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Census and Resource Discussion / 1939 Register
« on: Friday 19 February 16 12:02 GMT (UK)  »
Are requested look ups for the 1939 register, for those that have a sub, banned as the 1911. As in no info can be posted?


Glamorganshire / 1901 census look up
« on: Monday 22 December 14 18:34 GMT (UK)  »
Could some kind peep, look up

Alfred Lacey c1873 and wife Mary Jane c1876, possible with son Sidney c1901 Should be in the Ystradyfodwg area (Rhondda) possibly Trealaw or Dinas

Marriages Sep 1900   
Davies    Mary Jane    Pontypridd 11a   909    
Lacey    Alfred         Pontypridd 11a   909

With thanks


Glamorganshire / 1984/1985 Miners Strike
« on: Sunday 07 December 14 10:56 GMT (UK)  »
Added to this thread

Got me wondering out of curio on the board, and know it was more widespread than South Wales, Mid Glamorgan..did any go throu the 1984/85 miners strike as I did with my man, and two young children?

If any did as part of history and the coal eventually ended, would like to hear you thoughts? Or if you was not affected how you felt..bit of incite into history for the mines and Welsh people who relied on the pits for wage as in decades past.


The Common Room / When family dies
« on: Monday 01 September 14 17:25 BST (UK)  »
More and more of my relatives want ashes scattered over loved places.

 How will that fair in future gen to find them?


Mary Bagot / Baggot(t) travelled to Boston, Mass, around 1904 from Ireland to see a cousin. She was age 15 in 1901 (Ireland census - Roman Catholic) and 24 in 1908 when married James J Vahey (Vayhay/Vahney) in Boston.  Poss POB is Ballymoe, Galway.

Only 1920 census found, which her husband is a widower. 2 children on 1920 with father.

Widower in 1920 Boston with several others:

Series: T625  Roll: 741  Page: 234
VAHEY      JAMES F      44      M      W      IREL      MA      SUFFOLK      25-WD BOSTON  Painter

Mary E dau age 10
James L son age 5

Additional info -

What I would like to know..

Could any confirm shipping list details for her, also name of cousin?. Notes mislayed. completed.

UPDATE 1910 census if possible. Maybe Cambridge Mass, area see below.

Any info on death/burial.

Any additional info on children, full names or baptisms maybe RC, if possible to confirm mother, appreciated. completed unless further info on children/marriage etc

With thanks if you can help


Lancashire / Bagot / Baggot family - St Helens
« on: Wednesday 06 August 14 09:01 BST (UK)  »
Could some kind peep look up the POB for Baggott on these census please, would like to know if it was Galway Ireland for James and poss family, or St Helens

1891 Living at 19a Canal Bank E. Windle, St. Helens
James Baggott 39
Margaret Baggott 38
Patrick Baggott 17
Jane Baggott 13
Bridget Baggott 10
 RG12; Piece: 3020; Folio 116; Page 3

1901 Census Living at 25 Traverso? Street St Helens.
James Baggot 52
Margaret Baggot 51
Jane Baggot 21
Bridget Baggot 19
RG13; Piece: 3524; Folio: 148; Page: 43

With thanks


Galway / 1873 Marriage Glenamaddy - Bagot / Hurley
« on: Tuesday 05 August 14 19:14 BST (UK)  »
Hello all,

Are there any online sites that could view details for the marriage between Thomas Bagot and Mary Hurley in reg district Glenamaddy 1873. Bit wary of giving my credit card details to purchase copy of cert. 

Does any know what info would be on cert, around this time..would it hold their fathers names? - Mary Hurley - Thomas Bagot

Couple went on to have 4 children, that I know of.

John 1874 (no history known)
Bridget 1876 (all history known)
Patrick 1879 (some possible history, need to verify)
Mary c 1884/1886 (all history after 1901)
Have 3 of the bapts from F/S cannot find Mary, but parents listed on marriage 1908 in USA.

Have Thomas in 1901, age 50, widow, in Kilcroan/Kilcooley area, with both dau. Cannot find him 1911, both dau married by then in England and USA.

Possible Patrick moved to England and married there 1901 before Bridget moved.

Think Thomas had brothers James and poss Michael who moved to St Helens, Lancs where most of the family joined and end up.  Cannot find a defo link thou, as Irish records are difficult to trace.

Also seeking a death for Thomas after April 1902, alive on Bridget marriage cert, poss before 1911.

Also death of wife Mary between 1884 -1901, age unknown.

Can also go as Baggot / Baggott.

Thanks in advance if you can help, big ask, long post, but wanted to include all I know to date. ANY other info or advice from Irish peeps, or those researching Ireland ancestors appreciated.


The Common Room / Patrick Baggot/Bagot born Galway Ireland in England or USA?
« on: Thursday 10 July 14 21:57 BST (UK)  »
Looking for any info on Patrick Baggot(t) or Bagot   b 1875 Kilcooly, Galway, Ireland.

Ireland Births and Baptisms, 1620-1881 (F/S)
Patrick Bagot,  birth: 5 April 1879 Kilcooly, Galway, Ireland
Father:    Thomas Bagot
Mother:    Mary Hurly Bagot

Brother of my G Grandmother, Bridget (father Thomas) from marriage cert 1902, St Helens Lancs..who I have all details after marriage.
Ireland Births and Baptisms, 1620-1881 (F/S)
Bridget Bagot birth: 7 August 1876 Galway, Ireland
Father:    Thomas Bagot
Mother:    Mary Bagot Hurley

Sister Mary who travelled to Boston USA after 1901, married James J Vahey, died before 1920 have marriage, confirms parents. Have details after marriage.

James J Vahey Born about 1876 Ireland age 32 years  - 2 Academy Hill Road. Painter
Mary Baggott Born about 1884 Ireland. age 24 years  -  15 Elko Street
Marriage date 14 Jun 1908
Marriage place Boston, Massachusetts
Father of groom name James Vahey
Mother of groom name Mary Hughes
Father of bride name Thomas Baggott
Mother of bride name Mary Hurley

1901 - Residents of a house 2 in Kilcooley (Kilcroan, Galway) Ireland
(Kilcooley just off the R364 running southwest out of Balloymoe)

Baggott   Thomas   50  Head  (All Roman Catholic)
Baggott   Bridget   24  Dau   
Baggott   Mary           15  Dau

He is not in household. Do not know anything except his birth/bapt as above.

Could be in England poss St Helens, Lancs were Bridget went and married/died or Boston, USA where Mary went married/died.

Think Thomas had a brother, who has a dau (Bridget) around the time my Bridget was born, in the St Helens area, so could be a poss he may have gone there?

See there is a 1911 census for Patrick Bagot in St Helens Lancs b Galway, have no access to view,  know it cannot be posted. PM appreciated.

Or other?

Any info appreciated

With thanks Cas :)

Somerset / Stallard - Somerset
« on: Saturday 05 July 14 11:16 BST (UK)  »
Bit of a shot in dark...Highlighted. Tired aft a night shift, if any can help, appreciated.

1891 Hillgrove Street, Bedminster, Somerset,
Henry Stallard   1843   Plasterer   
Mary   Stallard   1845   
Henry Stallard   1875   Carter (father of David John)
Ann Stallard   1879   
Richard Stallard   1881
Sophia Stallard   1884   
all born Bristol
same census at No 10
Mary Stallard widow  1824 Bedminster living on parish pay

Can any give a go at telling me anything about this lady, here hoping, not having much luck on Glamorgan board.

Additional info, not to duplicate but want to find out who she is maybe?

Regards Cas

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