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Lanarkshire / Re: Kirk Street, Glasgow 1880's .
« on: Friday 16 February 18 15:40 GMT (UK)  »
surprises me no end every time i discover another ancestor lived in one of the few most of mine did although at different time i have about 4 or 5 streets in Hutchiesontown and about 20 or more families have stayed there

The Common Room / Re: Such a muddle I'm in now
« on: Monday 12 February 18 15:07 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Milmoor I now have Ann McPhie wife of Alexander McDougall

Parents John McPhie married Margaret Blair had 4 daughters i know of
Mary mcphie      b 12 May  1816 Glassary Argyllshire
Margaret McPhie b 29 August 1817 Glassary Argyllshire
Isobel McPhie     b 20  March 1821  Glassary Argyllshire
Ann McPhie        b 2 January 1825  Glassary Argyllshire

Lanarkshire / Re: Kirk Street, Glasgow 1880's .
« on: Saturday 10 February 18 22:03 GMT (UK)  »
A family of my Ancestors were living at  76 1/2 Kirk St Back Land
at the time of the census 1901  the rest of the census district info is as follows
Registration Number   644/4
Registration district   Calton
Civil parish                Glasgow St Luke
County                    Lanarkshire

this image is dated around that time and may give you an idea of the conditions

The Common Room / Re: Such a muddle I'm in now
« on: Friday 09 February 18 02:12 GMT (UK)  »
Milmoor thanks again i am unable to purchase the full extract today but will do so next week i did however find Margaret McPhee born Glassary 1817 to John McPhee and Margaret Blair, Also  for Agnes McPhie b 1825 to John McPhie and Margaret Blair in Glassary this does seem to fit but i will need to have another look tomorrow after a nights sleep this also suggests a third daughter Mary McPhee but will confirm also x

The Common Room / Re: Such a muddle I'm in now
« on: Thursday 08 February 18 00:30 GMT (UK)  »
Rather than start a new thread i thought it better to add here , Alexanders wife Anne or Agnes McFie is still quite a mystery all i know is of their  marriage and as stated she was  residing in Barony at the time of their marriage (May 1845) No info for her parents  anyone suggest where or how i can proceed? thanks Ax

Ross & Cromarty / Re: Stewart family tree
« on: Tuesday 16 January 18 21:38 GMT (UK)  »
not a direct answer to your query but the following might be of interest it relates to many stewarts from around that time

Occupation Interests / Re: LINKS: Occupations and Professions SHIPBUILDING
« on: Friday 12 January 18 10:55 GMT (UK)  »
This links to forgotten books a pdf copy of a book titled THE SHIPBUILDING INDUSTRY
over 400 pages written to explain the roles of numerous occupations within the Americain shipbuilding industry in times of war it is indepth and interesting

The Common Room / Re: Such a muddle I'm in now
« on: Thursday 11 January 18 21:22 GMT (UK)  »
IF the ticket number 100043 does belong to my Alexander MCDOUGALL and my transcription
from his service history is right (found with his mates cert) he would have been master of the
Duke of Northumberland when she was sunk after a collision with the S.S Thistle  reported on
17 May 1858 Her owners pursued 2,100 from the owners of the Thistle and case went before
Lord Justice Clerk 30 March 1859 where both parties were found to be at fault and that the owners of the Thistle should pay half of said amount.
Names of crew or master were not mentioned and i am wondering if this would have impacted his life at sea as a ships master ? Seaweed mentioned this ticket was  still active until 1863 i think can anyone shed light on the protocol for such an instance then?

Ship              Port           Rank           From          To          Yrs   Mnths
Falcon           Greenock   Hand           April 41   Ap 1844   3   -
Ann Lighter   Glasgow   Hand         Oct 14   Ap 1845   -   6
Trusty [Str]   Glasgow   Hand    Apr 14   Oct 1845   -   6
Hercules [Str]   Glasgow   Hand      Oct 18   Nov 1847   2   -
Conqueror [Str]   Glasgow   Hand           Nov 10   Dec 1848   -   10
Glasgow [Str]   Glasgow   Pilot           Dec 12   Dec 1851   3   -
Gulloin [Str]   Glasgow   Pilot           Dec 16      Dec 1853   2   -
Laniels [Str]   Glasgow   2nd Mate   Jan 14   Jan 1854   -   6
Strike [Str]   Glasgow   2nd Mate   July 15   Ap 1855   -   9
Elk [Str]           Glasgow   2nd Mate   Apr 18   Aug 1856   1   5
Almrod [Str]   Glasgow   Master   Aug 22   Feb 1857      4
Duke of [Str]   Glasgow   Master.   Ang 13   Aug 1857   0   6

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