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South Africa / Re: Christina McCallum Blair
« on: Tuesday 19 September 23 00:24 BST (UK)  »
  Thanks Gillian.

Yes, I use other areas when searching but had never used the South African one. Just came across it by chance.
I have A Find my Past Subscription as I really like it for Census.  Also have had a My Heritage Sub.Most of my ancestors are Scottish so I use Sc People also.

Have gone to Edinburgh many times to Sc People and it is a great experience to be there where all the records are kept.

Researching is a great past time for me.

Thanks again for your help.

South Africa / Re: Christina McCallum Blair
« on: Monday 18 September 23 17:03 BST (UK)  »
    Hello Gillian,

Thank you very much for the information about Christina.  I appreciate that you paid to view this information.  That was not my intention that one should pay. I would gladly reimburse you.

Now I should be able to complete the history of the McCallum & McAllister  sister and brother families who went to South Africa.  Brave people, South Africa, so different from Kintyre, Argyll.

Thanks again for your help

South Africa / Re: Christina McCallum Blair
« on: Sunday 17 September 23 20:39 BST (UK)  »
   Thanks for your reply. 

That was my thoughts that if she Christina  signed in 1968 as C.Blair she did not marry.  I failed to say she always signed her name as Christina McCallum Blair.

I have looked at the 29 Collections for South Africa/ Africa but failed to find anything.  Any suggestions.

Her Twin brother died in 1961 in Pretoria.  I did not find anything for Christina there. The brother had spouse and children . One always thinks as twins they live close to each other.

Anything else you think of will be appreciated.

Thanks again for your reply

South Africa / Christina McCallum Blair
« on: Sunday 17 September 23 20:10 BST (UK)  »

Christina McCallum Blair (Twin with brother John) born 21 02 1899 in Barrhead, Glasgow, Scotland. Parents Margaret McAllister and Alexander Martin Blair. Not having any success finding a marriage or death for her in South Africa. Most of the family lived in Grahamstown, Cape Province.

On Sept 10th 2023 you provided a Death and Probate information for her aunt Euphema McAllister  and signature on one of Euphemia's Documents. was C.Blair. dated 1968

It would be appreciated if you would help me find something to establish, Marriage or Death as I don't seem to be very good at researching all the South African Collections on Family Search.

Thanks, Dooker

South Africa / Re: Euphemia Mcallister & Family
« on: Sunday 10 September 23 19:38 BST (UK)  »

Thank you very much for the Death information regarding Euphemia McAllister.  The site where you found her was in the Eastern Cape where as I always looked  at Cape Province. 

I had a great desire to find these brothers and the children as they had a sad life in Scotland and were so brave to go to So Africa when they came from the Saddell and Skipness area in Kintyre, Scotland. Must have found Africa very very different from Kintyre but then they were on the coast to which they were used , The Sea.

Always find great help with RootsChat. So once more thank you.


South Africa / Euphemia Mcallister & Family
« on: Saturday 09 September 23 20:21 BST (UK)  »
Euphemia and her father Ronald went to Grahamstown Cape Province South Africa.  Also Ronalds brother John and his family and son in law Alexander Martin Blair. Ronald and John's sister also went with them.
Found most of the Deaths or Probate records. 

Have been unable to establish any record for Euphemia other than signing  her father Ronald's Death Record in 1900. She did go back to Scotland and returned in 1902 with The Blair Family

Euphemia was born in Greenock in 1872 , parents Ronald Mc Allister and Christina Mc Callum

Any help appreciated.  Dooker


Looby gave me the birth of 1914 and I looked it up and it is the same couple.

He Ronald McAllister died 1982 and Mary Lamont died 20 05 2002 Both in Largs.

They are all part of that Family tree I looked at. Actually 2 trees and over 3000 photos.  No idea where the Tree Family person lives as that is always under private, as living.

BT Telephone book has a person with the tree name at the same Street where Alexander Martin Blair and parents  lived It is Stormyland str Barrhead. I may do a cold call one day.

Enjoy your evening.


To Loobylooayr  MonicaL and Annette7

I thank you all for the information and will now look to Africa for the 2 families  from  1891,and  1898(daughter Margarets wedding date) onwards and see what I find. Family search is very Good.

I will check our Ronald Mc Alister Blair, will use the Ancestry Tree where I found all the Blairs.

Annette, The Birth/Baptismal details for Ronald McAllister that you listed was the details I used.  However did not find a similar type for brother John.

Just part of my ongoing puzzle, which is very enjoyable to me.

Thanks again,


 Hi Looby,

My library is giving free access to Ancestry at the moment and I have used it a lot.  Yesterday and today I was looking at a Family Tree and found Margaret Mc Alister ; Alexander Martin Blair and Christina Mc Callum Blair. Looked at hundreds of photos and Documents and found Immigration to Africa.  I don't do Africa, why I do not know as the other side of the Hyndmans all went to Zimbabwe. !!! 

Anyway I found  Ronald  and Miss E McAllister , Mar 11, 1905 going to Algoa Bay, which is at Port Elizabeth. So. Africa.  Also Margaret Blair and Christina Mc Callum Blair going to Algoa in Mar 1924 and from Algoa to Southampton in 1938. Ronald Mc Alister  was Margaret Blair's father. Always returned to Barrhead.

Also found a John G Mc Allister and an  A Blair who were single and went o Algoa Bay in Oct 1896.

I think it all ties in.  I just have to dig a little more.and take names of ships etc. Also have to find out how to access African records.for Census etc.

The Blair family, parents John and Mary Martin, had loads of male children so there were lots of children with the same name, and some were named Robert Martin Blair which was a name you gave me.

Thought I would let you know what I found as Rootschat always manages to find information for our questions but don't think we tell you of our findings.  This information may help you with someone else.

Again Thanks.


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