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I'm sure you're right - I had just haven't come across such a radical change in an adult's writing before. Although, interestingly, the first loop of the earlier capital A is very like the final form of the later one. Perhaps that is how the two forms arose.


When Roger Andrews died in 1758 his will mentions his children John, Sarah Andrews and Elizabeth Hixon; and his grandson Roger Andrews.

When his daughter Sarah died in 1760 her brother John, an innkeeper in Durrington, Wilts, dealt with her assets. His signature is attached.

John Andrews married Thomasine in 1737; the signature on his marriage licence is attached. I know this is the same John as John and Thomasine had children in Collingbourne Ducis until 1748; John bought an inn in Durrington (the Nag's Head) in 1749; and he and Thomasine had at least two children in Durrington (Roger, 1755; Susannah 1759) before Thomasine and two daughters died of smallpox in 1759/60.

Although the two signatures have similarities, the A's are completely different. Is this normal/possible?

I posed a very similar question about his grandson here recently:


No! I'm fairly sure his wife, Sarah, was the Mrs Sarah Andrews buried in Froxfield in 1800; but I haven't found him yet.

The families were fairly rich and most left wills, but sadly not John or his father.


For what it is worth - the marriage entry for John and Sarah - 1765 - has original signatures for groom, bride plus witnesses and the Curate.
Yes, thanks, I realised that.

John Andrews who married Hannah White in 1797 is not the same John Andrews.  He is a bachelor!  It might be interesting to see if the Marriage Bond and/or Allegation have survived, which may give a clue as to age and occupation for John.

Added:  He might very well be the same John Andrews who witnessed Sarah's marriage to James Pike in 1801.

Sorry, I obviously didn't explain myself very well. I don't think the John who married in 1765 is the same as the one who married in 1797 - they are father/son. I just think their signatures are similar. My question is whether the John in 1797 is the same as the one in 1801. The difference in their signatures suggests not but, if the witness to Sarah's marriage isn't her father or brother (as neither the 1765 nor 1797 signature looks the same), I don't know who it is - she didn't have any uncles or cousins called John.


Thank you and a good thought - and his writing is similar to the vicar's - but I think it is different (see the 'd').

This post is about siblings John and Sarah Andrews. In 1797 Sarah's marriage was witnessed by a John Andrews witnessed the marriage of John (John III). Four years later a John Andrews witnessed her marriage (John IV). I have found no possible John except her brother, but the capital 'A' and small 'd' are very different.

I have also attached John and Sarah's father's signature in 1765 (John II), which looks quite like that of his son in 1797; and their likely grandfather's signature in 1760 (John I) which looks quite like the 1801 signature!

Any thoughts?


Wiltshire / Re: Is this the right Sarah Andrews?
« on: Thursday 14 January 21 18:40 GMT (UK)  »
...all of which works very well except that there is a burial for a Sarah d John and Sarah in 1778. It seems unlikely that this is another couple and I can't find another baptism for Sarah.

Whoops; I think I have made a silly mistake.
Re-reading the burial entry it says that Sarah is the daughter of John and Mary.
Apologies for wasting everyone's time.


Wiltshire / Re: Is this the right Sarah Andrews?
« on: Thursday 14 January 21 18:28 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you for taking the time to look at this.

I have looked at the tree on FS and it is the same Sarah as mine, so I assume the researcher doesn't know about the burial entry or has reason to think it wrong. I will contact her.

I have found a small piece of evidence suggesting that it may not be our Sarah who was buried: almost definitely the Sarah whose burial entry it might be had two younger siblings (mentioned above), one of whom was Lovelace Andrews (b1782); and our Sarah had a sister Elizabeth who also named a son Lovelace in 1807. That would be quite a co-incidence if they weren't from the same family.


Wiltshire / Is this the right Sarah Andrews?
« on: Wednesday 13 January 21 17:12 GMT (UK)  »
In the 1851 census Sarah Pike's entry states that she was born in about 1775/6 in Axford, Wiltshire. Axford is part of Ramsbury but is actually closer to Mildenhall. As Sarah Andrews she married James Pike in 1801.

Four marriage entries where everyone is a witness to each others weddings suggest strongly that Sarah had at least two siblings: Elizabeth (m 1799) and John (m 1797).

There is a strong candidate for her and her siblings' baptisms in these entries:

Children of John and Sarah Andrews (possibly married 1765 Collingbourne Kingston):

Kitty (privately baptised 1765/admitted to the congregation 1767) Mildenhall
John 1768 Mildenhall (John, father, described as of Ramsbury; Sarah as of Axford)
Thomas 1770 Ramsbury
Elizabeth 1773-73 Ramsbury
Robert 1774-75 Ramsbury
Elizabeth 1775 Ramsbury
Sarah 1777 Ramsbury
(there are two later baptisms in Froxfield that may also be siblings)

...all of which works very well except that there is a burial for a Sarah d John and Sarah in 1778. It seems unlikely that this is another couple and I can't find another baptism for Sarah.

Any thoughts on whether this is the right family?


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