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Completed Census Requests / 1851 Staffordshire
« on: Tuesday 15 June 04 13:50 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for a Samuel Rose aged 22ish in 1851, a chainmaker or similar. He is not in the Worcestershire census but in June 1851 he married in Dudley giving his place as Netherton so having ruled out Worcestershire I am hoping he was in Staffordshire! His father William was deceased by June 1851 so Samuel might have been at his mother's and she may be called Ann.
I would appreciate any help with this one cos I've been stuck for a long time waiting for a theoretical trip to the Black Country to solve all my problems!

Completed Census Requests / One for a rainy day: Wolloxall in 1891 census
« on: Tuesday 11 May 04 15:05 BST (UK)  »
Hello everyone. I am slowly trying to collect any information on the name Wolloxall (Wolloxhall,Walloxall,Walloxhall,even Wolloseall as a mis-spell).
I would deeply appreciate it if some one could chip in with the 1891 census entries for this name. There won't be many, and mostly around the Worcestershire area though a couple made it to Liverpool.
I'm not claiming that I'll ever manage One-name status with this but it is a rare name and in my Tree so I am collecting anything and everything. If anyone has a link to this family I would very much like to hear from them.
Huge thanks for any help (and there is no rush, it is just a side hobby!).

Completed Census Requests / 1871 census lookup Worcestershire
« on: Tuesday 04 May 04 16:00 BST (UK)  »
Hi everyone.  I have 2 people called Samuel Rose in the 1871 census. Would it be possible for someone to look them up for me? I'm looking for a father (43)and son (8) combination but would like all family details if it is the right family.
Many thanks for any help!

Completed Census Requests / 1871 Worcs lookup WALLACE please
« on: Friday 30 April 04 17:28 BST (UK)  »
Hope someone can look for Thomas Wallace (aged 28, born Leicester?) and family please.
In 1881 he was at 12 New Rowley Road, Dudley with wife Hannah and family. 1891 they were at 12 Rowley Road which I suppose is the same address so there is a chance they were there in 1871 too.
Many thanks if you canhelp.

Census and Resource Discussion / NOT a lookup, couple of questions though.
« on: Saturday 24 April 04 12:39 BST (UK)  »
Hi. Sorry if this should be posted elsewhere, please move it if so.
I am just wondering if it is best to have all the census lookups together. Say, for the sake of arguement, that I could do lookups for Worcestershire. At the moment there are only 2 pages of posting for that county but 31 for census lookups. So if I wanted to look through every now and then to see if I could help I would have to scan several pages trying to pick out the Worcestershire ones. Would it be possible to allow postings to both county and census? Or may be split the census lookup pages into counties plus a general page? Too complicated?
Also, if a request is not answered is there a set period of time before a repeat posting can be made on the same subject?
I think this site is doing a great job with a fast turn round of answers. Thanks.

Hi. Could someone try and find the following family in the 1891 census, headed by WALTER Downs aged 43ish or possibly (JO)HANNAH Downs aged 39.
1881 and 1901 census details as below, if that helps.

1881 census  RG11  2881/77
Simms Lane, Dudley

Walter Downs, lodger (head),33,Netherton,Worcs,coal miner
Hannah Downs, wife, 29,Rowley, Staff
Ellen Downs,5,Rowley, Staff
Ann Downs, 3, Netherton, Worcs
Sarah Downs, 5, Netherton, Worcs

1901 census  RG13/2731 page 5
43 Dudley Rd, Rowley Regis

Johannah Downes, head,wid, 49, laundress, Dudley, Worcs
John Downes, son, 17, labourer at pottery, Dudley, Worcs
Sarah Downes, dau,20, Brickmaker, Dudley, Worcs
Thomas Wesson, lodger, widr, 70, coalminer, Rowley Regis, Staffs

Many thanks for any help.

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