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Argyllshire / Re: Christina Hamilton or McCallum
« on: Thursday 24 January 19 15:31 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Skoosh for reply. 

Think the Cholera was most likely in Campbeltown where the Hamiltons lived as I had other families in Carradale who died of Cholera.  Thanks for that reminder.  I shall look at  Just getting back into doing research.


Argyllshire / Re: Christina Hamilton or McCallum
« on: Thursday 24 January 19 15:24 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Falkyrn for reply.  I'll go further into the McCallum family to see what I find.  Also see if Peter Connor turns up.  Peter's birth was not found in Scot People.  Will keep digging.

Argyllshire / Christina Hamilton or McCallum
« on: Wednesday 23 January 19 20:48 GMT (UK)  »
1)Effy Hyndman b21 4 1811 married Duncan Hamilton 14 8 1829. 2 children , Christina and Jane born 1831 Campbeltown. No further information re Jane.
2)Effy as Hyman married Duncan McCallum 11 9 1836. Children, Mary and Andrew b 1837 no details
Margaret 3 8 1839, Christain (Christy) 22 12 1841 Flora 3 8 1844. 2nd husband and family  on Census.
1881 Census Christina b 1831 with son Peter Connor 26, b 1855 Campbeltown
1891 Census Christina b 1841 with son Peter McAulay Connor 29, b 1862. at Campbeltown
1901 Census Peter Connor 43 b 1858  1911 Census Peter Connor 55, at Cambusnethan. McCallum family were there
1861 Census by LDS had Peter b 1854, 7,at Campbeltown Scot People had no Peter only Samuel , 40, at Campbeltown.
Would Christina Hamilton b 1831 and Christina McCallum be one and same.  If not what happened to the twins born 1831.  Was there disease at that time.

Any help with this is appreciated.

Argyllshire / Re: Stalker, Hyndman, Blue Families Saddell /Skipness Parish
« on: Saturday 23 September 17 21:04 BST (UK)  »

Thanks for the reply.  The farms/crofts in Kintyre are side by side. when I asked about two if they were near I was told it is "over the burn".

 Yes, unfortunately Kate Blue died 11 Feb 2016. Her daughter from Australia visited in Autumn 2015, which was nice.

Maybe someday I will get into Katherine Blue born April 1757, her family, and your John line may connect.


Argyllshire / Re: Stalker, Hyndman, Blue Families Saddell /Skipness Parish
« on: Friday 22 September 17 00:46 BST (UK)  »
Hi dhalaughllin,

Thanks for the reply.

Your John Blue from Drumgarve, (this is the Campbeltown area). Cathrine Blue, I have was born in Saddell.  Her father was a John Blue but I have no mother.

I found a John Blue married to a Mary Hyman. Hyndman has different spellings. Family Search appeared to have lots of Blue in the Campbeltown area.

I have not done research on the Blue side, the Hyndmans are my direct ancestors. I have a Katherine Blue born 1929 Campbeltown married to Archibald Black born 1922.  This in law aunt  always thought she was related to the Hyndmans They will all be related one way or another

Now I  have a descendant Peter McMillan married to Ann Blue  born 1847, parents Sarah MacMillan, born 1815  and William Blue born 1811, all Saddell.

A long story but I continue to look.

I found my Taylors in Dunoon and have spoken to them a few times.

Thanks,  Dooker

Argyllshire / Re: Passenger Lists
« on: Thursday 24 August 17 20:02 BST (UK)  »
Hi Rosie,

Thanks for your reply re passenger lists.  I did try the Family Search as I use them all the time.
Something I read yesterday said that lists were not done until 1865.  I used the Canada Gov site and found something but not great.

However, based on your suggestion, about the library, and I had great doubt about it here. Today I went and low and behold they do have free Ancestry at my local so that is great .  I will do some research there for some of my missing links.

Thanks for the offer to look for my family on the lists, if I get stuck I will try Rootschat once more.  The site is great for helping  and successful with answers.

Have a great day, Dooker

Argyllshire / Passenger Lists
« on: Tuesday 22 August 17 00:29 BST (UK)  »
Today  I was looking for free sites with Immigrant Passenger Lists to Canada, but was not successful . I am not a member of and Scotlands People do not have this information.

Any help would be good

Thanks   Dooker

Argyllshire / McMillan and MacArthur Kilarrow, Islay
« on: Friday 23 December 16 02:04 GMT (UK)  »
Difficulty with Malcolm McMillan who married  Mary MacArthur.  She was born 1818  in Kilarrow, Islay.

Malcolm born 1811/1815/or 1816, in Saddell/Skipness Parish. Parents  Iver,later named Edward MacMillan and Effy Hyndman.  LDS listings have 2 males born to Iver and not named.

Census have them both, Malcolm and Mary born in Kilarrow and he with birth date 1816, 1818, and 1819.

If this is someones family I have lots of details from Census to share.


Argyllshire / Naming Patterns
« on: Friday 23 December 16 01:50 GMT (UK)  »
What are the naming patterns used in Kintyre, Argyll??

Usual patterns are;
1st son after paternal grandfather;  2nd son after maternal grandfather; 3rd son after father.
1st dau after maternal grandmother; 2nd dau after paternal grandmother; 3rd dau after mother

Anyone have different order??


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