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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / New things to decipher
« on: Wednesday 11 October 17 21:31 BST (UK)  »
A query for the district name in Hamilton.  And the name of the place where the person was born Badley? , in Cadder, Lanarkshire.
Many thanks
Bronwen Summers
chch nz

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Deciphering please
« on: Tuesday 10 October 17 08:25 BST (UK)  »
Hope someone can decipher the pieces I want, the file name of each says which part of the writing I  am looking for.

I was hoping one of them was ANGUS FLETCHER & ELIZABETH LEITCH - but I really think her surname is Erskine, and I am not sure of his first name doesn't look like Angus.

Many thanks
Bronwen Summers, ChCh., NZ

Any help with this appreciated.  Not sure what else to do.

Her birth certificate says her parents were John Brock and Margaret King
Her death certificate says her husband was John Summers a pit headman who lived at the same address at which she died, BUT her parents were James Brock, hand loom weaver & Marjory Brock previously Wright previously Fletcher

Jane King Brock wife of John Summers, mother of Mark Summers
B:1840 Aug 6th b Aug 30th, Haddington, Glasgow (register to hand)
M:1859 June 10th Hamilton, Lanarkshire (register to hand)   
D:1916 aged 78 at 87 Maryfield, Low water, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, husband John Summers late pit headman.  Present John Summers widower, she died of senile decay which she had for 3 months (register to hand)
Children 7
1880 March 31st Marjory Summers, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland (silk weaver at 11 1871 census)
1862 May 16th Isabella Edmonston Summers, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland general servant at 18)
1864 July 12th Mark Summers, Hamilton, Lanarkshrie, Scotland (register to hand)
1867-1901 July 7th Elizabeth Reid Summers (Shaw) Glasgow St John, Lanarkshire, Scotland.  D Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England (occupation farmer) factory girl at 13 m James Anderson 5 children: 1891-1950 Jeanie Brock Anderson; 1893 John Summers Anderson; 1896 Jessie Twaddle Summers Anderson; 1898 Isabella Summers Anderson; 1901 Elizabeth Reid Anderson.
1869 Sept 30th James Brock Summers, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland
1871 Sept 18th John Summers, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland
1873 Oct 21st James Brock Summers, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland
1841 Cadzow Street, Hamilton, Lanarkshire with her parents and siblings
1861 Tambourer at 20, living at John Street, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland (census to hand)

John Summers husband of Jane Brock
B:1832 May 17th Hamilton, Lanarkshire (register to hand)
M:1859 June 10th Hamilton, Lanarkshire (register to hand)
D:1918 Nov 16th, aged 83, 87 Low Water, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, William Russell son-in-law present lived at 62 Low water (register to hand)
1851 living with parents hand loom weaver aged 11
1861 Hand loom cotton weaver, John Street, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland
1871 13 Quarry Rd, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland.  Jane is 32, children Marjory 11, Isabella 8, Mark 6, Elizabeth, 3, James 1 (census to hand)
1874 7 Portland Place, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland (death of father, Mark)
1881 Pit headman, 5 Mansfield, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland - Robert Brock brother-in-law a painter was living with John and Jane (Brock) Summers (census to hand)
1891 Coal Pit headman, 87 Maryfield, Low Water, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland
1901 Mansfield cottages, Low Water, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland
1911 Pit headman in colliery, 87 Maryfield Low Water, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland (census to hand)

thanks Bronwen Summers, Christchurch, New Zealand

Ross & Cromarty / Death of Betty/Betsy McKenzie wife of John Campbell in Lochbroom
« on: Saturday 07 October 17 01:16 BST (UK)  »
Trying to find Betsy/Betty's parents possibly:
MCKENZIE   BETTY   GEORGE MCKENZIE/ELSPETH WRIGHT   [/color]F   19/02/1786   432/    20 78   Inverkeithing

Her and her husband are listed on the 1841 census in Lochbroom but not in 1851.

Betty/Betsy McKenzie wife of John Campbell mother of Joseph
B:1795 March 29th Alva -not absolutely sure that this is her birth. Seems a long way away from where she married? 
M:1817 Dec 18th Lochbroom parish, Ross & Cromarty (Ardmair listed as parish) (register to hand)
1841 Lochbroom
Children 7
1823 Betsy Campbell
1825 Ann Campbell
1831 Elizabeth Campbell (register to hand)
1831 April 24th Joseph Campbell
1836 Norman Campbell (tenanted crofts 15 & 16 in 1892, then John Fraser tenanted both?)
1836 Alexis Campbell
1840 Catherine Campbell who had an illegitimate son John Fraser born in Dores, Inverness in 1857 to James Fraser (John lived at croft 16 until his death) death certificate to hand, 26March 26th 1931 died at Pultney St, Ulapool age 78

Thanks Bronwen summers, CHCh NZ

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / deciphering place names
« on: Wednesday 04 October 17 05:23 BST (UK)  »
Hi  Could someone please decipher the various attachments for me.

Also what does CHILD 5 mean on the register of the birth of a child (in Scotland's people), does this mean that is the couples 5th child, I cannot find an answer to this anywhere.

Many thanks
Bronwen Summers
ChCh New Zealand


Ross & Cromarty / John Ross 1740 husband of Margret MacKay possibly of Fearn
« on: Friday 29 September 17 10:05 BST (UK)  »
I have one child listed for John Ross and Margret MacKay and that is William Ross alias Braughter (born in Fearn) who married Margaret Sutherland.   Anything on his siblings or  either of his parents and his grandparents would be appreciated. 

Ross & Cromarty / John Campbell born at Ardmair 1781 or 1786 I think
« on: Friday 29 September 17 10:00 BST (UK)  »
I know who he married and who his children were, I know he lived at croft no. 16 in Morefield but I know nothing about who his parents were.

Ross & Cromarty / Margaret Drysdale b1770?
« on: Friday 29 September 17 09:56 BST (UK)  »
Margaret Drysdale who married William McKenzie their daughter Betsy McKenzie was born in 1795 in Lochbroom parish.   Any information on any of the above.  I have information going forward on Betsy. 

Ross & Cromarty / Margaret Sutherland b1760? Fearn, Eastern Ross-shire
« on: Friday 29 September 17 09:44 BST (UK)  »
Looking for any inforamtion on margaret's parents and siblings.

She married William Ross alias Braughter
Children 9
1782 Apr 6th Helen Ross, Fearn, Eastern Ross-shire
1784 May 2nd Janet Ross, Fearn, Eastern Ross-shire
1785 Feb 26th Katherine Ross, Fearn, Eastern Ross-shire
1785 Dec 8th Christian Ross, Fearn, Eastern Ross-shire
1788 March 15th Ann Ross, Fearn, Eastern Ross-shire
1790 March 18th Isabella Ross, Fearn, Eastern Ross-shire
1792 July 8th Christian Ross, Fearn, Eastern Ross-shire
1792 July 8th William Ross, Fearn, Eastern Ross-shire
1797 June 20th Helen Ross, Fearn, Easter Ross-shire

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