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Newton Heath FC nearly went bankrupt in 1902.
Rescued by 4 local businessmen, and renamed Manchester United.

I mentioned United in my post via a link which then didnít work. I then amended my post but on rereading, it didnít make sense so have amended again. ::)
Thanks for the extra info  :)

My husband began his joinery apprenticeship at the Newton Heath plant- much later I must add  ;)

It is a lovely tribute and I hope it is him  :)

Marriage 1885 St Anne, Newton
John Mitchell, 25 yrs Joiner - father Charles deceased.
Bertha Dancer 20 yrs father William

This fits with 1881 4692/ 135/12
John Mitchell 20 yrs Joiner b Doncaster with mother Ann and siblings

1871 4718 /119/14
With parents Charles and Ann

There is John Mitchell information so it looks very likely. It mentions his job with the Railways.
He moved to Newton Heath in 1885 - long before Manchester United  :)

1891 3251/87
John Mitchell, 29 yrs Professional footballer b Doncaster.
Bertha Mitchell 24 yrs
Ada M 4 yrs

Amended - link did not work

Lancashire / Re: The puzzling Bratton Jones family
« on: Sunday 05 December 21 14:27 GMT (UK)  »
Great finds Ladyhawk.
If I recall, Mary (Bratton Jones) Hattersley had a daughter Phillis.

Also, Phillis who was baptised 1833 was living In Long Millgate.
1841 J B Jones who is mentioned from the outset was living in Redfern  Street which is very close to Long Millgate.

All little bits which might help.

Technical Help / Re: Topped up credit on Nokia phone
« on: Sunday 05 December 21 11:26 GMT (UK)  »
I tried to post a message earlier but see it hasnít come through.
I top up my pay as you go as necessary. It is a Nokia but with O2 which is the provider.
I get messages re Ďbundlesí which I ignore but I also get messages for extra minutes from time to time. This is if I top up by a certain date or pay a small amount. These minutes only last for a short time but my main payment lasts until it is run down.
You can check your balance for free anytime.

Lancashire / Re: The puzzling Bratton Jones family
« on: Sunday 05 December 21 08:37 GMT (UK)  »
As you say it can become complicated. This might link with the marriage posted by Ladyhawk.

There is a marriage 12th October 1832 St Mary, Manchester
Joseph Hattersley and Mary Bratton Jones

In 1851 - birthplace Manchester
1861- birthplace Colebrookdale, Shropshire
1871 - birthplace Shropshire

Ireland / Re: Ireland 1871 census lookup
« on: Saturday 04 December 21 22:18 GMT (UK)  »
I thought I had found a likely match so was optimistic but then realised you already had that one.

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