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Fife / Re: Catherine Thomson c1837
« on: Sunday 15 October 17 04:46 BST (UK)  »
Hi thanks for replying

yes I have tried fuzzing matching.  :)
I have put in Catherine Thomson (Wildcards allowed and fuzzy matching) birth range 1830-1840 area Fife, Father John and I get only 3 possibilities




The last on appears to be the family I followed until the mother died in 1885

I would love to pin down birth and parents for Catherine Thomson around 1837. I think I have been looking at it for so long I've go myself muddled   ???

Thanks again

Fife / Catherine Thomson c1837
« on: Sunday 15 October 17 03:42 BST (UK)  »

I'm looking for a little help in identifying a birth for Catherine Thomson.
What I have so far :
Catherine Thomson married George Allister on the 25.10.1860 at Dunfermline.
Catherine gives her parents as : John Thomson (Labourer) and Christina Thomson maiden name Walker.
I have them on the 1861 Census where she gives her Birth year as 1837 and the place as Ceres, Fife. George gives his birth year as 1837 and his birthplace as Dunfermline, Fife.
In 1871, 1881 and 1891 the family are in Carstairs, Lanarkshire.
Catherines Birth years doesn't vary much 1835-1837.
Catherine dies on the 18th May 1908 at Carstairs aged 73 years. Again her parents are listed as John Thomson (General labourer) and Christina Walker.
George dies in 1922 in Dunfermline.

I have been trying to identify her and her parents on earlier censuses and thought I had Identified a family and followed that family to Dysart in Fife where Catherine Thomsons mother ( who I thought was Christina / Catherine Walker) died in 1885 but the death cert fro this Catherine Thomson shows her father as Peter Kerr and her mother as Catherine Mitchell, previously Kerr maiden name Grant. So I have made a mistake somewhere! I cant seem to find a marriage for John Thomson and Christina Walker or indeed an birth or death for Christina Walker.
So basically I'm looking for help to identify Catherine Thomson and her family before she marries George Allister in 1860. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading
Laura  :)

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Birth certificate for Samuel straw
« on: Wednesday 24 May 17 06:21 BST (UK)  »
I think this might be Hannahs' parents marriage

21 Jul 1829
Horsley, Derbyshire, England

I can see the family in 1851 at
Pottery, Ilkeston, Basford, Nottinghamshire, England

Hi and welcome
I'm sorry I can't answer your question but I didn't want to read and run. Hopefully some of the more experienced rootschatters will be along soon with an answer. If it was me though I'd contact the company and ask them to explain their results.
Hopefully someone else will be able to help you.  :)

Lanarkshire / Re: Gordon Blair - Mystery? or Not!
« on: Sunday 16 April 17 21:49 BST (UK)  »
Just thought i'd have another look at the 1855 birth certificate to compare Gordon's signature with other found. Very poor scan but it looks to me as if Gordon is living at a different address to the birth address in Thistle Street. Is it my imagination, but could it say Stirling?

I believe on the 1855 birth certificates it asked for the parents birth place and in this case the informant has given Stirling as Gordon Blairs Place of Birth.

Hope this helps  :)

England / Re: Help with Edward Phillips Addison
« on: Saturday 25 February 17 22:25 GMT (UK)  »
Apologies for the long wait for replies,  my little girl came down with chickenpox and I haven't had time to follow up all the leads you kind people have given me.

I have had a look and I can't find a good match for Edward Phillips Haddy or Addison in the 1841 census.

The marriage to Harriet Fanny Annie Scott-Waring looks right and I cant find another Edward Phillips Haddy in the right time frame so I think its probably right. Which leaves the question of the parentage of Frances, Carlotta and Claude. Given the combination of baptism and birth recordings it seems that their mothers name is most likely Elizabeth Ingham. I guess what I need to do now is to see what I can find out about her.

I wonder what happened to the relationship between Edward and Harriet F A Scott-Waring. I had a quick look into Harriets family and they seem to have been quite well known and respected, her grandfather Major John Scott or John Scott-Waring was a well known figure and MP who mixed with the upper classes and royalty. They don't seem like a family that would have accepted Edward fathering children with another woman  :-\

In the 1851 Census Edward Phillips Addison shows as UNMARRIED. In the 1861 Census he shows as WIDOWED. But Harriet was clearly still alive given she died the year after he did.

All in all its a bit of a puzzle.

Hi all, just running through all replies, noted these births/deaths any thoughts?

Birth Edward Phillips Haddy March qtr 1852 Bath 5c 731 mmn SELF
Death Edward Phillips Haddy March qtr 1852 Bath 5c 519 on GRO Index shown as 3 years could this possibly be 3 months, 3 weeks?
OK this couple also had a Frank Haddy 1848 and more earlier children so looks to be the John/Fanny in 1851 census Bath.

EDIT Also a death for a Florence Clara Haddy March qtr 1852 Bath 5c 517 GRO Index aged 1

Birth Florence Clara Haddy Sept qtr 1850 Bath v 11 page 27 mmn FURNER

The only Haddy / Self marriage I can see is John Haddy to Fanny Self in Somerset on the 08 Feb 1832. The Brides Parish is shown as St James Bath. The 1851 census shows Johns birth place as Bath in 1809

The only Florence Haddy of the right age I can find in 1851 is living as a Nurse Child with the Jennings family at Richmond Place, Walcot, Bath, Somerset, England
The GRO shows her mmn as Furner. On doing a quick search there is a marriage in 1848 in Bath between William Haddy and Mary Ann Furner. The 1851 Census shows Williams year of birth as 1826.

Will have to do some more digging to see if there is any connection.

thanks for all your help I really appreciate it.

Laura  :)

England / Re: Help with Edward Phillips Addison
« on: Monday 20 February 17 18:03 GMT (UK)  »

in 1861 Frances and Carlotta are at 87, Sidwell Street, St David, Exeter, Devon, England as lodgers. Professions are shown as actress at theatre and assistant at theatre. The head of the household is James Mason a 49 year old Provision Dealer.

No sign of the Mother at all. I can't find her anywhere.

Thanks again

England / Re: Help with Edward Phillips Addison
« on: Monday 20 February 17 17:31 GMT (UK)  »
Hi may be posting all that is already known :-

Edward Phillps Haddy burial Ford Park Cemetery Walled Grave Section E No: 19 Row 14 address 6, Queen Street, Plymouth, St Peter 18th April 1874 aged 65

Thanks for this, it looks like a good match, Why would his death have been registered as Addison and his burial as Haddy though?, and i wonder where the Addison surname came from. Can't just be a stage I wouldn't have thought as his children were registered under Addison.

Hi is he the Edwd Addison 62 occ Actor b Devonport with daughters in Brecknock Crescent,  St Pancras in 1871?
Census ref RG10/236/16/26

Yes I believe this to be him and daughters Frances and Carlotta

Hi again, for my own peace of mind who was the mother of all the children GRO Index suggests mmn Ingham, in 1851 Edward 40 Unmarried occ Comedian b Devonport is again in St Pancras HO107/1493/945/72


Carlotta appears to have been baptised on the 05 Nov 1864 in Bordesley, Warwickshire. Her mother is simply listed as Elizabeth.

Very curious about the Addison surname though, wonder why he used it instead of Haddy. I wonder if his Mother remarried and he changed it? It was obviously well known as all death notices that I can find for his show (Haddy) after his name
thanks for the help, I really appreciate it  :)

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