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Technical Help / Re: Face Book
« on: Saturday 19 March 22 03:20 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you Falkryn and Ian for your responses.

I have decided that I'll just let it be - whatever answer the researcher would be able to give me would not add much to the bigraphy of my ancestor.


Technical Help / Face Book
« on: Wednesday 16 March 22 06:21 GMT (UK)  »
Good evening all,

Can some one please explain Face Book etiquette.

I found a researcher who had set up a page on Face Book explaing the research he/she was doing. Because I have an ancestor who worked in the same exact area I posted a message asking if he/she had come across the name in his/her research. I had a reply and then a second reply saying he/she would get back to me after Christmas.

I have not had another reply and now when I look at the Face Book page my message and the two replies are nowhere to be seen.

Can the Face Book researcher delete my messages or do I try again.

Thank you
Jean Price

Cumberland Lookup Requests / Re: Egremont Burials - James families
« on: Tuesday 08 February 22 06:31 GMT (UK)  »
Good evening "Sandra",

What a wealth of information you have given me. I will be busy for days putting it all into my family.
I knew that several went to Australia (I am a result of that emigration) but had not realised that some went to the United States of America. It will be interesting to see what cousins I may meet on the way.
Thank you very much
Jean Price

Australia / Re: Police in New South Wales
« on: Friday 04 February 22 06:19 GMT (UK)  »
A belated thank you to Valerie (who sent a private message), Billyblue and R Wilks.

Thank you for the extra suggestions in finding policemen in Australia

Jean Price

Australia / Re: Police in New South Wales
« on: Saturday 08 January 22 02:45 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you Maddys52 for your ongoing interest.

I will think about getting the certificates - except getting one from NSW is such a hassle - well it was the last tine I did so which was many years ago.
It is a pity that NSW does not include an age in their death index.


Australia / Re: Police in New South Wales
« on: Friday 07 January 22 06:22 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you to you all for the research you have done and the information you have found.
I will have to get back to my informant - who is the great grand nephew of these two Langan men. (and he lives in Canada). And he is going from stories told to him.

Maddys52 you were right with the family in the 1901 Irish Census.

I will now see what my Canadian informant has to say about all of this.

Again Thank You.

Jean Price

Australia / Police in New South Wales
« on: Wednesday 05 January 22 06:47 GMT (UK)  »
Good evening all,

Apparently Michael Langan and his brother James Langan, both born in County Sligo, Ireland, were in the police force of New South Wales.
I have found James' death and his burial (with his wife Agnes) in the Field of Mars Cemetery.
Apart from James' death (and his wife's death) I have not found anything else in Trove or in BDM's New South Wales.
I must have lost any skills I may have held in finding information.
Any hints most welcome
Jean Price
New Zealand

Clare / Re: Catholic Parish Registers - Killnoe - Marriages, Page 15
« on: Saturday 27 November 21 03:12 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you for the responses.

My fellow researcher and I have decided that we are looking at two separate Mary Considines - it is actually DNA results that have decided that.

This Mary did go to Victoria, Australia - the other one has given up no more records after her baptism in Killaloe.

Jean Price

Clare / Catholic Parish Registers - Killnoe - Marriages, Page 15
« on: Wednesday 24 November 21 03:21 GMT (UK)  »
Good evening All,

I will be very grateful if some one can deciper the occupation and place for Jim Consedine.

Mary Considine and John O'Callaghan did go to Australia and their first child was born in Victoria in 1851.
Another researcher and I are trying to see if we are looking at the same Mary Considine. One was born in O'Briensbridge in 1833 to Patrick Consedine and Mary Kenna. Would she have then married in Killnoe in 1850

Thank you for any insight.
Jean Price
New Zealand

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