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Dublin / Re: 1922 Army Census. (Marlborough Hall)
« on: Friday 22 March 13 13:32 GMT (UK)  »
a notorius i r a man then free state sorry dont want to mention name in case of living relatives was stationed there on that date he later became an embarrassment to the state and they tried to get him to go to australia he was a bit of a chronic alcoholic so he may have been there for that reason drying out?

Ireland / Re: Fenian amnesty
« on: Thursday 21 March 13 14:46 GMT (UK)  »
sorry i forgot to mention that they had to stay away for the duration of their original sentence.

Ireland / Re: Fenian amnesty
« on: Thursday 21 March 13 14:33 GMT (UK)  »
most of those that left for america in the 1870s were deported from prison under amnesty never to return, my own g grandfather was deported in sept 1866 but returned within weeks as he was a Head Centre in dublin he had 1200 men who he was preparing for the failed rising of 1867. he was a member of the I.R.B. since its inception. he was arrested under the alias name of james byrne in pilsworths pub with John Devoy in feb 1866. i have researched a lot of the fenians who were arrested with him so i could possibly know about him if i knew his name. devoys recollections or joseph denieffe's recollections might mention that amnesty, but personally i have not come across it.

Dublin / Re: Ships records in Kingstown
« on: Friday 08 March 13 13:09 GMT (UK)  »
on viewing the marriage cert on irish genealogy it gives james parents address as new york formerly of clondalkin

Wexford / lawrence kent family wexford
« on: Thursday 07 March 13 15:09 GMT (UK)  »
hi i was wondering if there are any descendants of lawrence kent of donard co wexford 1911 census son of robert kent and mary kate whitty was living with his uncle patrick kent on 1911 census his sister married a doyle and succeeded to the farm at donard.would like to get in contact to share family history. robert kent my great grandfather.

Dublin / Re: nolan family/thomas court bawn 1901/rainsford ave 1911
« on: Sunday 03 March 13 11:33 GMT (UK)  »
mary nolan age 12 1911 census of tivoli ROAD st josephs orphanage may be the one you are looking for, i am sure some one else on this site will be able to help you find out how to access info as to find if she is your relative. madge nolan married to ambrose king may have gone to australia as her daughter has a post on dublin roots. Ambrose and Madge nee Nolan King living at 10 Rainsford Ave 1939 register of electors. try this Google -dublin roots ambrose king and the message should come up. i had been searching for years trying everything to find my relatives in wexford couldnt find them on 1901 census turns out father in prison mother in institution children in magdeline convent wexford and son in artane dublin so sometimes you have to think outside the box so to speak. if you can find which nuns ran the orphanage st josephs on tivoli road and write to them i am sure they will be gad to help you out,the nuns i wrote to replied within a couple of weeks .giving me great details. also remember there was no social welfare for a widow in those times so she may have been forced to put her there due to poverty. girls were usually released at 16 on licence to go into service or if the mothers circumstances changed for the better released back to their mother.

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