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Northumberland Lookup Requests / Re: Evening Chronicle Death Notices
« on: Thursday 11 December 08 02:13 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Andrea
     Here they are

Saturday 3 January 1891
Telford_ at Nevils Cross, January 2nd, aged 78, Robert Telford, formerly of Urpeth Paper Mill. Intermenton Monday January 5th. To lift at 2 oclock. Friends pleases accept this the only intimation.

Tuesday 13 March 1900
Armstrong_ Gateshead, 26 Prospect Street, on March 12th, aged 79, George beloved husband of Jane Armstrong late of Bewick Main. Interment at Gateshead Cemetery on Wednesday at 3.30 p.m.. Friends please accept this the only intimation.

Wednesday 24 October 1900
Telford_ Nevils Cross, October 22nd in her 82nd year, Margaret widow of the late Robert Telford. Interment Thursday October 25th at St Margarets Durham, cortege to leave residence at 2 oclock. All friends kindly invited.

Friday 31 May 1901
Archer_ Gateshead, 2 Edith Street, on 30th May, Margaret beloved wife of Joseph Archer, engineman, N.E.R Shops Gateshead. To be interred on Saturday June 1 st. All friends kindly invited.


Northumberland Lookup Requests / Re: Evening Chronicle Death Notice Lookup
« on: Tuesday 25 November 08 20:06 GMT (UK)  »
Hello C
        Your notices

Monday 26 June 1939
Templeton_ Newbiggin-by-Sea, 15 Holly Avenue, 24th inst., aged 37 years, Mildred Eleanor(nee Craig) dearly beloved wife of William Templeton. Interment at Newbiggin Churchyard Wednesday, leaving residence 3 p.m. All friends kindly invited.

Monday 13th May 1940
Templeton_ Newbiggin by the Sea, 7 Church View, 12 inst., aged 73 years,William , the beloved husband of Elizabeth Grace Jane Templeton. Interment at Newbiggin Churchyard Wednesday, cortege leaving residence at 3 p.m. All friends kindly invited.

Saturday 17 February 1945
Templeton_ Ashington 288 Maple St(daughters res.) 15th,aged 69, Elizabeth, wife late William(7 Church View, Newbiggin). Interm't Newbiggin Mon 3

Wednesday 4 June 1980
Templeton_ Newbiggin, 18 Holly Avenue, on June 3, aged 85 years, William dearly loved husband of the late Mildred Templeton(nee Craig). Cremation at Cowpen Crematorium on Friday June 6 at 2.30 p.m. Private from residence friends please meet at crematorium.


Northumberland / Re: Sorry Grant we're keeping you busy :-)
« on: Tuesday 25 November 08 19:42 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Sylvia
            Always pleased to help.

Monday 28 February 1898
Sharp_ Felling, 42 Elliott Street, 26th inst., aged 71 years, Abraham, dearly beloved husband of Rebecca Sharp. Interment at Heworth on Wednesday at 3. Friends please accept this the only intimation.

Monday 22 May 1905
Sharp_ Felling, 39 Elliott Street, 19th inst, at the residence of her daughter Mrs Cook, Rebecca widow of the late Abraham Sharp. To be interred at Heworth on Tuesday 3.30. All friends kindly invited.


Northumberland Lookup Requests / Re: Evening Chronicle Death Look ups
« on: Thursday 20 November 08 19:28 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Maggiemae
     I could not find Mary Walworth but here are the rest

Monday 14 December 1891
Walworth_ Newcastle, 38 Chester Street, 12th inst., aged 56, William W Walworth, librarian of the Newcastle Chronicle. Interment on Tuesday at Jesmond Old Cemetery. Cortege will leave residence at 2pm Friends will please accept this the only intimation.

Friday 28 October 1898
Carr_ 5 Framlington Place, on Thursday 27th inst., in her 87th year, Ann Carr widow of the late John Carr of Ebchester Hall Co Durham. Interment Ebchester Saturday 29th inst., at 3.15 p.m.

Monday 2 April 1906
Cook_ Gateshead, 7 Woodbine Place, on the 30th March in his 51st year Henry fourth son of the late William Cook. Interment at Jesmond Old Cemetery on Tuesday April 3rd at 3p.m. cortege to leave residence at 2p.m. Friends please accept this the only intimation.


Hi Dorothy
        Always pleased to help

Tuesday 22 May 1906
Harrison_ Blue Bell, Stocksfield on Tyne, on the 20th inst.,(at the residence of her son Matthew Harrison) aged 81, Catherine, widow of Thomas Harrison, late of Eltringham Farm. To be interred at Hall Yards on Wednesday 23rd at 3.30

Friday 2 August 1935
Scott_ Crawcrook, Irvine House, on the 29 July(suddenly), aged 60 years, William, dearly loved husband of Catherine Elizabeth Scott. Interment at Ryton Cemetery on Saturday, cortege leaving residence at 3.30. All friends and neighbours kindly invited.

