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US Lookup Requests / Completed:1930 census: Wimpress
« on: Thursday 13 August 09 23:06 BST (UK)  »
I would appreciate the full details (including other people in the household) for Charles Wimpress born 1853 and also same name born 1844, both living Riverside, California in 1930 but not together I think.
Many thanks.

United States of America / Completed: Advice on what to do please
« on: Thursday 13 August 09 15:28 BST (UK)  »

Does any one have any advice on what I can try next?
I want to find out how/when/where William Lord Watts died. He lived in Los Angeles: see below for 1920 census.

1920  California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles 13 Jan

Watts, William L, head, owns home, mortgaged, male, white, 70, married, immigration (unk), NA(turalized), can read, write, b. Eng, parents b. Eng, spks Eng, mineralogist, oil company
 Effie, wife, female, white, 67, married, immigration (unk), NA(turalized), can read, write, b. Scot,parents b. Scot, spks Eng
Helen, dau, female, white, 21, single, immigration (unk), NA(turalized), attended school within the year, can read, write, b. Australia, father b. Eng mother b. Scotland, spks Eng

Passport applications for William and Euphemia Watts show that they intended travelling to Trinidad leaving Jan 15th 1920. Euphemia returned from Trinidad Jan 28th 1921 as a widow so it seems likely that William died over there.

So far I have tried contacting the Trinidad registrar about a possible death certficate (no reply); the British Embassy/Consul (no reply); and the USA consul (no reply).

I wondered if it would be possible to trace Helen named in the 1920 census. She was William's step daughter and I think her father's name was Sterling, at least I have an un-sourced note that William marriage Eupemia F Sterling in 1910.

I have William in the 1851/61/71 census (England) , 1880 (Nebraska) and 1900/1920 (Los Angeles). 

Surely there must be  a lead somewhere? I'm a bit out of my depth with USA records and don't know what there is available.

Thanks for any help.

I wonder if someone could give me the details of the Jefferson family who were in Brantford City, Ontario in the 1891 census?

From the 1881 census they were all born England:

John 1850
Louisa A 1850
Mation L 1872
Evelyn W 1873
Ernest W 1875
Caroline 1877
John 1878
Grace M 1879
Dorothy 1880

Also (if that isn't pushing my luck)

William Watts born 1849 England at Mills, Algoma, Ontario in 1891

Many thanks for any help with this.

Can anyone find this person for me after 1880?
Here is the 1871:

Edmonton, Middlesex

William M Watts 73
Eleanor Watts 57
Louisa A Watts 21
William L Watts 20 Law Student Middlesex Edmonton

In 1880 he was in Nebraska with his wife Mary, listed as a geologist.

The information that I have is that he married Mary Riordan in Illinois in 1880, went to university in Kansas 1881-1883, and worked in California after that. Married again in 1910 to Euphernia F Sterling, left for Trinidad in 1920 and ? died there.

If anyone has access to the American census I would appreciate any entry details form there. His middle name was Lord and he was a mining/oil person.

I'm not interested in tracing this family backwards

Thanks for any help.

The Lighter Side / Stage coaches
« on: Friday 26 September 08 23:12 BST (UK)  »
This post is a spin off from another site where someone raised this question.....just how did the stage coach thing work? Here is a link to a description of one stage journey in Derbyshire. It says that an inn in Mansfield could stable 1000 horses!
So how did it work? Did the stage coach company have pools of horses all over the place and if so how was it administered? Like Herz car hire but without the electronic communications? I've never seen any thing about this and the BBC dramas never show that do they?
Come on :) Rootschat, don't let me down

Gloucestershire / Bristol poetry circle
« on: Monday 31 March 08 21:34 BST (UK)  »
Hi everyone. This post is a bit out of my usual areas in more ways than one.
I recently stumbled across a scanned copy (on Google) of a poetry book: Lodon and Miranda by Romaine Joseph Thorn, published in Bristol in 1799.
Romaine Joseph Thorn was a member of the Southey-Coleridge circle (even I've heard of Coleridge!).
One of the subscribers to the book was a Mr Tho. Wolloxall of Bristol.
I'm trying to collect all and eveything on the Wolloxalls and this is the first one to be found in Bristol. I have a baptism for a Thomas Walloxal (parents Thomas and Mary) 14/2/1776 at Ribbesford. He would fit age wise just about but it seems very unlikely as the rest of that family were labourers/shoemakers/watermen which seem a long way from poetry.

So, I wondered if the name Wolloxall rang a bell with any Bristol researchers.
And, does anyone know when Romaine Joseph was born? I wonder what age the subscribers would be likely to be.
Any comments are welcome :)

Durham Lookup Requests / 1881 census-can't read name
« on: Thursday 04 October 07 13:12 BST (UK)  »
Hi :)
Can any one help with the name of someone on the 1881 census.
Her name is Hannah "Leummany" which seems unlikely!
I think her maiden name was Cummins/Cummings but can't find her in the earlier census. Or a marriage anywhere.
Does the odd surname ring any bells with any locals?
The entry is at RG11/4898-fol12

Thanks a lot for any suggestions

Shropshire Lookup Requests / Marriage at Dawley Magna
« on: Tuesday 28 August 07 11:14 BST (UK)  »
I would really appreciate further details of this marriage entry (if there are any)

Edward Downes to Ellen Owen
27 March 1836 Dawley Magna

Edward re-married in 1857 giving his father as John Downs nailer but I am having trouble placing him so would like to know if the earlier marriage gives any help. Thanks a lot.


Worcestershire Resources & Offers / Link: Black Country history
« on: Friday 04 May 07 12:41 BST (UK)  »

Very useful site. Easy to search and includes extracts of several wills.

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