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On the surface, yes - we seem to have a good lead for Stephen (the som). I've not had time/chance to check on Ancestry yet but I'm wondering what I need to search for to surface the census page/record - it must be in there somewhere albeit logged under a variant of the Callear surname.

Morning and yes, I have seen that death record. I am not overly familiar with the Doncaster/Rotherham area so I had put it to oneside while trying to find the missing 1901 record for Stephen. If he's Treeton then I'd have expected the death to be record at Rotheram, while Swinton seems closer to Doncaster.

Yes - it is strange. Both Stephens are AWOL in 1901. Maybe they went abroad on holiday - oh,wait its 1901 and they're coal miners!

I'm stilling filling out their branch so I'm hoping they'll pop up with a relative. 🤞

The age doesn't tie in with the other information that I have for Stephen (the father).

His age is he 71 then (so he would be shown as 61 in 1901).

He is recorded as being widowed in the 1911 census but I have yet to confirm when his wife Frances "Fanny" died. The latest fact that I have is the 1883 birth of your youngest.

Thanks but no luck with that suggestion.

I've tried all sorts of variants but sadly to no avail. I've even tried searching (on Ancestry) without his first name.

The problem is compounded by the fact that he was not married or a parent at that time so no options to search that way.

I am still filling out their branch so I remain hopefully that one of the other family members will lead me to them.

Those are the right Stephen's.

The father seems to go by Gallear (on most occassions) while the son (and his descendants) seems to go by Callear  ???


Sorry - my Ancestry search skills are just not returning a 1901 census match for:

Stephen Callear
b. Oct 1 1880 (recorded at Rotherham)

In 1891, he is living with his parents @ 92, Wood Lane, Treeton, Yorkshire. Important: Name appears as "Gallear" [The C and G seem to constantly change in this branch]

1901: Coincidentally(?), I have not found his father Stephen G/Callear (b. 1840 - Lawley, SHROP)

In 1911, he is married [1908] and living @ 51, Brookfield Avenue, Swinton, Yorkshire. Occupation: Coal Miner

Can anyone find one or both Stephen's?  ???

heatherjulie - well done!! I'd been looking at earlier OS maps. In retrospect, that was probably a mistake as they'd have been in circulation in 1901 but drawn before. Jemmie lane must have been added after the OS map was drawn.

Thanks all - much appreciated!


I've found the location of some family members in the 1901 census for Oldham but cannot read the street name. I've tried looking at Ordnance Survey maps for the time and can find some of the streets (Featherstall Road North, etc) but not West Street and the all important one that I'm struggling with [looks like Jemme Lane]

Can anyone decipher the writing or offer their local knowledge.

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