the birth or fathers birth for the following people

from 1961 census George Haslam born 1853 Codnor Derbyshire, Thomas 1854 Condor, Elizabeth 1856 Codnor. District of Shardlow all inmates at Shardlow Union House. i have a copy of George wedding cert. His fathers name is George and has him as deceased against his name. George married Mary Laura Hinds on 27 Dec 1875 at St. Marys Nottingham. I am trying to track down his birth details. I know he is not the following George on this birth cert. District Mansfield, Jan-March 1853,Vol 7B, Page 50 as the father of this George is Abraham of Hucknell. If anyone has got George Haslam's that they know are not the one im after still please get in touch as i have a large list of George Haslam's to get through so it can help narrow my search, or any info oh his brother or sister. Thanks.

Armed Forces / Re: Fred Haslam REME
« on: Tuesday 13 November 12 12:19 GMT (UK)  »

i have found freds death. he was born 17th April 1909 and died 1981.

comes under District of Claro reg jan-march 1981 vol 2 page 2147. Claro became the main district for Ripon in 1974 along with other towns.

i'm still looking for his wife



Armed Forces / Re: Fred Haslam REME
« on: Monday 12 November 12 23:01 GMT (UK)  »

yes Fred is the son of Joseph and Elizabeth.

Fred is my grandads brother. We think he married someone called Nellie ???? he had 2 sons and 1 daughter. He left the army and lived in yorkshire between 1960 to 2000. no idea of his date of death or place. his kids are Adrian, Ian and Margaret. One of them was a doctor we think in Leeds.

I know Ernest was killed on HMS Louvain in WW1. have loads of info on him. Think you are right about the father of Ernest and Elizabeth Mabel.

Only person in my grandads brothers and sister with bits missing is Fred.

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