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Armed Forces / Re: Victoria Cross given to soldiers in the Indian Army
« on: Sunday 18 September 05 04:14 BST (UK)  »
  Hi Jorose, 
have spent all day it feels like trying to follow up on the info you gave me  :o.  Having trouble getting into   can't even find list of who receieved medals
  Did get a print out os DCM for the WWI  but can't find anything re medals on the Boer War.  Did find a lot of interesting reading so that is why it is taking so long.   
Thanks for your help.  Iris   New Zealand  :D

Armed Forces / Victoria Cross given to soldiers in the Indian Army
« on: Friday 16 September 05 10:26 BST (UK)  »
 I am trying to find out about the Victoria Cross it was given to, for being the first over the Great Wall of China in the Boxer Rising .  The Soldiers name was  Peter Dunbar or his brother, whom I don't know his first name  They later left the army  and brought land ibn Toowoomba in Australia and the  lower Lake Heron Estate in New Zealand.

Their sister name was Isabella Dunbar who married George Helem born in Borderlands Scotland , they sailed to New Zealand  and there first child was born at sea , her name was Jessie Isabel  Helm , she is my great grandmother  so that make Isabella my great great grandmother   thanks   Iris

Channel Islands Resources & Offers / Re: CENSUS LOOKUP OFFER
« on: Wednesday 14 September 05 08:18 BST (UK)  »
Hi Scastty :D     Can you help me out,  John Guilbert (Name spelt Gilbert on Marriage certificate but childern registered as Guilbert)  He  was born in Guernsey Island Arrived in New Zealand in 1862 where he married Mary Madden from Ireland.  She was a young catholic servant girl who he got pregnant .  He was I believe disinherited from the family land.  Mary and John had 2 daughters Louise and Harriet and 3 sons William Alfred and Jack all born I think in New Zealand.
He had a sister Harriet who married a Capt Phillip Manual  who went to Australia.  Not sure of the date. if  you could be of some help I thankyou  ;)  Iris   

New Zealand Completed Requests / Guilbert Channel Islands.Madden Irish
« on: Monday 05 September 05 04:04 BST (UK)  »
 ;D ???      Alfred Guilbert  Married Irish worker    Mary Madden.     Immigrated to New Zealand.
 Alfred sister  = Harriet Guilbert Married a Capt. Phillip Manual and I believe moved to Australia.

Can anyone be of any help here.   Thanks cheers Iris  ???

Family History Beginners Board / Re: First names
« on: Monday 05 September 05 03:26 BST (UK)  »
Can any one tell me if the girls name Fanny is short for anything please.
As i have found this name in my tree.
Thank you.
Could it be

francis   Fran

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