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Inverness / Re: Boyds and Camerons
« on: Sunday 08 December 19 20:45 GMT (UK)  »
Have a little background on Mary Boyd's parents - Mary Boyd's father was Donald Boyd of Coorybeg,(according to 1841 Kilmallie census - modern day spelling Corribeg) and mother was Marjory Cameron.  In the 1841 census Donald aged 78 years and Marjory 72years were at Corribeg and Donald's occupation is an agricultural labourer. Living with them were their son Alexander, wife Isabella and son Donald and daughter Mary Cameron ( nee Boyd) and three daughters Mary aged 12years, Sarah aged 10 years and Catherine aged 6 years. Corribeg would have been on the Cameron Estate.
 Unfortunately to date have not found an Old Parish Register (OPR) birth for Donald but from the 1841 census he would have been born about 1763 at Corribeg. Records indicate another Boyd  family who had moved across the waters of Loch Eil to the Cameron Estate in that early timeframe as well but apart from obviously being kin no closer relationship has been established.
Their eldest child recorded in OPR appears to be Ann born/baptised 22nd March 1795 and they were at Drumsaille on the McLean Estate in Ardgour at that time. To date have found Donald and Margery had a family of four
Ann Boyd 1795-1875 married John Young- descendants came to Australia
Mary Boyd  1798- unknown married Allan Cameron emigrated to Victoria Australia
Alexander Boyd 1805-1890 married Isabella McMillan later moved to Glasgow master wood sawyer
John Boyd born 1807 Corribeg - possibly died 1891 Vic - best fit is likely marriage to Grace McFarlane and they also came to Australia in 1853 on the " Australia" . On the ship with this family was Ewen Boyd and Ann Boyd (from two different family lines - Ann is within our family line) who eventually settled in Elmore, Victoria with large family. Ann's brother John married Catherine McLean had emigrated in 1852 to Victoria with their cousins (our family line). Ewen Boyd' s four brothers settled in Otago New Zealand and another brother Malcolm Boyd settled in Beaufort and after his death his wife Jane and sons moved to Minyup and this family have links to Sheep Hills. These Boyds were involved in their community and the Caledonian Band. Lovely photographs on Flickr Two Pennies of this family.
I has thought that it was a coincidence or networking within kin in Ardgour that had the two Boyd families were on the " Australia" together but fascinating to now know that your grandparents being at Sheep Hills. Scottish general network or kin network on work availability - guess will never know.

From the OPR Kilmallie records we have identified 14 Boyd family lines and their descendants but without OPR we cannot go back further. While those in the 1740+ timeframe would certainly have been close Boyd kin we cannot establish any closer relationship than that without primary evidence which given the time is just not available. What verbal history in Ardgour I have was just in relation to our direct family line. Wasn't interested in the wider subject at those times as was struggling to retain and document what my mother-in-law and her cousins knew on our line. Little verbal history on Boyd relationships documented from Victoria.

Would love to be able to insert some information on your grandparents in Sheep Hill and general social context into the story line of the family. Will post my email address to you direct box.

Inverness / Re: re Camerons
« on: Sunday 08 December 19 01:42 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for the update.  :) wow that's a huge assistance. I am working on a project relating to the Boyd families in Ardgour, Kilmallie Parish with Boyd Family History Group in Pomberneit Victoria, Australia. My husband is a descendant of the same Boyd line as that family, only his  great grandfather Duncan Boyd was one of the Boyd brothers who stayed in Blaich Ardgour and they are descendants of one of the four brothers that came to Victoria. My husband was a much later emigrant to Victoria and we met ( I'm a kiwi" ) while I was on my O/E - far too many years to tell ago.  Descendants still farm the land in Blaich that was one of the initial crofts on the Maclean Estate and we travel back regularly. My late mother in law could verbally trace back six generations in her line and knew verbal history of families that migrated to Australia and NZ.  Verbal history states Boyds assisted  Maclean take by sword  the lands of Ardgour from the McMasters with the permission of the Lord of the Isles ( 1432 timeframe). Over the years together with Boyd researchers sorted out our line and various links. As any rsearchers well know a lot of information was collected and this has developed into a project to see what linking to the original Kilmallie Parish Register Boyds is known to date. Some amazing stories have come to light. As you are aware a huge number came to Victoria. Thanks for assistance with this family line.

Of interest is that other Boyds linked to Ardgour and our family were also at Sheep Hills/ Minyup.
Re: Susan ( Sarah) Cameron STONE - check out the Victorian Police Gazette on Ancestry for discharges in Hamilton - 14 charges for Susan at last count and she was age 86 years at that time. I sure hope that prison was warm and the food bearable because she sure ended many of her partying sprees there.

re: Mary Boyd married Allan Cameron- there is a strong possibility that her youngest brother John BOYD born 1807 Scotland maybe the man who married Grace McFarlane and came out to Victoria in 1853 on the " Australia" and settled as a farmer at Limestone Creek Victoria.

