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Completed Census Requests / Re:stuck - any help appreciated
« on: Tuesday 27 April 04 10:56 BST (UK)  »
Hi! Since it looks as though Robert and Sarah had a daughter Sarah bpt at Manchester in 1851 (IGI) why don't you see if someone can look in the 1851 census for you?

Completed Census Requests / Re:1861 census REQUEST staffordshire
« on: Monday 26 April 04 16:24 BST (UK)  »
Hi. First let me explain that I have the 1861 as scanned images and the index, such as it is, claims to have Sedgley on Piece 2046. This is true. BUT Sedgley is also on Pieces 2047 to 2053!!! Not very helpful  >:(

So far I have looked down the names on pieces 2046 to 2050 and found the following entry.

RG9-2050,folio 70 (or 71,depending how you count).
Parish:Sedgley   Village of Coseley   Ecc District:Coseley

37 Abigail Lane
Joseph Cook,head,widower,44,coal miner,Sedgley,Staffs
Sarah Cook,mother,widow,63,Sedgley,Staffs
Frederick Cook,nephew,un m,19,forge man,Sedgley,Staffs
Pamela Cook,neice,un m,16,Sedgley,Staffs
Elijah Cook,nephew,9,scholar,Sedgley,Staffs

Maybe you could let me know if this fits with what you have so far. I'm not sure about the name Pamela but don't see what else it can be! It might be worth asking for second opinion from someone.
If you don't fancy this entry at all then I'll finish looking at the other Pieces but right now I'm off to do some gardening while the sun shines! :)

Census and Resource Discussion / Re:NOT a lookup, couple of questions though.
« on: Sunday 25 April 04 12:39 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for your reply. The light is dawning a bit here, so the topics at the top labelled "sticky" are the ones that have not been answered - I wondered what sticky meant! Good system.

Completed Census Requests / Re:question about 1901 cencus
« on: Saturday 24 April 04 16:58 BST (UK)  »
I just put in Daisy as first name, plus age limits, sex and place of birth - all of which you had! Good thing she wasn't called Ann  ;D

Completed Census Requests / Re:question about 1901 cencus
« on: Saturday 24 April 04 16:52 BST (UK)  »
How about this one?

Daisy Bradley  14 Lincs Cherry Willingham Lincolnshire Cherry Willingham General Servant Domestic

Census and Resource Discussion / NOT a lookup, couple of questions though.
« on: Saturday 24 April 04 12:39 BST (UK)  »
Hi. Sorry if this should be posted elsewhere, please move it if so.
I am just wondering if it is best to have all the census lookups together. Say, for the sake of arguement, that I could do lookups for Worcestershire. At the moment there are only 2 pages of posting for that county but 31 for census lookups. So if I wanted to look through every now and then to see if I could help I would have to scan several pages trying to pick out the Worcestershire ones. Would it be possible to allow postings to both county and census? Or may be split the census lookup pages into counties plus a general page? Too complicated?
Also, if a request is not answered is there a set period of time before a repeat posting can be made on the same subject?
I think this site is doing a great job with a fast turn round of answers. Thanks.

Staffordshire / Re:Westwoods from West Bromwich
« on: Monday 19 April 04 09:40 BST (UK)  »
If you like to search the 1901 census on you will find that there are only 3 Timothy Westwoods in England under 40. One of them is aged 31 with son Timothy it seems aged 1, born and living around West Bromwich. This could well be the family of your grandfather. If you pay to see the image there may be more children plus Timothy's wife.
Do you know your grandfather's mother? If not you could try finding his birth certificate at There is one Frank Westwood registered in the right quarter but at West Bromwich rather than Walsall. If you want to buy it you can stipulate that you only want a son of Timothy so you get the right certificate.
Free BMD also have  a marriage for Timothy Westwood, March qtr 1896, West Brom again, to either a Emma Simcox or Elizabeth Tyrrell.
You should also look at the 1881 census at
There are only 3 Timothy Westwoods listed. Good to have a rare name!
Hope this helps.

Completed Census Requests / Re:1851 census look up request - WORCESTERSHIRE
« on: Sunday 18 April 04 11:51 BST (UK)  »
Reg District: Kidderminster;Bewdley Borough;2039/187
072 Severn Side

John Brooks,head,M,29,carpet weaver,Kidderminster WOR
Ellen Brooks,wife,M,28,Bewdley WOR
Henry Brooks,son,4,scholar,Kidderminster WOR
John Brooks,son,2,Kidderminster WOR,at home

Reg district:Kidderminster;Kidderminster South Ward;2038/302
167 Old Square

John Wyer,head,M,60,carpet weaver,Bewdley WOR
Ann Wyer,wife,M,51,Kidderminster WOR
Samuel Wyer,son,U,27,carpet weaver,Kidderminster WOR
Charles Wyer,son,U,24,carpet weaver,Kidderminster WOR
Henry Wyer,son,U,23,carpet weaver,Kidderminster WOR
Ann Wyer,dau,U,20,pattern designer,Kidderminster WOr
William Wyer,son,U,17,pattern designer,Kidderminster WOR

Plus, next door

166 Old Square
John Wyer,head,M,29,carpet weaver,Bewdley WOR
Eliza Wyer,wife,M,26,Kidderminster WOr
Samuel Wyer,son,1,Kidderminster

These are all from a transcript, not the actual images, hope that is OK

Hi. Could someone try and find the following family in the 1891 census, headed by WALTER Downs aged 43ish or possibly (JO)HANNAH Downs aged 39.
1881 and 1901 census details as below, if that helps.

1881 census  RG11  2881/77
Simms Lane, Dudley

Walter Downs, lodger (head),33,Netherton,Worcs,coal miner
Hannah Downs, wife, 29,Rowley, Staff
Ellen Downs,5,Rowley, Staff
Ann Downs, 3, Netherton, Worcs
Sarah Downs, 5, Netherton, Worcs

1901 census  RG13/2731 page 5
43 Dudley Rd, Rowley Regis

Johannah Downes, head,wid, 49, laundress, Dudley, Worcs
John Downes, son, 17, labourer at pottery, Dudley, Worcs
Sarah Downes, dau,20, Brickmaker, Dudley, Worcs
Thomas Wesson, lodger, widr, 70, coalminer, Rowley Regis, Staffs

Many thanks for any help.

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