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The Common Room / Re: Leaving money to a bank
« on: Monday 15 December 14 17:49 GMT (UK)  »
If you post the exact wording, I shall try and interpret it for you (I have some experience in this area). 

Of if you post name and date and place of  I'll have a look myself.  However, I think aghadowey is on the money......

The Lighter Side / Re: Four years of wasted research Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!
« on: Sunday 14 December 14 12:27 GMT (UK)  »
A few weeks ago I wasted a whole week trying to track down Mr BM's grandad and eventually discovered I was following the wrong man.  I was gutted.

If I'd be at it for four years I'd be beside myself.  :-\

Although he is not my only "mistake".  I doubt there are many people out there who havent done this.

Mind you, it would help significantly if my ancestors didnt fib quite so much......... :P

The Common Room / The Mysterious Joseph Bishop
« on: Saturday 13 December 14 13:24 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find out more about my ggggg grandfather, Joseph Bishop.  Unfortunately I know next to nothing about him and any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Whilst I know nothing about Joseph, I know a little bit more about his wife and kids.
Mary De Rippe was born in 1788 in Ketton in Rutland – daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth.  Elizabeth died and Abraham remarried to Catherine Sneath in 1790 and died in 1792.  He had other children – relevant are Amelia De Rippe and Elizabeth De Rippe.

Next thing I see of Mary is when she marries in 1805 in Dublin to Joseph Bishop.  She then goes on to have a number of children – all born in Carlow:-
Elizabeth Bishop – b 1806 – she marries in 1832 to Henry Burman of Ketton
Catherine Bishop – b 1811 – she marries in 1828 to Marshall George Robbins of Wisbech (although at some point, she just disappears)
Amelia Bishop – b 1812 – she marries in 1843 to John Williamson and then in 1848 to John Reeve
Joseph Bishop – b 1813 – he marries in 1840 to Betsy Hurry of Thorney – when Betsy dies, he ostensibly marries her sister Alice but I have never found a marriage record

Mary Ann Goodall b 1816 – she marries Thomas William Baxter Aveling in 1839 in Wisbech
Thus I am fairly certain that between 1813 and 1816 Joseph died (or knowing my luck he just ran off).  Mary then marries (again I am not sure) Thomas Goodall who was born in Wexford.

By 1824, the family have left Ireland and Thomas is at the Vine Inn at Wisbech – later he takes over the White Lion.  Mary dies in 1839 and Thomas remarries. Joseph Junior takes over the White Lion.

I have only seen the marriage record for Joseph Bishop Junior (Amelia Bishops will be requested shortly).  He gives his father’s name as Joseph Bishop innkeeper.  I don’t know whether Joseph Senior was an innkeeper or whether he has “imported” the occupation of his stepfather.
When Catherine marries in 1828 she is described as “third daughter of Mr Goodall of the Vine inn”.  (1, I don’t think he was her father and 2 this must mean I am missing a daughter!)

This is where the De Rippe sisters come in.  Elizabeth Burman goes to live with her Aunt Amelia (still at Ketton).  Also when Elizabeth dies in 1850 (also still at Ketton), she leaves her land and property at Walsoken (near Wisbech) to her nieces and nephews (ie the children of Joseph Bishop Senior and Mary De Rippe).  Thus clearly the De Rippes had some links with Wisbech and clearly the family maintained links with each other.

I am just at a complete loss with Joseph Bishop Snr though.  I have no idea where he was born, when he died, what he did or why they were in Ireland.   I’ve gone as far as I can with what Irish records I can get; I’ve exhausted military records.  Please does anyone have any ideas where I can go next?  Otherwise my forehead is going to be flat with all the banging I am doing.

The Common Room / Re: Workhouse and Money!
« on: Thursday 11 December 14 14:12 GMT (UK)  »
I dont have the original death cert - this is what I have been able to deduce from online records.  I will order the death cert, but after Christmas!

Sally, no, it was an exact amount £204 1s.  She didnt leave a Will (it was a Grant of Letters of Administration).  I think it wasnt until much later that HMRCS allowed one to put "Less than" - followed by various bands if the estate was excepted.

The Common Room / Re: Workhouse and Money!
« on: Monday 08 December 14 10:39 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks both - I hadnt thought of that!  That could well be it.  A trip to Lincoln in the NY is on the cards so I hope to finally bottom it out there.

The Common Room / Workhouse and Money!
« on: Monday 08 December 14 09:45 GMT (UK)  »
This is a bit odd.  My gg grannie was married in 1900 (well actually she was married loads of times, but that's probably irrelevant for this!) in Boston, Lincs.  Both are seen on the 1901 and 1911 Census - he is a coke dealer in the latter.

He dies in JFM qtr of 1917.  She dies on 22 March 1917 (just after him since she was described as a Widow), aged 70 but she dies in the Workhouse.

Yesterday I discovered she had left the sum of £200 (her son applied for the Grant of Letters of Administration).  So why would she be in the workhouse if she had 200 quid knocking around - which I imagine was not a small amount of money then - certainly enough to rent a house?  I suppose it is possible she was staff, but can anyone suggest why she might have been there?

The Common Room / Re: Anomaly on 1881 Census
« on: Tuesday 02 December 14 12:04 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks both!

Liz - I know they did have one heck of a tiff at some point - he found a letter from a soldier professing his undying love and offering to keep her.  Can you imagine THAT conversation?  Eventually hubby divorced her in 1899 for her serial adultery (actually it was bigamy!!)

Stan - name of family is Pretty.  Head of House is Robert Pretty born 1836 in Spalding, Lincs.  Address in 1881 is Watchbell Street, Rye.  I'd post it here but ancestry and my computer arent communicating all that efficiently today.

The Common Room / Anomaly on 1881 Census
« on: Tuesday 02 December 14 11:25 GMT (UK)  »
My ancestors were married in 1870.  By 1881, they had 3 children.  Oddly though on the 1881 Census the father is stated to be Unmarried.  It then goes on to list the three children and then a boarder.  Right at the bottom is the wife!

Normally I would expect to see the wife listed directly under the husband, then the kids, then others.  I certainly wouldnt expect the husband to be stated as unmarried.

There is some scandal in this family, since the wife upped and left in about 1892.  (Although not before a fourth child was born).

Do I interpret this as the cracks beginning to show then or is this just an enumerator mistake?

The Common Room / Re: Missing person on 1861 Census
« on: Saturday 29 November 14 13:03 GMT (UK)  »
Wow, thanks Lyn.  That IS Jane.

Still wonder where Joyce was though!

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