Inverness / Re: re Allan Cameron and Mary Boyd Ardgour and Victoria Australia
« on: Saturday 07 December 19 22:50 GMT (UK)  »
Mary m.s Boyd and Allan Cameron came to Victoria on the " Utopia" 1854 arriving in Victoria with daughter Mary Cameron and possible son Ewen Henderson- no further info  ; daughter Sarah Cameron noted on shipping records as Susan went to work for Mr James Blair, Magistrate Portland and she possibly married Henry STONE ; daughter Catherine Cameron, domestic servant who married Donald McRae in 1855.
Catherine Cameron and Donald McRae appear to have a large family or more likely I am dealing with two different Victorian McRae families. BDM Vic and electoral records suggest 9 Children being:
Malcolm McRea died 1856 so likely their first born
David McRae born 1856
Sarah McRae born 1862
Flora McRae born 1863
Malcolm McRae born 1866
Catherine McRae born 1868
Effy McRae born 1868
Allan John Hugh McRae born 1873
Annie McRae born 1874
A headstone for Cath McRae parents Allan Cameron and Mary Boyd is at Sheep Hills, Victoria died 1906 aged 69year.
Donald McRae may be the man who is interred at lair in  Portland South  in 1908.
Electoral Roll 1903 and 1906 show a McRae family at has an address for some of the above at Wellington Road, Portland and family members at that address until 1937.
Help either confirming any of the above or linking children to another family other than Catherine Cameron daughter of Donald Boyd and Margery Cameron would assist. Happy to share info on Catherine's three siblings in Ardgour and Victoria. :-\

Inverness / Re: re Camerons
« on: Saturday 21 April 18 06:38 BST (UK)  »
 Resurrecting the conversation on Catherine Cameron from some time ago and wondered if anyone had been able to make any progress on the family of Mary Boyd and Allan Cameron who came on the " Utopia" to Portland 1854 from Ardgour Scotland.
Believe that Catherine married Donald McRae and remained in Portland. Deaths in 1906 and 1908 TROVE appears to be this Catherine and Donald.

Argyllshire / Re: Camusnagaul Free Church, Kilmallie?
« on: Wednesday 24 August 16 21:56 BST (UK)  »
Many thanks Brigau for that confirmation - the McPhee link is interesting as a Boyd McPhee  link in 1774 in Maryburgh.

Argyllshire / Re: Camusnagaul Free Church, Kilmallie?
« on: Wednesday 24 August 16 04:54 BST (UK)  »
John Boyd who married Isabella (Bell) McGregor is linked to our direct Boyd family and to date have limited data on their descendants apart from the names of their four children. Census data states that Bell McGregor was working with "cousin" McLachlan family. I believe Bell's parents to be John McGregor and Cirsty McPhee. Has anyone worked out how these families are linked - or is that a simple question to ask but a major exercise to answer?

Argyllshire / Re: Camusnagaul Free Church, Kilmallie?
« on: Sunday 14 August 16 23:27 BST (UK)  »

Will look into background of the small simple stone church at Duisky with family there who are in Free Church  and see what they may recall
Boyd McGregor links
I have an Ann Boyd who married Ewen McGregor sometime before 1800 at Kilmallie at "Blarachern" - have not been able to locate this place or make any definite links to this marriage to date

Australia / Re: BOYD family from Argyll, Scotland-did they immigrate to AU
« on: Sunday 14 August 16 22:54 BST (UK)  »
Thanks brigau for that info on Alexander Boyd marriage in Victoria. Am amazed at the speed of this Rootschat process so thanks for all the past years posts to all. I noted the Innkeeper occupation for Alexander's family in another Boyd post. Lost Hugh Boyd and second wife Mary Cameron in Ardgour in 1861 and while possible they had died given Alexander and possibly Hugh were with family in the Ardgour area I wonder if he left the forestry there and they became  Innkeepers somewhere else and in the interim in 1861 the remaining children remained with family?

Australia / Re: Boyd Family
« on: Sunday 14 August 16 22:34 BST (UK)  »
Happy holidays and look forward to networking.  A marriage certificate just received indicates that the brother Alexander married Sarah Jane Burrows in Melbourne Victoria 1873 so that is four from this Boyd family in Victoria. Marriage certificate indicates their father  Hugh Boyd was an "Innkeeper". Where ? could not find him in 1861 Scotland census.  Strike any bells with anyone? 

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