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Travelling People / Re: William Browning of Fletching, Sussex
« on: Friday 23 August 13 12:59 BST (UK)  »
Ive just found a discrepency - you said James and William were sons of Thomas Browning and Mary Cheeseman, but I'm not sure they were.

Your James was born in 1775 but mine was born about 1802, also the original William (senior) was born 1800, at which point Thomas and Mary would have been in their late sixties.

The original poster claims that William (Snr) is the son of Thomas and Mary's son Thomas (b. 1770) and his wife Martha, and that he's an only child. Could it be possible that a) he wasn't an only child and b) you might have confused Thomas and Mary's children with Thomas and Martha's?

Travelling People / Re: William Browning of Fletching, Sussex
« on: Friday 23 August 13 11:57 BST (UK)  »
Hi Paul and Sue,

You remember I told you that my Anthony Browning's wife, Ellen Chatfield, was the daughter of a Browning? Well that Browning was none other than your Hannah Browning, daughter of James and Ann! :)

However, the records I have found indicate that James and Ann had another child, Anthony (b. 1828) - and this is the Anthony that I was saying that others are confusing for my Anthony James's father Anthony.

(Too many "Anthony"s in that sentence but I hope it made sense!)

Anthony (son of James and Ann) seemingly married Lucy Jackson and had James (b. 1864), Charlotte (b. 1866) and Alfred John (b. 1867). My research of this branch is, however, incomplete.

Nevertheless, it does seem that we are related via this section of the Brownings - you via William, us via James!

To give you a bit more backstory: Hannah Browning married Thomas Chatfield and had 5 children, one of whom was the aforementioned Ellen Chatfield (b. 1863 in Danehill), who married Anthony James Browning (1862-1916). They lived in Fletching at the greengrocers/drapery shop until the late 1890s when for an as-yet-unknown reason they moved to Kensal Rise in Middlesex (now NW London). They had 8 children altogether, Nellie, Horace, Eva, Winifred, Albert, Cecil, Ronald and Hilda. All but Ronald made it to adulthood, and I'm a descendent of Horace through his son (my grandfather), also called Ronald.

Horace frequently moved all over the country for work (he was something of an entrepreneur), and by the time my Grandad was born they were back in Sussex. Eventually, they moved to Belvedere in Kent (now SE London), which is about 2 miles from where my immediate family is based.

If you wish, we could correspond via email if it is more convenient for you?

Best regards from a (very) distant cousin,

Rob Browning

Travelling People / Re: William Browning of Fletching, Sussex
« on: Thursday 22 August 13 19:55 BST (UK)  »

I'm afraid I can't shed any light on William, but I am related to some Brownings from Fletching. My ancestor Anthony James Browning was born 1862 and married Ellen Chatfield (b 1863). According to the 1891 census he ran the greengrocers/drapery shop in the village.

His father was called Anthony, but apart from that I have no more information about him. Others researching this line have concluded that his parents were Anthony Browning and Ann Hummerston, and that Anthony Jr's first name was omitted on the census to avoid confusion, listed just as James Browning. However, I have found that THIS family in question is actually Ellen Chatfield's uncle and cousins through her mother Hannah Browning. (Yes it's confusing, Ellen marrying Brownings and being related to them too, but I don't THINK that she married her first cousin.)

As our two Browning families are most likely in some way related, I thought it would be good to make contact.

Look forward to your response,

Robin Browning

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