Wednesday 27 January 1943
Scott_ Crawcrook, Irvine House, 25th, 58 years, Catherine Elizabeth wife of late William. Interment Ryton Thursday. Service Church Holy Spirit 2.30. Private


Northumberland Lookup Requests / Re: Chronicle death notices
« on: Thursday 23 October 08 01:07 BST (UK)  »
Hi Steve
          Your notices

Friday 27 November 1903
Gray_ East Cramlington, 25th inst., aged 82, James Gray, at residence of his son-in-law, R Wilson. Interment Cramlington Sunday. Cortege leaves residence 2 p.m. forP.M. Chapel. Friends kindly invited.

Tuesday 16 April 1907
Pattison_ 13 Greaves Row, Dudley, aged 38 years, Joseph dearly beloved husband of Margaret Pattison. Interment on Wednesday at Cramlington at 3.30. All friends kindly invited.

Tuesday 14 July 1908
Clough_ 32 Double Junction Row, East Cramlington, 13th inst., aged 81 years, Matthew beloved husband of the late Ruth Clough, late of Newsham. Interment at Earsdon on Wednesday at 3 p.m. Friends please accept this intimation.

Thursday 29 July 1909
Roseby-Mitchell_ 37 Foremans Row, Seaton Deleval, 27th inst., aged 53, Ann widow of the late David Mitchell and daughter of the late Joseph and Elizabeth Roseby. Interment at Seghill on Saturday, cortege to leave at 3 o'clock. All friends kindly accept this intimation.


Northumberland Lookup Requests / Re: Evening Chronicle Obituaries
« on: Tuesday 21 October 08 21:47 BST (UK)  »
Hi Judith
         Isaac Burrell, Richard Lindsley and Richardson Peele do not seem to be there, the others are below

Tuesday 16th August 1967
Burrell_ Heaton, 313 Heaton Road, August 14th(suddenly), aged 70 years, Richard Whinfield, beloved husband of Annie and dear father of Jim and Muriel. Service West Road Crematorium, Wednesday, leaving residence 1 p.m. Friends please meet crematorium 1.35 p.m.

Thursday 2 December 1909
Burrell_ Ship Inn, Blackhall Mill on December 1st, aged 34 years, William Holmes Burrell, Third son of the late ex-Superintendent Burrell of Durham County. To be interred at Christ Church, Hamsterley on December 3rd; leave residence 2.30 p.m.

Thursday 31 August 1916
Burrell_ killed in action, August 13th 1916, aged 20 years, Cyclist Robert Peele dearly beloved son of James and the late Ada Burrell of 141 Heaton Park Road. In a land of dangers our dear one lies. Not one of us near him to bid him goodbye. But angels of heaven will guard his soul. Till we meet him again at the call of the roll. Amidst the shot and shell he lies in his grave. For country's sake his life he gave. He stood his trials well. No matter how we think of him,no matter how we call. There's nothing left to answer but his photo on the wall. Ever remembered by his loving father, sisters and brother, and all who knew him.


Northumberland Lookup Requests / Re: Evening Chronicle Death Look Up please
« on: Monday 13 October 08 19:17 BST (UK)  »
Hi Smothie
           Your notices

Saturday 14 September 1889
Hicks_ Byker, 40 Union Road, on the 11th, James the beloved son of Isaac and Isabella Hicks, aged
7 months 10 days.

Friday 30 August 1895
Hicks_ Newcastle, 59 Wharncliffe Street, 29th inst., Elizabeth, the dearly beloved wife of Robert Hicks. To be interred at Elswick Cemetery on Sunday; lift at 2.30. Friends please accept this intimation.

Tuesday 7 July 1891
Hicks_ Newcastle, 5 Robinson Street, Byker Hill, 6th inst., aged 36, Elizabeth Jane, beloved wife of William Hicks. To be interred Wednesday 8th inst. at Heaton Cemetery. All Friends please accept this intimation.

Thursday 25 July 1901
Hicks_ Jarrow, 52 Clyde Street, 24th inst., aged 38 years, Elizabeth, dearly beloved wife of James Hicks. Interment Saturday 3.15. Friends please accept this intimation.

Thursday 29 August 1901
Hicks_ Walker, 23 Lamb Street, 27th inst., aged 6 months, James Thomas beloved son of George and Mary Ellen Hicks. Interment on Saturday at Walker; lift at 3 o'clock. Friends kindly invited.

Saturday 7th November 1903
Conway_ Walker, 8 Bill Point, 6th inst., aged 41 years, Agnes third daughter of the late Francis and Mary Conway. Interment on Sunday; cortege to leave at 2.45. All friends kindly invited. R.I.P.

                                                Good Luck

Hi Moni
       Here it is

Friday 27 September 1901
Lovegreen_ Durham, Sidegate, 25th inst., aged 84, Margaret, widow of the late Robert Lovegreen. Interment at St Margaret's, 26th inst., at 5.30p.m.;leave residence at 5 o'clock.


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