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Staffordshire Lookup Requests / Callear/Callier/Gallear/Gallier - are you related?
« on: Monday 21 January 13 17:48 GMT (UK)  »
I am a Callear (based in Staffordshire) and I've currently  traced my family tree back to the early 1800s.

I am finding that the surname appears to change as I look to trace my ancestory back further and/or as I look to explore some of their other decendents (aka not my direct branch).

Do you recognise Callear in your tree (Staffordshire/Shropshire area) or maybe one of the many variants? Have you too made this connection?


Where are you searching? I'm a newbie and trying to find a few trusted sources of information.

I have been using as I can get scanned copies of the census records and BMD records.

(and thank you!)

Hi Rambler,

What if any is your connection to the Gallear/Callear family?

I've hit a stumbling block with Robert and Eliza too.

1861 census (High Street Sedgley)
Robert Callear ~20
Eliza Callear ~21

1871 census
Robert Gallier ~30
Eliza Gallier ~31
Elizabeth ~ 11

Q. If these two families are connected and Elizabeth is 11 - then where was she in 1861?  I can only find the registration of a birth of an Elizabeth Gallear in 1860 (Dudley).

I'm still struggling to locate James (wife Ann or kids Thomas and Mary Ann) in the 1881 census and beyond!!  ???

Just how liberal do I need to be with the surname?  ::)

There is a strong chance the kids will have left home: Thomas (~22) and Mary Ann (~21).

I am drawing a blank search with the parents name and several spellings on the surname.

For reference, I am using - I do not know how good the 'include variants' search option is - can any comment?

Wow - thanks for that - there is plenty to keep me busy!

I have also managed to locate Solomon on the 1821 census for Dawley Magna. Surname is Callier and he is living with his parents Robert and Mary.

Hi Maureen,

Firstly thanks for you're reply.

I've managed to stay true to my surname as far back as Solomon and his children - the surname differs so much at this point.

I have a copy of some microfiches that contain records of christenings and marriages. The entries for Solomon's marriage and the christenings of his three boys all show different surnames:


For the first time (remember I'm a newbie) I have to have a keep of faith and not follow hard facts. How confident can I be if surnames do not match or change - maybe that was the norm 200 years ago(?)

I had hoped that by tracing either James or Robert forwards, I could determine whether their descendants are Callears or something different. Like I originally posted, they (along with families) seem to fade away to nothinhg :o(

Another hope was that they had also moved to the Stoke area (like my branch of the tree). There are more Callears currently living around stick whom I can not connect to my branch.

This geneology thing is so addictive!!

I've tried searching with a few of the regular variants but I can't find anything that fits.

Solomon's surname seems to appear as various spellings (but always with a 'C').

I've hit a slight bottleneck in the I can not trace Solomon backwards (he was born circa 1813 in Sedgley and married an Elizabeth - possibly onions).

I figured if I can not go backwards then I'd explorer a couple of his other children - hence Robert and James. That soon hit a similar bottleneck.

Newbie seeks help  ???

According to the 1841 census,  James (b. 1835) and Robert (b. 1841) are sons of my great-great-great-great-grandfather Solomon Callear.

1841 - Dawley Green, Dawley, Magna
CALLIER, Solomon - M - 25 - 1816 - Shropshire
CALLIER, Elizth - F - 25 - 1816 - Shropshire
CALLIER, James **- M - 5- 1836 - Shropshire
CALLIER, Samuel - M - 3 - 1838 - Shropshire  **My branch**
CALLIER, Robert **- M0 (9 months) - 1841 - Shropshire

I can find Robert in the 1861 census living at High Street Sedgley - but nothing more (a wife but no kids). Did he simply disappear?

I can find James in the 1861 and 1871 census living at Sedgley - albeit with different wives (Martha then Ann)!?! But again nothing more - not even his kids.

Does anyone recognise either name? Looking for any help to sketch out the descendents of these to ancestors.

Thanks in advance (and fingers-crossed!)


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