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Dublin / 18259 R D F James Byrne
« on: Tuesday 30 April 19 07:27 BST (UK)  »
Hi all
        according to Irish soldier's wills the above James Byrne died in action Ist of May 1916 in Dublin,leaving his affects to his aunt Mrs Sarah Conlon of 2 Harmony Row off Wentworth Place (her address at time of will 1st Nov 1915 )

looking him up via google there seems little information about him plus the fact that there does not appear to be a death cert for him.

I did see a photo of his headstone yesterday inscribed at the base ''not a day goes by that i dont think of you Jim  aunt Sarah '' or words to that effect,but unfortunately i cant find it again.

C W G C gives his burial as Grangegorman,-james/

I have no connection to the lad but think it would be nice to give him a family if any one can find anything on him.



Dublin / Kingdom unusual name in Ireland
« on: Thursday 28 March 19 13:37 GMT (UK)  »
Helping a friend out and got back as far as this couple
Patrick Nolan and Susanna Kingdom

Patrick may originally have come from Rathfarnham/Sandyford/Harold Grange area
his first known child Peter John baptised 1863

the couple were in the Inchicore area 1860s where Patrick was a Carpenter/Wagon Maker

by 1884 Margaret Nolan got married from the Grange and said her parents were decd

have'nt found any likely death's  nor idea where they may have married.

Any one anything to add

any ideas appreciated


Dublin / Denis Duggan, Fenian
« on: Wednesday 06 March 19 20:00 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all
       Denis Duggan born Dublin 1840s was a Coachbuilder he never married,

Denis was involved in the rescue of James Stephen's the Fenian Chief from Richmond Bridwell in 1865 and also the Rescue of the 6 Fenian soldier prisoner's from Fremantle ,Australia 1876.
He was arrested Feb 1866 in Pilsworth's public house James Street along with John Devoy and several others
mugshot 1866

Conflicting reports say he was released later in 1866 and went to America and came back for Rising of 1867 in which he did indeed take part, others say he stayed in Dublin till March 1867 and then went to America,he did go to America but returned some time later as he was ill and died in 21 Upr Dominick St in Sep 1884 informant was his sister Eliz Duggan same address

I then found his mother  Margaret died Oct 1884 widow of a Smith with daughter Eliz as informant

Then i found a marriage 1884 for Joseph Duggan of Dominick St son of Denis Duggan and Margaret Ahearne to Margaret Darcey with Elizabeth Duggan as witness

The civil cert does not give fathers occupation just that he is dead

i then found a possible death 1873 for a Denis Duggan age 64 which is not yet viewable however playing around with the address box on Glasnevin index seems to indicate an address of 21 Upper Dominick St

any help in proving his parentage greatly appreciated as i would like to document it for history

Thanks in anticipation

United States of America / Ephraim Breslin and Elizabeth Delaney
« on: Saturday 23 February 19 19:45 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All
         i have this topic posted on the Dublin board but dont seem to be getting any replies thought i would try United States

thank you if you have anything to add


Dublin / Ephraim Breslin and Elizabeth Delaney
« on: Thursday 21 February 19 12:38 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All
        Ephraim and Elizabeth/Delaney Breslin appear to have originally come from Drogheda.Meath circa 1833, around the 1840s/1850s baptism's of their children appear in Rathfarnham/Rathmines area

Their first known son John J was born circa 1833 in Drogheda and was a hospital prison warder in Dublin's Richmond Prison 1865 to about 1866 till he went to America and died there 1887

others were Ephraim jnr Thomas,Michael,Niall and Patrick the youngest boy born 1851

John J played a big part in the escape of James Stephen's the Fenian Chief from the prison in 1865 he later 1875 sailed to Freemantle ,Australia from Boston to organise the escape of 6 prisoner's from the Freemantle prison known as the Catalpa rescue.
He likely went to Boston circa 1866/7 as there is no mention of him being involved in the Rising of March 1867.
He appears to have married twice Ist Margaret Moriarty in 1871 she died 1873 issue ?
                                                 2nd Teresa Brosnan circa 1877/1880 issue 2 ?
and is supposed to have fathered an illigitimate son John in Australia 1876

John Devoy in his recollection's states that the 5 brother's were present with about 60 others at Colonel's White's Desmense,Tallaght on the morning of the Fenian Rising, March 1867 but some how missed the main body who were marching on the Tallaght police station,as we know it ended up being a fiasco and failure.
prior to the boys leaving home that morning from Rathmines their mother asked that Patrick be made stay behind as he was only 15 yrs old so they locked him in the bedroom but he later jumped out the window and soon caught up to them.

There were mass arrests all over the country after this and subject to long prison terms most of the Fenian's or I R B men fled to other countries mostly America where all the Breslin brother's went mostly to Boston.  enter Breslin

I dont see any obvious deaths for the parents in Ireland so am wondering did they emigrate also.

Would be greatful if anyone can add anything to the above.


Longford / George Matthews 1794
« on: Friday 05 October 18 08:39 BST (UK)  »
I came across this trial of George Matthews a young man wrongly convicted in England on the evidence of his employer a Colonel Whaley who set him up for theft of money and jewellery in 1818.
George got a death sentence and spent a year in Newgate prison before eventually being pardoned by the Prince Regent.

George's father died 1806 and in 1807 George then aged  13 was advised by his sister in England to come over and get a job in servitude.

George said he was born in Bannanulty ? Co Longford

It's a good read

you may have to scroll up the page to get to start of story.

Dublin / Fenian excommunication
« on: Friday 28 September 18 12:19 BST (UK)  »
Something that alway's bothered me upon finding the death of my great grandfather Matt O'Neill was he was taken from the hospital of incurables straight to Glasnevin in 1905 there appears to have been no church mass before his burial.
There was an obit in the newspaper and apology for such short notice.
I often wonder is this because of Cardinal Cullen and his lackey's excommunication of the Fenian's.

Fr James Doyle from witness statement 1917
''I volunteered as Chaplain to the English Army  in Sep 1917. I walked in Thomas Ashe's funeral in 1917 with my commission in my pocket. Collins delivered an oration which did not at all please me. Collins who was in Volunteer uniform at the graveside,turned to where we priests were standing and deliberately said to us, ''you stand here at the grave of a fenian '' I did not like his attitude. I never liked Collins after that .

perhaps Collins was referring to the excommunication ?

Canada / Trooper J Dunne WW1
« on: Wednesday 19 September 18 20:14 BST (UK)  »
Hi all
        Private Timothy McDonnell died 1916 WW1 .
On the reverse of his short will there are 3 Names who i assume he was writing to

John Godsil born Waterford 1883 who was his brother in law survived the war was married and died in Scotland

Patrick Cleary was his nephew son of his eldest sister Mary McDonnell and Ptk Cleary
he too died in France 1918


Timothy's parents were Daniel McDonnell and Bridget Dunne
Bridget Dunne was born to John Dunne and Mary Walsh 1840s she married Daniel in 1868

so i am presuming that Trooper J Dunne,no7 Veterenary Canadian Hospital,B E F France is a grandson of John Dunne and Mary Walsh and possibly born Dublin late 1880s early 1890s

any one see a record for a John or Joseph Dunne born Dublin possibly serving in the above 1915/1916.

any leads much appreciated


Meath / Name of Graveyard
« on: Friday 31 August 18 22:06 BST (UK)  »

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